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Health Insurance

Planning your health insurance might be the last thing on your mind but remember, this is something that gives you a financial backup in times of medical emergencies. Before you head overseas, you must not ignore the risks that could wreck your study abroad dream; health insurance should be of utmost significance to you.

Manya-The Princeton Review, in partner with NIB, helps you to opt for the right health coverage before you depart for your education abroad (applicable for students targeting the USA and Australia).  Having health insurance assures that you are covered and are capable of meeting any sort of uncertain expenses that might occur due to your medical condition. We believe in providing end-to-end support to our students and thus we have come up with this value-added service by NIB Health Insurance service provider for our students.


What you will get in this medical insurance provided by Manya- The Princeton Review in partner with NIB?

Dedicated customer service

Guidance and support from team

Refund Guarantee

In case the school rejects your waiver request*

Support for medical emergency

With network in USA & Australia