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If you are planning to study abroad, Poland would be a great choice for you as, Poland is a big nation with welcoming citizens, a lively culture, and a long history. Poland attracts more international students than ever before because of recent globalization initiatives. With comparatively affordable tuition costs and a very low cost of living, the nation provides top-notch education.

Poland’s Top Universities

Poland rank 2024 World University Rank 2024  World University Rank 2023  University City 
1 601–800  601–800  Jagiellonian University Cracow
1 601–800  801–1000  University of Warsaw Warsaw
1 601–800  351–400  Wroclaw Medical University Wrocław
4 801–1000  601–800  Medical University of Lodz Lodz
5 1001–1200  1001–1200  Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań Poznań
5 1001–1200  1201–1500  AGH University of Krakow Cracow
5 1001–1200  1201–1500  Gdańsk University of Technology Gdańsk
5 1001–1200  1001–1200  Medical University of Bialystok Bialystok
5 1001–1200  801–1000  Medical University of Gdańsk Gdańsk
5 1001–1200  NR  Medical University of Warsaw Warsaw

Poland Best Courses

  • Architecture
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Economics
  • Management
  • MBBS
  • Environmental Studies
  • Law
  • Sport
  • Business studies in English
  • master in food systems

Admission requirements to study in Poland 

How can you begin your journey to become a student in Poland? Making an application to a Polish university would be the first step. The application procedure for Polish universities is simple and straightforward. Visit the websites of the Polish universities and programs you are interested in, and find out about the requirements for admission.

The next stage is to have the necessary documents ready, show up for the required admission exams, and submit an application to the universities you have selected to study in Poland. Document requirements vary throughout universities and courses. Typically, the following documentation is needed for an international student to study in Poland:

  • Transcripts for Academic Work
  • Curriculum Vitae with educational and professional background information 
  • Letter of recommendation
  • completed application
  • Four passport-sized photos
  • A duplicate of the ID
  • Evidence of fluency in the English language
  • Statement of purpose

Tuition fees

  • Students should budget between €1,500 and €5,000 each year for bachelor’s degrees. Annual fees for Master’s degrees typically fall between €2,000 and €6,000.
  • Compared to many other European countries, Poland’s tuition costs are generally reasonable, though they can vary according to the course and the institution of study.
  • The good news is that tuition costs for students who are not EU members and those who are are often the same.
  • Notably, the cost of the same course the next year will increase if a student fails a module at some universities, such Jagiellonian University.

Cost of living

In most Polish cities, monthly living expenses range from 350 to 550 EUR. Students in bigger cities, such as Krakow or Warsaw, will require 500–850 EUR.


In Poland, there are numerous choices for organizing student housing. Depending on the city and university you select, they change.

  • Numerous higher education institutes (HEIs) in Poland have their own dorms, which are typically the least expensive choice. But the majority of Polish students would rather rent a room in a private residence.
  • The Polish universities additionally provide funds and scholarships for reducing the financial load on international students. In order to receive assistance with their studies, students can apply for any of these financial assistance programs. However, the cost of studying in Poland varies according to your living expenses and place of residence. Thus, before traveling to study in Poland, carefully consider your spending and apply for the appropriate financial aid.

Poland scholarships

There are numerous scholarships available in Poland, provided by institutions, private organizations, and the Polish government. Among them are: 

  • The Scholarship of General Anders.
  • The My First Choice Scholarship in Poland.
  • The Scholarship for Bilateral Cooperation and Exchange.
  • The Fellowship and Scholarship of POLONETTA.
  • The Scholarship of Stefan Banach.
  • The Scholarship of Visegrad.
  • The scholarships offered to post-soviet nations under the Eastern Partnership.

Get in touch with the university that you’re choosing right away to learn more about available scholarships as well as important details regarding the precise cost of your selected degree depending on your citizenship status.

Student Life

Poland’s exciting student culture, which attracts international students, is one of the best reasons to study there! Although the country’s educational system places a strong emphasis on creative thinking and practical learning, students are also given the opportunity to experience its vibrant cities, elegant atmosphere, and annual cultural festivals! You may take part in the vibrant nightlife, concerts, parties, and much more. There are a ton of great venues to hang out with friends across the nation, including restaurants, wine bars, clubs, and bars. Another well-known festival, Juvenilia, is held only for the nation’s youth and students and is celebrated with costumes, music, and lots of other entertaining events.

Why Study in Poland

  • High level of education

    With more than 450 universities, Poland is one of the most desirable study destinations in Europe. The internationally recognized Polish educational system follows the Bologna process’ requirements, making it one of the best places to study in the world. The degrees obtained are therefore acknowledged globally.

  • Surprisingly affordable tuition

    International students find Poland to be a more cost-effective option when considering study abroad destinations in Europe. Poland is among the greatest destinations to study since the excellent standard of instruction much overcomes the expense. Private and public institutions have different average fees, although they often fall between 1000 and 4000 euros a year. The main reason for studying in Poland is its affordable educational costs in comparison to popular study abroad locations like Australia, the US, France, and other countries.

  • Vibrant culture

    The beautiful and rich culture of Poland is essential to Western civilization. Literature, philosophy, science, music, art, and philosophy have all benefited greatly from the contributions of the nation’s great figures and leaders. Poland provides a fantastic opportunity to learn more about Polish culture, which is a unique blend of Germanic, Hungarian, Latinate, and Ottoman influences. It is among the main motivations for studying in Poland.

  • Increasing Field of Education

    International students can choose from a variety of English-taught courses offered by the universities, and the educational field overall has grown significantly in recent years. The national government has consistently allocated funds to the field of education. Poland’s oldest colleges date back to 1364 and are recognized as some of the best in the world! One of the main arguments in favor of studying in Poland is that the nation’s educational system is expanding and offers a wealth of international students research possibilities. Additionally, Poland has made investments in more than 2000 updated scientific centers that give its students access to real-world knowledge and skills. Their investments in non-traditional educational initiatives have shown to be highly beneficial for their students.

  • Student lifestyle

    The active student community in Poland is one of the main attractions for international students. Poland invites students to visit its vibrant cities and take in the year-round cosmopolitan atmosphere and cultural festivals, even if the country’s educational system places a strong emphasis on practical learning and artistic abilities. You may take part in events including music festivals, parties, and a bustling nightlife. Around the nation, there are lots of interesting locations to hang out with friends, including restaurants, wine bars, bars, and clubs. Additionally, there is Juvenilia, a widely recognized festival that is enjoyed by the nation’s youth and students with costumes, music, and a host of other entertaining events.

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