Educational Counsellors

How to apply for Master's Abroad

Role of Education Counsellors

Having an education counsellor by your side is a critical part of your study abroad admissions journey. An education counsellor could assist you at various critical junctures such as:

  • Shortlisting best-fit universities
  • Suggesting courses & majors
  • Providing profile enhancement tips,
  • Extending expert advice on acing standardised tests,
  • Providing information on scholarships,
  • Providing application assistance,
  • Guiding on several other aspects


Why Do You Need an Education Counsellor?

  • The study abroad application process is not a cakewalk and every single step is crucial
  • Most study abroad education counsellors have themselves studied abroad and have a keen insight into the study abroad application and admissions process
  • Without the able guidance of the education counsellors, even a minor wrong step could sabotage all your plans and could lead to a waste of time, investment and effort
  • The education counsellors can make you understand that, just acing your standardized test is not enough; it is important to have a strong profile and project it impactfully
  • You might have a notion that studying abroad is out of your reach owing to being expensive; an education counsellor can guide you how to wade through the financial challenges successfully

The Education Counsellors at Manya-The Princeton Review have a plethora of knowledge and expertise regarding the study abroad process and possess the mission to guide you in each & every step. Please visit our nearest centre to know more about our Admissions Consulting Services

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