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Are you thinking of studying Abroad? Possibly Latvia is the best place for you, with its excellent educational system, rich cultural history and active student community. Situated in Northern Europe’s Baltic region, Latvia is a fascinating country. It offers lovely scenery and a grateful environment for students. Students are extremely well-prepared to enter the job market after graduation. In Latvia, educational institutions provide a diverse range of courses tailored to the individual interests of its students. In comparison to other countries such as the United States, China, the United Kingdom, etc.  Latvia has far lower tuition fees. In this blog, We will cover all the information you require to study in Latvia.

Top universities of Latvia 

  • University of Latvia
  • Riga Technical University
  • Riga Stradins University
  • Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies
  • RISEBA University
  • Turiba University Latvia
  • Transport and Telecommunication Institute Latvia

Top Programs Offered by Latvian Universities

Courses Universities
Aviation Management or Aviation Engineering
  • Transport and Telecommunication Institute
  • Riga Technical University


Transport and Business Logistics
  • Transport and Telecommunication Institute
  • Latvian Maritime Academy
Business and Management
  • EKA University of Applied Sciences
  • Turiba University (Faculty of Business Administration)
  • Rezekne Higher Education Institute
Computer Science
  • University of Latvia
  • Riga Technical University
  • Ventspils University of Applied Sciences
  • Liepaja University
  • Riga Technical University
  • Art Academy of Latvia
  • Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies
  • RISEBA University of Applied Sciences

Language of study

While Latvian is the official state language, foreign students can navigate the city with ease if they speak both Russian and English, as many people in Riga are Russian speakers and English is spoken in the larger cities.

Public universities provide courses in English for international students in addition to Latvian as the primary language of instruction. For individuals who wish to study abroad in Latvia, there are around 200 international study programs (Bachelors, Masters, and PhDs) and courses that are taught exclusively in English. Private universities typically offer courses taught in Russian.

Latvia does not have any standardized language requirements for international students. One benefit of studying abroad in Latvia is that most universities do not have strict requirements regarding the requirement for globally recognized language examinations (but some do require TOEFL, PTE Academic, or IELTS).

Admission Requirements

International students must meet the country’s educational institutions’ admission requirements in order to study in Latvia. The results of the English language proficiency tests, such as the PTE, TOEFL, or IELTS, are a crucial prerequisite. Applying to a university does not involve taking a standard eligibility test; however, some may require an interview or an online exam. To be regarded for application, you will need to submit your transcripts, SOP, recommendation letters, etc.

Student Visa Requirements for Latvia

A visa is required for foreign students studying in Latvia who are not nationals of the EU or EEA. International students in Latvia might choose to return home after completing their chosen course of study and work in a field connected to their studies. The validity of the post-study employment permit could range from six to twelve months. Common criteria for a Latvia student visa include a current passport, an application for a long-stay visa, an admission letter from the university, etc. Approximately eight weeks are needed for the processing of a student visa to Latvia. You need to get your temporary residency permit as soon as you arrive in Latvia. In order to obtain authorization, you need to register your address with the local Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OMCA).

The following summarizes the conditions required for a student visa in order to study in Latvia:

  • Valid passport
  • Application Form for Long-Term Visa
  • Evidence of Approval from the University
  • Evidence of Payment for the VISA Fee

Tuition fees

  • Tuition costs in Latvia vary according to degree type, study duration, university type (public vs. private), and other factors. Tuition for non-EU/EEA citizens is often higher, though it varies depending on the program and university.
  • International students should budget between 1,550 and 15,000 EUR annually on average. The annual cost of some specialized programs, such as Executive MBAs, can reach 25,600 EUR.
  • Tuition at private universities is frequently more expensive.

Living costs in Latvia

In the Eurozone, Latvia is among the most affordable nations. This implies that, in certain other Eurozone nations, such as Germany or the Netherlands, you could get by with considerably less. Yet creating a budget is still necessary. The amount of money you need each month to pay for rent, food, and transportation is between 450 and 700 EUR. 

The average cost of living in Latvia is broken down as follows:

  • Dorms accommodation at the university: 70–120 EUR per month
  • Rent (private apartment): EUR 100–350 per month
  • Monthly utilities: between 115 and 185 euros
  • Groceries and food: 120–250 EUR a month
  • Monthly pass for public transportation: 10–16 EUR; two-person, 
  • Three-course meal at a mid-range restaurant: 35 EUR

Study in Latvia with Scholarships

International students with financial constraints who wish to study in Latvia can take advantage of the scholarship program. Latvia supports and encourages international students who are interested in studying there with a variety of scholarship programs. International  scholars might receive completely or  incompletely financed  literacy to study in Latvia. Through scholarships, international students are able to significantly reduce the total cost of their study in Latvia.

  • Numerous nations enjoy mutually beneficial arrangements with Latvia, which give them access to science scholarships for study in Latvia.
  • For other students, there are scholarships provided by universities, the government, and private organizations.

Student life in Latvia

Latvian student life is colorful and dynamic, extremely structured, diverse, and one-of-a-kind, with lots of chances for personal growth and fulfillment. Latvia has a lot to offer in terms of experiences and adventure, and the campus life for international students is quite exciting.

Why Study in Latvia

Because of its excellent educational system, Latvia continues to be an ideal destination for studying abroad. Based on their experience and knowledge, students can obtain jobs related to their degree, so they should continue honing their talents, which can be shown as a ladder to success. Latvian universities enroll more than 5,500 international students annually.

Here are some more explanations for why  students might consider studying in Latvia:

  • International students get access to a wide range of amazing programs.
  • Latvian degrees are recognized throughout the world.
  • The cost of living is reasonable in Latvia.
  • Due to the nation’s economic prosperity, students will have numerous options in the future.
  • an incredible environment that inspires students to succeed in their studies.
  • Latvia is the ideal location for you if you’re already curious, enjoy doing research, or just always have creative ideas. The nation has a strong tradition of funding research and producing significant advancements in areas such as biomedicine, wind tunnels, smart materials, cancer therapy, etc.
  • The cost of tuition is lower in comparison with other nations.
  • It awards scholarships to deserving students. 
  • The availability of many academic disciplines. Latvia therefore offers options for programming. Students are able to choose their level of interest in a course.
  • The extensive employment market for students studying abroad.

How to Apply to Study in Latvia

When to Apply to Study in Latvia

Student Visa for Latvia

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