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Why Germany?

Germany is globally regarded as a scientific, technological, and innovation powerhouse where more than twelve percent of students come from abroad. It is the third most popular destination among international students because of its universities. The quality of education is one of its kind and has attracted students from all over the world. Germany allows you to study in both languages, German and English, and does not ask for tuition fees, thus making it a land of great opportunities for the students applying for education in Germany. Also, German universities are in the top 100 world rankings and are known to provide excellence in teaching.

Let us find the reasons for a student to study in Germany:

  • Low to no tuition fees

As quality higher education, especially in study abroad scenarios, is becoming increasingly expensive, in 2014, Germany announced that all international students could avail themselves of the higher education of their choice from public universities without paying any tuition fee. They will need to pay a few administrative costs accounting for €250 per semester.

  • Cost of living

The cost of living in Germany is quite affordable if one can practice smart financial planning

  • Top-ranked globally reputed universities

Germany houses several top-ranked institutions

  • Travel Europe on a Student Visa

As an international student, the student visa to Germany allows you to travel around Europe. As a European student studying in Germany, you will enjoy the same rights as German citizens

  • Several Program Options

Germany has made remarkable progress in the field of industry and engineering. It offers several cutting-edge programs in related fields. Moreover, as one of the most advanced and developed countries, Germany continuously upgrades and adds programs to its university curriculums to accord the relevant skills to students

  • Work Opportunities

As an international student in Germany, you can work part-time for up to 20 hours per week or 120 days a year. You do not need to possess any specified skill-set to get work in Germany; there are many part-time job options available

  • High Employability

Certificates from German universities are widely recognized and improve the employability chances of students

  • Learning a New Language, a New Skill

Germany is a powerful seat in the global economic scenario. Hence, picking up the basics of the German language during your stay in the country will be an added language to your résumé. German firms are leaders in the global space; your acquaintance with the language will give you an edge in the industry.

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Is Germany Good For UG?

Yes, Germany is a good destination for undergraduate programs considering its quality of education and low tuition fees. According to academic and student rankings, Germany has several top-ranked schools that offer globally recognised degrees. 

Is College In Germany Free?

Tuition fees for undergraduate students at all public German universities were removed by Germany’s 16 states. This means that domestic and international undergraduates at German public institutions can currently study for free, with only a nominal fee per semester to support administration and other expenditures. 

Is Germany A Good Option For Indian Students?

Indian students in Germany are growing at a rate nearly five times faster than the global average. For an Indian student interested in studying abroad, Germany may be the finest alternative. The country provides the right blend of free education, career possibilities, and a good standard of living.

Is German Hard To Learn?

German is not as difficult to learn as most people believe, thanks to a number of simple rules. And, because English and German are related languages, you might be amazed at how much you pick up without even trying! And, on top of that, it’s a very practical language too.

What is the cost of living in Germany for international students?

The cost of living in Germany ranges between €850 and €1,500 per month.

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