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SAT Practice Test

Manya Education offers 31 practice tests very similar to the actual SAT. We offer this series of SAT mock tests so that you can practice and score well. It is also important to review your performance in each practice test to identify your strengths/weaknesses and improve your score. 

You can choose to take the practice test online or as a paper test, though recommended is a paper-pencil test. If you prefer to take a paper-and-pencil practice test, you have to print the test booklets and the bubble sheet. You should have at least 4 pencils (avoid using a sharpener to save time), an eraser, a calculator to take the test.

Our exclusive student portal offers an online proctoring tool to help you maintain the timings when you take your practice test. Our student portal has an exclusive test correction tool. So, once you complete the test and feed your answers on the portal, you get your scores immediately and also have access to detailed score reports. The interactive score reports not only provide answer explanations but also make recommendations about your strengths and weaknesses. 

Closer to each SAT exam, we offer proctored tests in the center in a test environment. A human proctor supervises the test to ensure that the actual test conditions and timings are replicated. 

At the start of the Manya SAT prep program, our students take a full-length diagnostic test to assess their starting level. There is an average of 200 point increments between the diagnostic test score and the student’s actual SAT score.

The mock tests will give you a complete test experience and will prepare you for the actual SAT exam. The more you practice, the better your chances of getting a great score on your actual SAT.

Here are some tips to help you ace the SAT test.

  • Always mark the answers in the correct row of circles given on your answer sheet. 
  • Be careful not to leave any questions unanswered as there is no penalty for wrong answers.
  • You can guess your answers if you don’t know the correct one. 
  • Learn how to enter your answers on math grid-ins.
  • Remember to bubble the right answers after every page or once for every 10 questions. Do not keep it in the end.

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