SAT Practice Test

In the case of standardized tests such as the SAT exam mock/practice tests are as important as the real one, considering the huge level of competition and the fact that you cannot leave any stone unturned in ensuring that your admission to your dream university. The SAT practice tests will give you a complete test experience and will prepare you for the actual SAT exam. The more you practice these SAT practice tests the better your chances of getting a great score on your actual SAT exam.

Benefits of Taking Practice Test

  • Opportunity to use the various online tools and become comfortable with the test.
  • Opportunity to take full-length tests similar to the actual SAT. Thus, making you familiar with the types of questions and number of questions you will see on each section on the real SAT.
  • Ability to monitor your pacing. Use the timer to check your pace and work on it accordingly.
  • Your performance in an exam scenario, your strengths, and improvement areas.
  • Chance to learn from your mistakes and evaluate your weak areas.

Why SAT Practice Test

SAT Exam Style Questions

SAT Exam-Style Questions

  • Practicing with accurate questions is the key to success on the actual exam.
  • The content of the SAT tests ensures to cover all the topics and question types tested on the SAT as prescribed by the College Board.
  • The right difficulty level of the questions accurately measures your score and let you know your preparedness for the actual test.

Real Test-Taking Experience

  • Our SAT practice tests are available in both formats: online and paper-pencil. Students can practice using the paper-pencil test and the bubble sheet to have a real test-taking experience.
  • The order of the sections, number of questions, duration, topics, question types and difficulty level of the questions – our SAT practice tests simulate the official test.
  • Our practice tests accurately mirror the SAT to ensure you have ultimate confidence once a big day arrives.
Real Test-Taking Experience
Track Your Progress

Track Your Progress

  • Keep track of your progress using our intuitive dashboard and interactive score reports.
  • Recommendation engine to know your stronger areas and where you should focus on your prep. Based on your performance on the tests, topics are categorized as the secret sauce, big impact, Quick win, Room to Grow and Challenge.
  • You can also access a detailed explanation of every question on your exam.

Manya SAT Preparation Programs

SAT Regular

Most popular and preferred group classes with peer learning advantage to ensure a high scoring performance.

SAT Honors

A comprehensive expert-led intensive SAT test prep program with guided practice sessions for guaranteed score improvement.

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SAT Express Ultima

A fast-track comprehensive online course. Learn & practice with our certified Master Trainers for guaranteed score improvement.

SAT Exclusive

Ace the SAT with the help of a rigorous individualized tutoring with our most experienced trainers for guaranteed score improvement.

SAT 1 ON 1

Individualized tutoring with flexible timings for those students who want focused attention.

SAT Blend

Self learning with Instructor led 8 doubt clearing sessions.

SAT to ACT Bridge Course

Bridge the gap between SAT & ACT by covering the similarities and differences and get prepared for ACT test.

SAT Blend Lite

Self-learning with complete learning portal & doubt clearing sessions

SAT Student Testimonials

Our Top SAT Achievers

  • 1600
  • Rahoul Banerjee
  • Kolkata | SLK192006E0010
  • 1580
  • Pujita Sunder
  • Chennai | PRR0033
  • 1570
  • Pooja Desur
  • Bengaluru | WHT171811E0061
  • 1560
  • Bhavya Singh
  • Lucknow | LCK171810E0012

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Is the SAT practice test free or paid?

One full length SAT online practice test is free.

What are the advantages of taking these SAT practice tests?

Having an opportunity to take a SAT online practice test has huge benefits for the students. Here listed a few advantages,

• SAT online practice test is a full length test helps you to understand the structure of the SAT, the sections, question types, number of questions, duration, etc.
• You get experienced to sit for a 4 hours long test and to manage pacing for each section of the test.
• By taking this test, you get to know what you’re going to prepare for and where you stand.
• The score report enables you to analyze your stronger areas of the test and the areas you need to focus on.

How long do I have access to the online practice test for SAT?

You have access to take the test and view the score report for six months from the day of enrolling to the SAT free online practice test.

Can I pause the practice test and resume later?

Yes, you can pause and resume the test; however, it is not advisable. We recommend you to take the practice test in one go to get real test experience and accurate scores.

Can I reset my practice test?

No, you cannot reset the test.

When will I get my score report for the practice test?

You will get a detailed score report with answers and explanations immediately when you end the test.

Can I retake the practice test?

No, you cannot take the test again. However, you can do a detailed analysis with the score report and can view answers with explanations for every question on the test.