LOR Samples for MS

LOR stands for Letter of Recommendation. LOR for the Master’s program is used to certify and asset the applications by those who reviewed the student under a professional atmosphere. LOR enables the admission department to get an idea of the basic learning and skills of the candidate.


Whom to approach for a LOR

You must know the right person to ask for a Letter of Recommendation.

Candidates Who Have No Work Experience

Generally, candidates applying for undergraduate courses fall in this category. However, there are people who do master’s immediately after completing their graduation. Following are the people you can approach for writing LOR if you have no work experience:

  • Your teachers or professors
  • HOD (Head of Department)
  • Your school principal
  • The dean of your college
  • Director of your university

A LOR that is written by your academic teacher or mentor can eventually increase the credibility of your LOR for masters. You can easily get a Letter of Recommendation from a professor for a master’s degree.

For Candidates Who Have Work Experience

The candidates who have work experience can ask the people with whom they had close professional relations for LOR for Masters. The person must be in a good authoritative position in the company and must have closely worked with you. Remember that he/she must write about your work ethics, roles, and responsibilities in the organization.

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What to Include in Letter of Recommendation for Masters

Following are a few points to include in your LOR for Master’s:

  • Relationship of the person writing the LOR with the candidate
  • Certification and achievements of the Candidate in Academics, extracurricular activities, job or internship
  • Duration of the relationship between the candidate and the person writing
  • Analytics and critical thinking ability of the candidate
  • Dedication and commitment of the candidate
  • Candidate’s soft skills


Format of Letter of Recommendation

While discussing the certification, achievements, strengths, qualifications and skills of the candidate a Letter of Recommendation must be written in the format of the letter.

The general format of writing LOR is:

  • Introduction (1 paragraph)
  • Information of candidate (3 paragraphs)
  • Conclusion (1 paragraph)

Sample of LOR for Master’s

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may be of concern:

As a HOD of Abc University, India I’ve known xyz as one of the all-rounder students. I’ve been working with Mr. Xyz for the last three years as a graduate of Journalism and Mass Communication. My name is Professor Manoj and I had an opportunity to be the academic mentor of Xyz. With all my honesty and heart I can recommend that Xyz would be an equitable candidate for the Master’s program.

From the very first time I have seen Xyz during the bachelor’s program, he has impressed me with his determination and confidence. He has participated in many debates along with extracurricular activities and has always done the roles and responsibilities assigned to him perfectly. Our sports department was also impressed with him and they made him the captain of our university’s football team.

He thoroughly understands the principles of journalism and mass communications and has the right knowledge of the technological backing behind it. The project Xyz submitted during the final semester was commendable. Being the judge I was highly impressed with his work and the research work for the project.

Amongst all the students I have had the opportunity to teach since the beginning of my career, Xyz is one of the best and brightest students.

It will be an honor for me to share more about the talent and personality Xyz possesses.

Sincere regards

Head of Department

Manoj Verma

Abc University

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