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Are you planning to pursue a study abroad program? Ireland can be the ideal place for you to explore! Ireland provides international students with an unique and enriching experience because of its rich cultural legacy, first-rate educational system, and breathtaking scenery. We’ll cover all you need to know about studying in Ireland in our extensive guide.

Ireland’s Top Universities  

There are a ton of options available to you while  opting for a university in Ireland. The following are some of the best universities that are well- known for their  benefactions to  exploration and academic brilliance.

Best universities in Ireland 
Irish rank  Global rank  University 
81  Trinity College Dublin 
171  University College Dublin 
289  University of Galway 
292  University College Cork 
426  University of Limerick 
436  Dublin City University 
801-850  Maynooth University 
851-900  Technological University of Dublin 

Scholarships Available to Indian Students for Studying in Ireland

Several scholarships are available for Indian  scholars who want to study in Ireland. Some scholarships available are 

  • Scholarships offered by the Irish government scholars wishing to graduate from Ireland but  living in China, India, the United States, or Brazil may apply for Irish government scholarships. Since only 60  scholars will be chosen for the full academic time and this  entitlement is only available for one year. 
  • Additionally, the Irish Government offers scholarships through The Walsh Fellowship.
  • International Students’ Irish Scholarship Program.
  • Sponsored by the Higher Education Authority (HEA), the Government of Ireland offers international education scholarships.
  • The Postgraduate Scholarship Program of the Irish Government.
  • Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences Scholarships (IRCHSS).
  • scholarships awarded by Fulbright.
  • scholarships awarded by Erasmus.

For Indian  scholars who wish to study in Ireland, these are only some of the numerous scholarships that are offered. It’s a good idea to look into and submit applications for as many scholarships as you can to  enhance your chances of being awarded  fiscal aid for your studies. 

Admission Process

The admissions process in Ireland is different for each university. They all adhere to the same  fundamental procedure though, which is stated below 

  • Choose the study degree you want to enroll in, a bachelorette’s or master’s degree, and whether you’re an EU applicant or non-EU applicant. 
  •  Select the course you want to take.
  •  Make a list of the types of institutions that offer your course and compare and differ them.
  • Apply for the courses you want to take on the university website and submit all  needed paperwork. 
  • Understand all of the associated  expenditures and any scholarships offered for the course.
  • Once you’ve been approved, apply for the right student visa based on your course of study. 

Admission Requirements

While admission standards at Irish colleges could differ, certain prerequisites always need to be met: 

For Bachelor’s Degrees 

Strong performance in high school. 

-Examination  Results from the IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL English proficiency tests.

– Excellent grades should be verified subject-wise SOP for specific programs. 

-Submit your SAT or ACT results( for US applicants only).

For Master’s Degrees 

Transcripts for bachelor’s degrees

-2.1 honors degree from Irish or equivalent universities

-Certificate of Grading


-Results from the PTE, IELTS, or TOEFL English proficiency tests

-Letter of recommendation


For Doctorate Degree

-A copy of your honors degree or higher diploma

-All transcripts of study (masters and bachelors)

-Results of the PTE, IELTS, or TOEFL English proficiency tests References


-Previous work experience  in the selected field

Tuition fees in Ireland

The cost of tuition varies among Irish universities according to your nationality, degree program, and academic field.

-EU/EEA students

  • For Bachelor’s degrees, EU/EEA students pay no tuition(free) at all.
  • For Master’s degrees, 3,000–30,000 EUR annually

Non-EU/EEA students

  • 9,850–55,000 EUR annually for undergraduate degrees
  • 9,950–35,000 EUR annually for master’s degree programs

Private universities charge the highest tuition; it’s possible that these schools do not differentiate between students who are EU/EEA nationals and those who are not.

Cost of Living

When studying in Ireland, it’s important to factor in living expenditures in addition to education. position, lodging, and  life preferences are only a many examples of the variables that might affect the cost of living 

Most Irish towns should allow you to live on between 500 and 1,000 EUR a month, depending on your spending patterns and budget. Spending 1,500–1,800 EUR a month is usual in larger cities like Dublin.

An overview of typical living expenses is provided below:

  • Accommodation costs per month (private rentals vs. dorms): 200–300 vs. 400–900 EUR
  • Monthly utilities: 90–120 EUR
  • Monthly food or grocery costs: 250–350 euros
  • Monthly transportation pass: 120 euros
  • Study guides and books: 75 euros a month
  • Social engagements: 60–100 EUR each month 

Student Life

After getting admission and traveling to Ireland, it’s time to completely enjoy your time as a student.

  • Stay Involved

    Join groups, societies, and clubs for  scholars to interact with other  scholars, form  fellowship, and develop interests outside of the classroom. 

  • Discover the Culture

    Get completely immersed in Irish culture by attending carnivals, dance performances, music events, and other time- round cultural activities. 

  • Openings for Part- Time Employment

    If you are an international student, you might be  suitable to work a part- time job while you are in college. Examine visa conditions and look into on- and off- campus employment options.   

  • Remain Active and Healthy

    To maintain a healthy  life, make sure you consume a balanced diet, do regular exercise, and take care of your  internal health. The majority of colleges  give their  scholars fitness programs and sports facilities.

Why Study in Ireland

Ireland is an infectious study abroad option for a number of strong reasons 

  • Outstanding universities

    Ireland is connected to a number of renowned colleges that are regularly listed among the best in the world and  give a broad range of programs in numerous.

  • Academic fields

    Academic Excellence Irish institutions are well- known for their prestigious faculty members, state- of- the- art  exploration  installations, and high academic  norms.

  • English- speaking atmosphere

    International  scholars find it easier to acclimate and perform well in their studies because English is the major language of education.

  • Cultural richness

    An engaging and enriching experience is guaranteed both outside and beyond the classroom thanks to Ireland’s rich artistic  heritage, thriving arts scene, and welcoming people. 

  • Europe’s gateway

    Ireland’s  position at the crossroads of nations makes it an accessible starting point for  trip and adventure.

Ireland’s Top Universities   There are a ton of options available to you while  opting  a university in Ireland. The following are some of the best universities that are well- known for their  benefactions to  exploration and academic brilliance.

How to Apply to Study in Ireland

When to Apply to Study in Ireland

Student Visa for Ireland

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