Education Loan

At Manya, we understand the aspirations of students who dream of pursuing higher education abroad. We are dedicated to assisting students in securing the best education loans from top banks, ensuring favorable interest rates, and seamless processes. Our services are provided free of cost to students, aiming to simplify their journey towards achieving academic excellence abroad.

  • Up to 5 Cr Loan Funded
  • 4 Lac+ Students guided to their study abroad dreams.

Loan Services

  • Partnerships with Leading Financial Institutions

We have established partnerships with renowned financial institutions such as Avanse, HDFC Credila, IDFC, ICICI, and Mpower, ensuring access to a wide range of loan options tailored to students’ needs.

  • Necessity of Our Services

Education Loan: Planning to study abroad often requires demonstrating sufficient funds, which an education loan can fulfill, enhancing the chances of obtaining a VISA or I20.

  • Post Arrival & Housing Assistance

We assist in finding suitable accommodation abroad based on your preferences and budget.

Additionally, we provide USA SIM cards for seamless connectivity upon arrival, saving you time and hassle.

  • Forex/US Bank Accounts/Germany Block Accounts

Facilitating the acquisition of forex and setting up US bank accounts for convenient transactions.

For students heading to Germany, we offer assistance in opening Germany block accounts as required.

  • Remittances/Fee Payments

Simplifying fee payments and remittances, ensuring lower conversion charges and faster processing times.

Benefits of Opting for Manya’s Loan Services:

  • Comprehensive Solutions

Access all necessary services under one roof, eliminating the need to visit multiple banks or organizations.

  • Dedicated Advisor Support

We assign a dedicated advisor to guide you through every step of the application process.

  • Convenience

Avoid the hassle of visiting banks or standing in queues, as we handle all loan-related tasks for you.

  • Customized Document Checklist

Receive a personalized document checklist based on your profile, streamlining the application process.

  • Enhanced Conversion Rates

Benefit from higher conversion rates when opting for our services.

At Manya, we are committed to making your journey towards international education smooth and successful. Contact us today to embark on your study abroad adventure with confidence!

Call us at 1800 102 4646 or email us at care@manyagroup.com


What will be the ROI?

Collateral – 9.5% – 11%
Non-Collateral – 11% – 14%

What will be the loan tenure?

Up to 15 years.

Are government banks better or private banks or NBFC’s?

It depends on your preferences but private banks / NBFC’s are better as they don’t ask for margin money, they don’t require i20 and they process at a faster pace than government banks.

Banks you are connected with?

Nationalized Bank, Private Bank, NBFC’s and international lenders.

Can we change the universities after getting the approval of the loan?

Yes, it is possible to change the university after getting the approval.

Can we change university name or loan amount after getting sanction in Pre-admit?

Yes, we can change before disbursement.

For this loan procedure is there any charges Manya asks?

No, this service is free of cost from our side.

How much moratorium / relax period will i get and do we have to pay something during that period?

The students will get moratorium of course duration + 12 months grace and during the moratorium the students have to pay partial simple interest, simple interest or they can get full relaxation depending on profile and banks.

How much time it will take to complete the procedure?

If all of the required documents are available on time then for a non-collateral loan. It will take around 10-12 working days to get the sanction acknowledgement and once student pays the pf then within 24 hours student will get the sanction letter.

Is i20 required for the loan process?

No, i20 is not required to start the loan process in the private banks and NBFC’s. The nationalized banks may require i20 depending on universities.

How we can share documents to you?

You just have to share the soft copies of required documents, no hard copies required.

What is the best time to start the process?

As some private banks and NBFC’s are providing you the provision of pre admits so you can start the process as soon as you are done with your IELTS/ GRE / GMAT exams.

What will be the roll you (Advisor) will play?

Will share all of the information regarding the loan procedure.

  • According to students profile will help them to connect with best banks suitable with their profile.
  • Provide full assistance till the students gets the disbursement.
  • Will help them to negotiate for Rate of Interest & Processing fee.

What’s the benefits of taking this loan service from Manya?

First of all this is a free of cost service.

  • At one place you will be eligible to connect with Private Banks, NBFC, and Government Banks .
  • Don‘t Have to step out of your house for gathering the information and seeking for assistance from the banks. It’s an online procedure.

When will EMI start/ moratorium?

After completion of study + grace period.

Without any offer how we can start the loan applications?

As we have a good relations with banks due to this reason they allow us to check
student’s eligibility on the basis of IELTS & GRE (FOR MASTERS PROGRAMME).