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Countries like USA, Canada, Germany and several other study destinations across the globe have an education system that mandates graduate school applicants to possess research experience & focus/papers & publications/work experience, something that Indian applicants don’t focus on much. The result is that the Indian students lose out in applying only with good GRE scores and academics. Owing to our extensive experience in the study abroad consulting industry, we have found that students who work on their profile and invest proper time and energy on the same are actually more successful in acing the university admissions process.


There are several key decisions you need to ponder about while aiming to enhance your overall profile – which technical skills to acquire; which specialisation to choose, what kind of projects to choose; how to add research experience; and several more. To focus on these aspects, ideally you should start at least a year (or ideally from your 2nd year of under graduation) before actually starting your graduate school application process.

In case you enrol for our Admissions Consulting Services earlier than usual, our team will spend time with you to guide you on the following aspects with respect to profile enhancement:

  • Understanding the education system and the admissions process of your preferred destination(s)
  • Internships and how to make the most of them
  • Specialisation you could opt for
  • Enhancing overall profile
  • Class and university projects
  • How to work on publications
  • Social skills and soft skills enhancement
  • Strategy and advice on test taking and registering tips
  • Importance of networking-Prospective recommenders, professors (to avail TA/RA and scholarships) and potential companies
  • Importance of early applications and how to focus on them
  • Visa process and components


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