Statement of Purpose (SOP) for UK


SOP stands for Statement of Purpose which is an essay that should include the purpose of applying to a particular course or a university. SOP is a document that is mandatorily required by international universities. Your statement of purpose should justify your intentions behind studying abroad. A statement of purpose is written in paragraph format while following the general rules of essay writing.

A standard SOP is usually 800-1000 words long that are usually 2 pages. It uses a maximum 12-point font and is double-spaced in normal margins. Candidates must keep in mind that he/she should not use any colorful text or images while writing SOP and it should only be written with black color text.

Note: Avoid using bullets or try to use it bare minimum.


Importance of SOP

Statement of Purpose allows for stating the purpose and goals in front of the admission committee. It helps you to reach out to the admission committee and gives you a chance to impress them with your experience, skills, or hidden talents. Your attractive statement of purpose can make an application stand out from the crowd even if you have average scores while an applicant has an excellent academic record and written a weak personal statement then their application might get rejected. So, it is immensely important that you make the most of this statement by showcasing your ambition, knowledge, skills, achievements, and most importantly your motivation for the intended course, including any relevant experiences such as study abroad programs.


How Does the SOP for the UK Differ from Other Countries?

According to the training courses from sample declarations of functions, the SOP of the UK differs from other countries. These are the points that differentiate the SOP of different countries:

  1. The word limit for SOP for the UK must be 3950 characters or 600-900 words. So be aware of the limit of the application, it should neither be surpassed nor utmost expanded.
  2. The SOP for the UK highlights the passion for training courses, workshops, or conferences that have gone to and publications have reviewed.
  3. The SOP for the UK must be verified only in English, without plagiarism and grammatical errors. Some nations accept SOP in their indigenous language too.

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Format of SOP for the UK

The SOP is the most essential part of taking admission to a US University. It’s the medium through which you can stand out from the other candidates even if you have average scores during university admission. You should make the most of this statement by showcasing your ambition, knowledge, skills, achievements, and most importantly your motivation for the intended course.

S.No. Steps Includes
1. Brainstorm First
  • Personal details
  • Achievements  Experiences
2. Mind the words limit
  • The SOP must be either of maximum 47 lines or 4000 characters(whichever comes first)
  • It should be concise and crisp.
3. Purpose of SOP
  • Academic details
  • Professional details
  • Motivation for the course.
  • Career goals
  • Interests & Skills
4. Show your preference for the UK and the chosen University
  • Reason for studying in the USA
  • Reason for Choosing the University
5. Proofread the statement
  • Check out all the grammatical and sentence-level errors.
  • There should be no plagiarism.


Points to Remember

While writing SOP for the UK keep the following points in mind:


Attractive Introduction

Your first impression will definitely be the last impression here. Make sure to attract the reader with your writing style. Make sure that he should be convinced that you are an equitable candidate for getting admission to the university.


Write in the Required Work Limits

Every university has its own word limits for SOP that are mentioned on its official website. It is always better to call the admission office for the word limit of SOP if it is by chance not mentioned on their website. Generally, the SOP word limit for most the university is 800-100 words. Keep in mind that the admission officers would not have enough time to read your SOP if it is exceeding word limits and if you are writing less than the word limit then it will make them feel that you do not have enough to talk about, therefore it is always preferred to write in the given word limits.


Don’t Be Flashy While Writing

The content and the font you are using should not be flashy. You should not sound boastful while writing about your academics or work experiences. Remember to be humble, polite, and respectful while writing. The font you are using while writing SOP should not be flashy, it should be decent and professional.


Tell the Why You Decided to Study in the UK and that Particular University

The admission cell of that university will expect the answers to questions like why you decided to study in the UK and why you picked that particular university. Make sure to include the answers to the above questions in your content as it will portray your seriousness of studying abroad.


Tell Them About Your Credibility

Remember that there would be a huge number of candidates applying to study in the same destination and university you have decided to study in. Tell them about your achievements, certifications, and skills.


Make Sure Your Content is Not Plagiarized

Do not copy and paste your SOP from various samples available on Google; it will definitely diminish your chances of getting admission.



SOP Guidelines for the UK

There are only a few guidelines that candidates should strictly follow,

  • The length of the word count of the standard SOP.
  • Highlight the unique matter. Mention what they want you to tell them.
  • On the level of English proficiency, there should not be any grammatical and lingual errors, unlike in other countries like Australia.

Sample SOP for UK

Here is a sample of SOP for the UK:

Sample Statement of Purpose

Nowadays if we hold Finance degrees our skills and knowledge will be in demand. With globalization, the demand for having both national and international knowledge of finance is becoming necessary. It will be a great kickstart to get an opportunity of getting a MA in Finance degree from the University Of Cambridge as it will open up multiple opportunities for me. This opportunity will help me learn about sustainable and long-term growth in a global firm.

The UK is the most equitable destination for me to pursue a Master’s in Finance. It is a globally known fact that Universities in the UK hold a global ranking when it comes to Finance programs. Doing a Masters in Finance from the University of Cambridge will provide me with the best placement opportunities in the best companies. Reading the University of Cambridge’s reviews has made me clear that this university has excellent faculty, flexibility in courses, top-notch amenities, and most importantly a friendly and welcoming environment for international students. These points clearly make the University of Cambridge and equitable destination for pursuing higher education.

The degree received from the University of Cambridge will hold global recognition.

Moreover, it will give me an excellent opportunity and experience to learn and understand diversities in terms of perspective, food, language, and culture which will eventually shape my overall personality and give me an opportunity to know about differences in behavior patterns of people.

There’s a part of me that has enabled me and given me an enthusiasm for learning new things. I’ve been a bright and inquisitive Student ever since my childhood. I did my schooling at Summer Fields School, New Delhi, and was able to secure good scores in both the 10th and 12th standard CBSE exams. After completing my schooling I did a BA Hons in Economics (ECONOMIC Hons.) from Miranda House College which is amongst the best Delhi University. My college is very well known for its economics department in India. I am a good academic with a CGPA of 8.2 on a 10-point scale. The journal I wrote in my final year got published. I presented a research page on “effects of inflation in India after Liberalization” at an international assembly at ICFAI business school. I’ve never been limited to just focusing on academics; I took part in many extracurricular activities in both college and school. I got 1st prize in the college marathon race, I was selected for my school football team and college football team, and I received 3rd prize in an annual filmmaking contest in my school. I was also an active member of the finance club in college.

After my graduation, I did a 3 months internship at HDFC bank New Delhi, India as a financial analyst intern. Hdfc bank is one of the fastest growing and one of the leading banks in India. As an intern there I had many roles like collecting data, learning how to write reports, researching financial trends, and supporting the finance department. After my internship, the bank was impressed with my work and contribution and I was hired there as a Financial analyst. As a Financial Analyst, my roles and duties changed gradually and I was given more serious and time-based tasks. A few roles that I did as a Finance analyst there are – financial planning, due diligence, financial reporting, and a lot more. I also coordinated and managed various volunteering events there.

My graduation degree has enabled me to know a lot about how the economy works. Having both quantitative and analytic approaches helped me a lot in understanding things better. In a time when the economy is increasing and gaining importance, I believe that my knowledge of economics will make me an equitable candidate for doing a Master in Finance from the University of Cambridge.

I am sure that pursuing a Master in Finance from the University of Cambridge will help me get knowledge of basic and complex principles of Finance and will eventually provide me with the right skills that will open up opportunities in my career. It will be a great medium for channelizing my strengths.

I sincerely hope that the admission committee will consider my profile and give me a chance of becoming part of the university.

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