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Your decision to pursue MS programs abroad is comprised of various small steps that lead up to the final application. One such pivotal element is the Letter of Recommendation. These letters generally required in a quantity of 2-3 are a critical element of your profile and require to be obtained from a reliable source. This letter acts as a testament to the candidate’s profile and is a confirmation of their academic prowess overall. Here, we are discussing key pointers related to LOR for your reference,

Whom should you approach for a LOR?

A good letter of recommendation often depends on your choice of recommender and you cannot go wrong here. An ideal recommender will be a person who has collaborated with the candidate for a considerable amount of time and has observed/supervised them in a certain capacity. Anybody who is firmly aware of your profile is the ideal choice for you.

For academic programs, the ideal choice is their professors or teachers, and a candidate having professional experience can depend on their immediate bosses, managers, or supervisors.

In certain cases, if you are not able to get hold of them, you can approach people who have limited ideas on your profile as an alternate. Clients, Colleagues, Substitute Teachers, etc can be contacted if in case you do not have the ideal choices ready.

A LOR reflects your potential and therefore should be written by someone well aware of your achievements and expertise in the sectors that you choose to highlight.

For Students:
Freshers or applicants who are still within academia can procure a letter from your teachers, professors, Head of the Departments (HOD), principal, or anyone else who has supervised you in a certain capacity (lab instructor, extra-curricular teacher), etc. The recommendations from these sources are considered credible and hold weight in terms of reliability. The substance should therefore be about a student’s performance, class interaction, subject expertise, soft skills, etc.

For Working Professionals:
Individuals with full-time jobs can opt for their managers, supervisors, impactful clients, etc for their choices. Preferably somebody who has worked with you for a longer capacity becomes an ideal selection. The recommendation should be based on work ethic, proficiency, performance, and ability to lead, collaborate with the team, etc.

What can the recommender write?

A preferred Master’s LOR should contain the following pointers as part of the draft,

  • Include the relationship of the candidate with the person writing it
  • Period of acquaintance with the candidate
  • Accolades of the candidate, in academics, professional settings, extracurricular or other initiatives
  • Abilities of the candidate – Critical thinking, Technical, Problem-Solving etc
  • Resilience and Commitment demonstrated by the candidate
  • Soft skills of the candidate

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Format – Letter of Recommendation

A LOR is supposed to be written in a formal manner following certain basic guidelines of formatting. It should be divided into 3 distinct parts,

  • Introduction (1 paragraph)
  • Candidate Information (3 paragraphs)
  • Conclusion (1 paragraph)

Sample LOR for Master’s

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may be of concern:

As a HOD of ABC University, India I’ve known XYZ as one of the all-rounder students. I’ve been working with Mr. XYZ for the last three years as a graduate of Journalism and Mass Communication. My name is Professor Manoj and I had an opportunity to be the academic mentor of XYZ. With all my honesty and heart, I can recommend that XYZ would be an equitable candidate for the Master’s program.

From the very first time I saw XYZ during the bachelor’s program, he impressed me with his determination and confidence. He has participated in many debates along with extracurricular activities and has always done the roles and responsibilities assigned to him perfectly. Our sports department was also impressed with him and they made him the captain of our university’s football team.

He thoroughly understands the principles of journalism and mass communications and has the right knowledge of the technological backing behind it. The project XYZ submitted during the final semester was commendable. Being the judge, I was highly impressed with his work and the research work for the project.

Amongst all the students I have had the opportunity to teach since the beginning of my career, XYZ is one of the best and brightest students.
It will be an honor for me to share more about the talent and personality XYZ possesses.

Sincere regards

Head of Department

Manoj Verma

Abc University

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Difference Between an LOR and a Reference Letter:

Often in a professional setting, candidates get confused about the difference between a Reference letter and a Letter of Recommendation. To put it simply, a LOR provides an overview of a candidate’s profile and is mainly used for academic purposes.

On the other hand, a Reference letter is used for professional referrals across companies. It has the employee details and other aspects of their professional valour that can help them secure a position in another company.

Key tips to follow:

Since a LOR is a document of great importance, candidates should be mindful of the processes being followed and a few critical tips,

  • Avoid plagiarism at all costs – Your LOR should be an original piece covering all unique aspects of your profile and commenting on you as a person. It should not be influenced by any other sources.
  • Always write personalized and unique letters for more impact – The candidate should be presented in a way that makes it worth noticing their profile.
  • While you follow the given format, it is important to also note that your letters look distinct. Try framing the content differently to make all the drafts stand out separately.


We have discussed the various aspects of a typical LOR for a Master’s degree program and the essential components of the document. A candidate must start approaching your recommenders beforehand and not push this till the end of your application deadlines. Recommenders are often pre-occupied and as a basic courtesy, you should mail them formally or ask for a personal interaction to request them to write for you.

To navigate these processes, you can also take expert advice, and reach out to us at tel:1-800-102-4646 or care@manyagroup.com for more info.

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