Statement of Purpose Sample (SOP Sample)

SOP Sample

What is SOP?

A Statement of Purpose is a statement that states your reason for applying to a specific course or university. It is a document that is required by universities abroad. It is required to justify your desire to study abroad.

This is one of the most important aspects of your application process when applying to graduate schools under your control. It is your opportunity to make a virtual first impression on the admissions committee in order to distinguish yourself from other applicants with similar academic backgrounds and to demonstrate how you can add value to the academic institution.


Structure of SOP

A standard format/template of SOP is required by the majority of universities and colleges. However, the content of the Statement of Purpose (SOP) will differ depending on the courses chosen and the colleges to which the student is applying.

The SOP should be broken down into 3-4 paragraphs that clearly explain the student’s intent to pursue the course at a college or university.

  • The first paragraph usually responds to the students’ decision to pursue the course. In this section, the student must state his or her main motivation for pursuing the course.
  • The second paragraph will go over a student’s background, academic and professional accomplishments, as well as short and long term goals. The student must distinguish between short-term and long-term objectives.
  • The third and fourth paragraphs must explain why this course is important and why the student wants to study at this university and college. How the chosen university will assist the student in achieving career objectives and ambitions.
  • The conclusion section of the SOP should be impactful and powerful, where students can include what they intend to contribute to the university and how their previous experiences will dynamically influence their peers for the benefit of the university as a whole.


Do’s and Don’ts of a Statement of Purpose

Given below are some points on what to do and what not to do when making a Statement of Purpose:


  • Do remain truthful, consistent, and specific.
  • With a keen eye for detail, your SOP should be thoroughly proofread for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Allow your personality and uniqueness to shine through in your SOP. Consider your strengths, weaknesses, and uniqueness.
  • Provide insights into your aspirations, goals, passions, and what motivates you, as well as evidence of your dedication to your chosen field.
  • Take this opportunity to share any anecdotes related to your application and how they have impacted you personally/professionally.
  • Get someone else to read through your statement and provide feedback.
  • Prepare to write a few drafts, edit and rewrite to ensure it is well written, follows the guidelines, and fits within the word count.
  • Follow standard formatting guidelines for font, type, and size, and make multiple backups and copies of your statement of purpose.
  • Keep your SOP unique and focused on bringing out the best version of yourself.
  • Admissions committees evaluate these from the standpoint of an ethical and well-written statement of purpose.
  • Look at the SOP samples to get a sense of how it should look.



  • The statement of purpose is a critical component of your application kit. Don’t underestimate its significance in tipping the scales in your favor for admission.
  • A good essay takes time to write. Remember not to underestimate the time required to write your statement of purpose.
  • While online resources and professionals can provide guidance, do not have someone else write it for you. Not only from an ethical standpoint, but only you can truly represent the best version of yourself.
  • On your SOP, do not include all academic grades and work-related accomplishments. This will be included in your CV/resume as well as transcripts.
  • Avoid providing unnecessary information. The purpose statement should be clear and coherent.
  • Don’t create a generic personal statement using the SOP samples for MBA available online; they must be tailored to each of the schools/colleges to which you are applying.


Pointers that are Frequently Overlooked for SOP

The following are the most important points that are frequently overlooked in SOPs:

  • Career Objectives: Simply stating that you had a childhood interest in a particular field will not strengthen your SOP. You should always be able to explain why you want to gain knowledge in a particular field.
  • How the University will assist you in achieving them: Why do you want to join a specific university and how it will assist you in achieving your career goals are both equally important. Writing that you want to attend a university in another country because of its location or infrastructure will not help.


SOP Samples for Masters

A Statement of Purpose for Masters is more focused on a student’s academic qualifications, professional work experience, accomplishments, and goals for pursuing the master’s programme. An SOP for Master’s will persuade the admission committee of the university to which the student wishes to apply why this master’s course is important and how it will help the student achieve his or her career goals.


SOP Samples for MBA

The Statement of Purpose for MBA must be 400-1000 words in length and explain why the student wants to pursue MBA, what his/her career goals are, and the student’s background combined with training the student hopes to receive at this B-School or University that will help the student achieve its career goals.


SOP Samples for MS

A Statement of Purpose for MS focuses on a student’s academic qualifications (including graduation), professional work experience, accomplishments, and goals for pursuing the master’s programme.

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