The Test of English as a Foreign Language or TOEFL as it is better known, is a standardized English proficiency test to measure the English capabilities of a non-native speaker of English.
The TOEFL scores are accepted by a suite of universities around the world and is also a medium for screening job seekers and immigrations applicants to English speaking destinations the world over.
The TOEFL exam is structured and designed to test the proficiency of an applicant in the four skills of the English language – Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. If you’re considering study abroad, TOEFL is often a requirement.


  • Individual skills are scored between 0 to 30.
  • The total score will be between 0 to 120 for the entire test, which is the TOEFL exam total marks.
  • Scores are valid for a two year period and can be retaken as many time for improvement subject that the test is not retaken more than once in a three day duration.
  • Official test scores are ready within a six day duration.
  • Online score card can be downloaded within 8 days after the test.
  • A physical score copy will be sent via mailer within 11 days of taking the test. This is optional if selected when registering for the test.

Test Score Range

Reading Skill Speaking Skill Listening Skill Writing Skill
Level Total Score Range Level Total Score Range Level Total Score Range Level Total Score Range
High 22-30 Good 26-30 High 22-30 Good 24-30
Intermediate 15-21 Fair 18-25 Intermediate 14-21 Fair 17-23
Low 0-14 Limited 10-17 Low 0-13 Limited 1-16
weak 0-9 Score of zero 0

The TOEFL test has three Variants

1. PBT – Paper based test – The TOEFL paper based test is taken by students where the possibility of taken a computer based test is limited or not available. A very small percentage of people opt for the Paper based test.
2. CBT- Computer based test – The TOEFL computer based test was the upgraded version of the TOEFL test from the paper based system. This was replaced by the latest version the TOEFL IBT and is no longer valid.
3. IBT – Internet based test. – The TOEFL internet basted test is the latest version of the TOEFL test and has completely replaced the computer based test in 2005.

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Our Top TOEFL Achievers

  • 118
  • Ashlesha Gogate
  • Bengaluru | JNR192007E0047
  • 116
  • Shreyas S
  • Bengaluru | JNR192006E0124
  • 116
  • Ajay K
  • Bengaluru | JNR171808E0199
  • 113
  • Anandi Batabyal
  • Kolkata | SBR181901E0059

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How can I prepare for the TOEFL test?

By practicing more and more one can achieve a perfect score. There are numerous practice tests provided by different institutions available online. Apart from this, with the official practice test, candidates gain the experience of taking the real test. With this, the candidates can review and answer questions and also obtain the scores within 24 hours.

How many questions are there on the TOEFL test?

Reading – 30 to 40 Questions/ Listening – 28 to 39 Questions/ Speaking – 4 Tasks/ Writing- 2 Tasks . The number of test questions and the amount of time needed to take the TOEFL test may vary from one test administration to another. Reading and listening sections might contain extra questions that are unscored.

What are the late fee charges for TOEFL?

Registration for the TOEFL exam closes 7 days prior to the test date. The candidate has to pay a late fee of US $40 if they fail to register before this deadline. Late registration is closed 2 days prior to the test date.

What is the eligibility criteria for TOEFL 2020?

According to the ETS, the conducting body of TOEFL, as it is an English language proficiency test, so, there will not be any specific eligibility criteria for giving the TOEFL exam. Anyone who wishes to work or study abroad can give this exam in order to prove his/her English language proficiency for getting admissions in the universities or organizations based in English speaking countries. Apart from this, there is also no set age limit for giving the TOEFL exam, generally, those who have completed their high school or equivalent can give this exam.

What will I need to be admitted to the TOEFL test center?

To be admitted to the test center, you will need an admission ticket or official authorization, your official identification document, and a completed photo file record with a recent photo of yourself attached.

When will my TOEFL test scores be mailed? Can I receive them early?

Official score reports will be sent to your designated recipients within 11 days after you take the test. You may view your scores online or via the TOEFL official app, approximately 6 days after you take the test.

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