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IELTS Practice Tests

IELTS exam is an English Language proficiency test and it assesses four basic English Language skills- Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. While many may be very good in any one or two of the skills, many could be lacking in other parts, scoring 6 or above is mandatory for entry into any English speaking country. Taking the practice tests help you prepare for the exam if you are a student planning to work or study in English speaking countries. The tests vary slightly because if you want to study abroad you take the Academic Module but if you are taking it for general immigration purposes such as for work you take the General Training Module.

Let us understand each section of the IELTS exam more:


While taking the academic section of the test you have to describe some sort of graphs, diagrams or map (Task 1) and write an essay (Task 2).

If you are answering the general part you need to write a letter (Task 1) and write an essay (Task 2).


If we talk about the Listening section, it is the same for academic and general training. Each section gets progressively more difficult. You need not worry if you don’t get good marks for section 4. Try to prepare well for the first three sections.


You will be asked to answer a total of three reading passages in this section and will be given 60 minutes for that. Each one of this section has one reading passage hence if you practice well and learn to utilize time well then you will not take more than 20 minutes to answer. You will have readings from the Academic and General module.


The speaking section is the same for both academic and general training. While answering part one you will have to answer easy questions about everyday topics such as work, hobbies, the weather, traveling, etc. However, in part two you will be given two minutes to speak on a topic given by the examiner.

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Can I review my answers during the IELTS Listening test?

Before the start of each part of the IELTS Listening test, you will have some time to read the questions. After the end of each part of the Listening test, you will have some time to review your answers. At the end of the Listening test, you will have 2 minutes to check your answers on the CBT and 10 minutes to transfer answers to the answer sheet in the PBT. The reading and writing will have to be reviewed in the respective time given for each section.

What makes an IELTS practice test great?

When you use authentic IELTS material from IDP or Cambridge, it would help you understand the test content better. Also, practising a test timing yourself and having it graded by a certified IELTS trainer makes a practice test great.

How can I start my IELTS practice test?

Understand the IELTS test pattern and familiarize yourself with the content. Take authentic IELTS practice tests and find yourself a tutor to grade your practice and suggest improvements.

How can I prepare for the IELTS Practice Test?

Develop your English capabilities and IELTS strategies, Multitask when listening in English, Develop a wide range of reading skills, Use appropriate and assertive English terms when writing, have a speaking partner to practice the IELTS speaking focusing on fluency, vocabulary, and intonation.

Why taking an IELTS practice test is so important to achieve your target scores?

Only when you practice full-length tests in accordance with the time and test format, will you familiarize yourself with the actual test.

When and how many IELTS practice tests should I take?

It is ideal to practice 4-8 tests giving oneself 1-2 months time to prepare. However, the number of sectional and full-length tests would differ from person to person. It would be ideal to find a tutor based on one’s preferences.

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