Cost of Studying in France

France is considered to be the 4th most preferred study abroad destination amongst international students as it offers an interesting culture and great educational system. Approximately 300,000 students travel to France each year solely to study in French Universities. The higher educational system in France can look a little confusing. The educational system is divided into a three-level framework, which should make it a lot easier to comprehend. Today, undergraduate students need to with pursuing a License that is similar to a UG degree. This is followed by master-level training. The last level of training is the doctorate degree.


Tuition Fees

The cost of studying in France would depend on various factors such as the university you choose, the program you choose, and the public/private factor of the university. Tuition fees of universities in France are a lot cheaper as compared to the tuition fees of universities in the USA and Uk. The tuition fees of public universities in France are a lot cheaper than private universities. The French government provides a number of scholarships to encourage international students to study in France.


Approximate annual Tuition Fees

  • Bachelor: €2,770 per year
  • Master: €3,770 per year
  • Doctorate: €380 per year



If Studying in France is your goal but the fear of financial burden is stopping you then you should not worry as there are a number of scholarships offered by the government of France to its national and international students:

Types of scholarships in France

  • Government funded scholarships in France
  • Non-government scholarships to study in France
  • University – specific scholarships to study in France

Some of the most renowned scholarships in France are:

  • Charpak Scholarship Program
  • Raman-Charpak Fellowship
  • Eiffel Excellence Scholarships
  • Ile-de-France Masters Scholarships
  • École Normale Supérieure International Selection
  • Ampere Scholarships of Excellence at ENS de Lyon
  • Université de Lyon Masters Scholarships
  • Grenoble Institute of Technology Foundation Scholarships
  • Emily Boutmy Scholarships at Sciences Po University
  • INSEAD MBA Scholarships


For an international student who wishes to study in France, there are a variety of housing options available.

University Residence Halls: These student houses are managed by the CROUS (French regional centers for student services). They are publicly owned and are a popular choice for international students seeking a low-cost lodging option. In Paris, rooms cost over 400 EUR, but in other cities, they cost around 200 EUR.

Student accommodation that is privately maintained: Obtaining student housing through CROUS may be competitive. If you are unable to locate a spot there, private student housing should be considered. They cost a little more than CROUS, but they offer a lot more perks and features.

Private Apartments: Renting a studio apartment is another option if you want to live alone. However, the cost is higher, with an apartment costing around 800 EUR in Paris and 400 EUR in other cities.

Shared Apartments: Sharing an apartment is a fantastic way to save money while meeting new people. The main benefit of sharing an apartment is that you may split your rent and other utility costs.

Living with a French family is another fantastic way to get economical housing in France. In exchange for helping around the house, some French families would let you stay rent-free.


Cost of Living in France

International students studying abroad should always take care of their budget in order to prevent themselves from overspending. They should try to cut down as many expenses as possible. Generally, the cost of living in France is between 650EUR to 1,200 EUR/month.

The cost of studying in France would depend on the city you choose. The cost of living in Paris or Nice can be around 1,050 and 1,200 EUR/month whereas the cost of living in other cities of France can be around 650EUR and 850EUR per month.

  • Cost of Food: 200-250 EUR/month
  • Transportation cost: 1.25 EUR/km
  • Miscellaneous cost: 200EUR per month


Health Support and Insurance

Every citizen of France is required to carry medical insurance to cover medical expenses in the event of an emergency. Students can choose from a variety of public and private health insurance plans. Medical plans from other countries are not permitted. For students in France, there is a Universal Healthcare Coverage plan that covers their medical expenses. Students in France must meet the following criteria to be eligible for a national health insurance program:

  • On October 1st of the current University Year, you must be under the age of 28
  • Enrolled in a four month or longer program

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