Scholarships in Switzerland

Switzerland is home to some of the world’s best universities, which you should know about. You don’t want to miss out on the chance to study at some of the world’s most famous colleges while also taking in the natural beauty that Switzerland has to offer, such as the alpine highlands. Students may be able to acquire new languages as a result of the language diversity, which is never a bad thing while pursuing their desired course.

While maintaining a strong position in the global ranking table, Swiss universities are also quite international in their student and academic populations. Scholarships are the golden ticket for students who want to study abroad but can’t pay their preferred university tuition expenses. Scholarships are one of the most effective and convenient ways to relieve financial stress on students and their families, but they come at a cost, and that cost is in the form of a flawless application that includes all of your academic accomplishments and background, as well as a well-written essay.

Studying In Switzerland with a scholarship is a dream and in order to achieve this dream, you should be fully aware of the options. Here are some of the types of scholarships available in Switzerland.


Government Scholarships

The Swiss government provides scholarships to international students from a variety of nations through the Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS). The Swiss Confederation annually gives Government Excellence Scholarships to worldwide postgraduate researchers in any field. This is done in order to encourage international interchange and scientific collaboration between Switzerland and other countries.

Scholarship Value: The scholarship includes a monthly stipend, tuition fee waiver, health insurance, travel/airfare expenses, and a housing allowance.

Eligibility: The research fellowship is open to persons with at least a Master’s degree who wants to come to Switzerland to pursue doctorate or post-doctoral research or studies.


Non Government Scholarships

Many Universities in Switzerland offer scholarships to international students. Some of the university scholarships are:

ETH Zurich Excellence Master’s Scholarship

ETH Zurich offers two scholarship programs to outstanding students from the ETH and other universities (national and international) who wish to pursue a Master’s degree at ETH: the Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme (ESOP), which covers all study and living costs, and the Master Scholarship Programme (MSP), which provides a partial stipend and an assistantship offer.


University of Lausanne Master’s Grant for Foreign Students

The UNIL Master’s Grants are offered by the University of Lausanne in Switzerland to overseas students who intend to pursue a Master’s Degree at the university. The grant amount is CHF 1,600.- per month from September to July.


EPFL Excellence Fellowships for Masters Students

The Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) offers a limited number of Master’s level fellowships to students who have excelled academically. Anyone interested in pursuing a Master’s degree at EPFL is eligible. External applicants will get a financial package of CHF 16,000 per academic year, as well as a room reservation in a student residence.


University Of Bern

International students can also apply for scholarships at the University of Bern. UNIBE awards scholarships to outstanding students through the Swiss Study Foundation. At the same time, it offers scholarships to female Masters and doctorate students from the Global South through The Spark of Hope Foundation.

Scholarship Worth: There are partial and full scholarships available.

Eligibility: Applicants must be female graduates from developing countries or be enrolled at the University of Bern.


Graduate Institute Geneva Scholarships

The Institute spends a significant amount of money on financial aid in order to attract bright students from all over the world, regardless of their country of origin or financial means. While most universities just provide tuition reductions, the Institute additionally offers a substantial number of CHF 20,000 scholarships. Financial aid may be in the form of a full scholarship worth CHF 20,000; a partial scholarship worth CHF 10,000; or a combination of both. A merit scholarship is one that is awarded on the basis of academic excellence and may be linked to a paid teaching assistantship or a need-based tuition reduction. In all situations, a CHF 1,000 annual tuition fee is charged.


University of Geneva Excellence Master Fellowships

The University of Geneva Faculty of Science has established an Excellence Fellowship Program in partnership with numerous sponsors to support outstanding and highly motivated individuals who wish to pursue a Master of Science in any of the Faculty’s areas. The Excellence Fellowship is a one-year grant ranging from CHF 10,000 to CHF 15,000 in value.


University of Zurich Scholarships for PhD Candidates

They provide scholarships to Master’s degree holders from all around the world, which are awarded based on academic merit. Continued assistance is applicable on satisfactory completion of course work, and the scholarship can last up to four years. The UBS Center Scholarships are full scholarships that cover living expenses as well as all fees. Candidates with excellent academic records are eligible.


Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law And Human Rights Scholarships

For its LLM in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights and Master of Advanced Studies in Transitional Justice, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law programs, the Geneva Academy offers partial and full scholarships (M TJ). For ten months, full scholarships cover tuition and living expenses in Geneva. Tuition fees are covered in part through partial scholarships.

So these are some of the scholarships for international students that are available in Switzerland that can help your dream of studying in Switzerland come true.

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