Professional LOR – Format & Samples

If you want to study abroad to pursue your dream course at your dream institution or college, a LOR is likely one of the most important documents you’ll need to submit for admission. It serves as a statement or proof of eligibility for students wishing to pursue postgraduate studies in another country. It might be offered by your prior institution or university where you studied, or it can be provided by the company/organization/firm where you worked.


What is a Professional LOR?

Those seeking to study abroad should be aware of the significance of a letter of recommendation. Prior work experience is required by the majority of foreign universities and colleges. A Professional LOR is a significant document, especially for admission to a master’s or other post-graduate schools. Supervisors, managers, heads, and other senior employees, as well as colleagues, can provide such letters. The professional LOR must be specified on the letterhead, which students should be aware of. It focuses on determining the candidate’s ability to work in a variety of situations and collaborate with others, as well as their topic knowledge.

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Types of LORs

The LOR is roughly divided into two categories:


Academic Letter of Recommendation

This is given by a tutor or professor from the last college the student attended. It shows their accomplishments and academic excellence. Typically, universities ask applicants to provide two or three such letters.


Professional Letter of Recommendation

Most MBA programs overseas need a formal letter of recommendation based on the applicant’s professional experience. Typically, this letter will be written by the applicant’s immediate supervisor. It differs from an academic letter of recommendation in that it emphasizes the applicant’s flexibility in team projects, leadership qualities, capacity to solve problems, and experience in his particular field.


Basic Format of a LOR

A LOR is composed of several paragraphs that go into detail on the student’s credentials, abilities, strengths, and flaws. A typical LOR is organized into three parts, each of which has five paragraphs. The breakdown of the LOR format for students is shown below:

  • Paragraph 1: Introduction
  • Paragraphs 2-4: Information about the applicant’s qualities and skills.
  • Paragraph 5: Conclusion

The person making the recommendation should ideally include an introduction for themselves, a description of interactions with the candidate and how they relate to them, a summary of their performance and general characteristics, a personal story relevant to the working relationships, and a closing statement providing context for the recommendation. The relevant information for communication should be included in the signature at the conclusion.


Mistakes to Avoid in LOR

  1. You should be very careful not to submit a LOR that has been copied off the internet. That is against the law and lowers your chances of acceptance.
  2. LOR needs to be prepared by an expert. You cannot allow friends or family to compose a letter on your behalf. Someone who is familiar with your academic accomplishments and background should write it.
  3. Spelling errors are the only thing that might ruin your LOR, therefore make sure you proofread it before submitting it to the authority.
  4. Make sure you include all the material in your LOR; ignoring any crucial detail might cause you to fall behind.
  5. Allow the person two or three weeks to complete the LOR, and give your recommender enough time. Rushing might ruin your LOR.


LOR Guidelines

A Professional Letter of Recommendation should be under 700 words long and divided into 4-5 paragraphs. The following are some of the most important elements to include in a professional letter of recommendation:

  • The relationship you have with the LOR writer should be stated in a brief and well-written introduction.
  • A summary of the applicant’s qualifications, qualities, and experiences.
  • A summary of the applicant’s time at the company.
  • The writer must propose the candidate to the university in the final paragraph.
  • The writer’s signature and name are included, as well as the designation, name of the organization, and contact information.
  • Create a LOR that emphasizes the candidate’s accomplishments, qualities, talents, and educational background.

Template of a Professional LOR

Here is a sample letter of recommendation that you can use as a guide when writing your own:

Subject: Recommendation – [Applicant name]

[Your name]

[Your job title]

[Your company]

[Your professional address]



It gives me great pleasure to recommend [applicant’s name] for the position of [opportunity] in [organization or institution]. [Insert information about your relationship and experience with the candidate].

[Information on the applicant’s qualifications, experience, and talents].

[Vote of confidence in the candidate’s ability to succeed in the unique opportunity]. Please do not hesitate to contact me at [your phone number and/or email address] if you require additional information or specific examples.


[Your name]


Professional LOR Sample

Ashima Oberoi

Manager, HR

Credible Industries
Industrial Area, Raipur, 492003

March 27, 2020

To whom it may concern:

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Joh for a position with your prestigious company. I’ve known John for over three years, during which time he worked in my office as a communication professional.

During the period that he worked with me, I was quite impressed with his attitude and efficiency. He is a brilliant young man who is also a consummate professional. I am convinced that he will demonstrate a high level of devotion and diligence in carrying out his work tasks and responsibilities in your organization. He is a quick learner who has demonstrated the ability to assimilate vast amounts of data. Mr. John has shown the capacity to articulate knowledge and thoughts beautifully in both written and conversational forms.
He’s also been successful in getting the media to participate in our outreach initiative. He has persuaded editors to publish his enthralling press releases and articles in their periodicals. John is also eager to take risks and isn’t afraid to work long hours. He is outgoing and eager to interact with others and involve them in projects.

I admire his desire to work as part of a team to improve the office’s ability to serve its stakeholders. Mr. John comes highly recommended by me. I am confident in his ability to immediately establish relationships with your employees and stakeholders. Please do not hesitate to contact me at 7000314778 or ashitaoberoi@email.com if you require additional information or particular instances.

Ashima Oberoi


LOR Sample for MS Students

MS students’ LOR is written by college professors, internship supervisors, or immediate superiors in the organization.

“It brings me great pleasure to provide this recommendation for (Candidate Name), who wishes to enroll in your university’s master’s in science program. For more than three years, I have known (Candidate Name). In the second, third, fourth, and sixth semesters, I taught him the course “Module Name”.
Based on my observations, I want to emphasize that (Candidate name) is a serious student who gives his or her academics their whole attention and works to become better whenever necessary. He or she is in front of his or her peers due to a good attitude toward learning and a desire to learn new things.
(Candidate name) has demonstrated a strong interest in learning from real-world projects and methods during his time at our institute. He or She has participated in lengthy discussions and arguments about the research they have conducted, and they have selected extremely difficult subject articles. He has learned a lot from these processes that he will be able to use in his future job.

In addition to his academic achievements, (Candidate name) has demonstrated remarkable zeal in intercollege contests and tournaments and has never missed an opportunity to bring honor to the institution. He or she has consistently taken an active role in academic organizations and clubs and put forth much effort to bring about improvements that have benefited not just other students but also the school as a whole.

I can guarantee that (Candidate name) will keep working hard to contribute to the student body at your prestigious university while also demonstrating his unique talents.

I would like to convey my sincere respect for him/her on a personal and professional level. I firmly think that (Candidate name) will significantly improve the environment in which he/she works by virtue of his/her positive attitude, strong work ethic, and passion. As a result, I offer my support for his/her acceptance into the program that he/she chooses to pursue at your university. I would be pleased to respond to any inquiries that might aid in your decision-making.

Yours Sincerely,
Full name:
College, City
Contact No:
E-mail ID:

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