Job Opportunities for International Students in the UK

Historically, the UK has been a favourite destination for overseas education for international students, especially among Indian students. As a powerhouse of the scientific and technological revolution of Europe, the UK has traditionally drawn learners in science, engineering, and the social sciences from around the world. This was way before the other two major destinations across the Atlantic, viz., the US and Canada emerged as hot destinations for aspiring international students. However, it has now also become a destination for those who want to pursue studies in business such as MBA, Management, and International Business.


Funding Your Study: A Stiff Challenge?

So, are you planning to study in the UK? As an international student, you will rightly be weighing your various options in studying. Perhaps the most crucial option that you will have to consider is funding your study. Studying abroad is as much as a financial challenge as it is a scholastic and an organisational challenge. And funding not always comes easy for many study-abroad aspirants. But it might not be as grim as you might think in the first go! Let us find out how you can offset your cost of study in the UK that many already do.


Think Laterally

As an international student in the UK, you need not only fall back on your source of finance or scholarship that you might win. You certainly do have another option.

The Benefits

Working while studying in the UK might pose a new challenge for some apart from those already they might be facing. However, it has its benefits as well. It not only gives you valuable fund to offset your standing recurring expenses, but it will also

  • Give you precious working experience and transferrable skills
  • Give you a head-start finding a job post-study since you have already gained some experience in a job
  • Help you build a valuable professional network
  • Give you valuable insights into the society and the community you will be part of


Finding Job: My Prospects?

The UK is an advanced economy with robust industries, manufacturing and service sectors. A thriving economy has myriad needs and concurrently generates myriad jobs. As an international student, you can explore different paths such as short-term jobs, contractual jobs, or recruitment through recruitment agencies to find jobs that will allow you to continue your study while doing it. However, before you take up one, you must ensure that you are eligible to work in the UK while studying.


Am I Eligible to Work?

As an international student in the UK, you can work while you study if

  • You are holding a UK Tier 4 (general) visa
  • You are undertaking a full-time course at Bachelor’s degree level (RQF Level 6 or equivalent) or above
  • You are a student of a short-term study-abroad program in the UK
  • You want to supplement your funding/income to offset the expense of the study
  • Working is a course requirement and is a part of course completion and evaluation


When I Am Not Eligible?

As an international student holding a Tier 4 (general) visa, you are not eligible to work if

  • You are undertaking a part-time post-degree level or above course (RQF level 7 or equivalent) that is sponsored by a UK body or a body receiving public funding as an institution of higher education
  • You are pursuing a course from a publicly-funded further education college
  • You are a Tier 4 (child) student below 16 years
  • You are pursuing a course from a private education provider


How Much Am I Allowed to Work?

As an international student

  • You are allowed to work 20 hours a week (Monday through Sunday) during your semesters and full-time during vacation (Christmas, Easter, and Summer).
  • However, you are allowed to work 10 hours a week during your semesters and full-time during vacations if
  • You are undertaking a full-time course below Bachelor’s level that is sponsored by a UK body or a body receiving public funding as an institution of higher education
  • You are a Tier 4 (child) student above 16 years


Check Your Right to Work Before You Begin

You must check and confirm that you are permitted to work while studying in the UK.

  • Check your passport sticker (entry clearance) or Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) to find out information regarding this
  • Check with the UK Council of International Student Affairs (UKCISA) to check your work status to find out what your visa permit/does not permit you to do
  • Check with your university
  • Also, it is important to know if working will affect your academic commitment


What Else Do I Need to Work in the UK?

As an international student, besides a Tier 4 (general) visa, you will need a National Insurance (NI) Number to work in the UK. The NI number facilitates your employer’s contribution to National Insurance on behalf of you. The NI Number will help you to avoid paying tax at a higher rate. You are required to pay tax in the UK according to the applicable rules. If you are contemplating work or are about to start work, apply for a NIN number.


What Are the Different Kinds of Jobs Can I Find?

On-Campus Jobs

  • Teaching Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Campus Tour Guide
  • Library Assistant
  • Research Assistant

Off-Campus Jobs

  • Waiting tables
  • Baby Sitting
  • Driving
  • Tutoring
  • Cashier
  • Salesman

Part-time jobs

Vacation-time jobs

Voluntary work

If you are pursuing a PhD or an MBA in the UK, you are more likely to want a teaching assistantship or work as a research assistant.


Post-Study Work Rights and Immigration in the UK

A student with a valid UK immigration status and who has completed a course of study in any subject at an undergraduate level/above, at an approved UK Higher Education Provider, is eligible for a two-year post-study work visa.


A Few Tips for Finding Job

  • Develop your English language skills as much as possible
  • Use various resources such as Career and Employment Advising of your institution, recruitment agencies, employment section in the local newspaper
  • Consult with your friends who are already working

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