Letter of Recommendation (LOR) for Canada


LOR stands for Letter of Recommendation. LOR is used to certify and assess the candidate’s applications by those who reviewed the student under a professional atmosphere. A LOR provides brief information about the student’s skills, academic records, talents, certifications, etc to the admission department of the university. Canadian universities are very particular in selecting the international students coming.


Types of Letter of Recommendation Required

If the candidate is applying for undergraduate or graduate programs he/she is required to submit academic LOR. If the candidate is applying for master’s or MBA programs he/she would have to submit at least one academic and one professional LOR.

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Guidelines for Writing LOR

Following are some of the guidelines for writing a Letter of Recommendation that your recommender should know:

  • The recommender must tell from how long he knows the candidate. He must tell about the events where he made a positive observation about the candidate, including any relevant study abroad experiences.
  • Letter of Recommendation must end with a formal letter closing (name, title, and signature, and contact information) and the recommender should tell the admission department that he is open to share more information about the candidate and provide the details of the time in which he will be available to talk in case of any query or doubts.
  • Recommenders must write LOR while describing the positive information of the candidate that includes the candidate’s achievements, certification, good academics, and his contribution in the school/college in the entire tenure of the candidate’s school/college.


Submission Methods

Canadian universities offer international students to submit their LOR in one of the following methods:

  • Electronic Method

A unique and much secured link would be sent to the Referee which would ask him to log in and submit an online LOR

  • Paper LOR

A paper LOR is written on the official letterhead of the school/university. This Letter of Recommendation is mailed directly to the admission

  • Paper LOR Forms

Some Canadian university issues a LOR form or provisional LOR form which has to be filled and mailed directly to the admission committee.

LOR Requirements in the Top Universities of Canada

Following are details of the number of LOR that is generally required by some of the top universities of Canada:

University Name Letter Of Recommendation 
University Of Toronto 2 Academic LOR
University Of British Columbia 3 Academic and professional LOR 
McGill University 2 Academic and professional LOR
University Of Montreal 1 Academic LOR
McMaster University 2 Academic LOR
University of Alberta  2 Academic LOR
University of Waterloo 2 Academic LOR
Western University 2 Academic LOR

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