Scholarships for International Students in Japan

If Studying in Japan is your goal but the fear of financial burden is stopping you then you should not worry. On this page, you will get every detail you need to know for applying for scholarships to study in Japan.

Following is the list of the skills a candidate must possess for applying for scholarships:

  • Extremely strong academic background along with excellent test scores
  • Relevant Leadership skills
  • Soft skills like good communication skills, teamwork, time management skillset
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Strong writing skills through which you could communicate your strengths
  • Participation in volunteering work and community work
  • Strong and excellent Letters of recommendations

A candidate who wants scholarships must know that your personal statements will play a major role in getting you the grant. Your personal statement must portray your strong personality, goals, and strengths to the admission committee.

Types of Scholarships available in Japan for international students:

  • Japanese government scholarships
  • Local government and private organizations scholarships
  • On campus scholarships
  • Reservation program scholarships for Monbukagakusho Honors

Most Prestigious Scholarships for International students in Japan

MEXT Scholarships

  • Scholarships amount- Full tuition Fees, accommodation, and allowances
  • Eligibility- UG, MS, PhD

MEXT is a Japanese scholarship that is fully funded. It is offered by Japan’s Ministry of Education, sports, culture, science, and technology. The aim of the scholarships is to support international students who are struggling financially. The application process of the scholarship is specifically in April each year.

Japan Educational Exchange and Services Scholarships

  • Scholarship amount- Tuition fee
  • Eligibility- UG, MS, PhD

Japan Educational Exchange and Service offer a wide range of scholarships in Japan for international students. It is based on the country of origin. This scholarship is granted in collaboration with other private bodies that are willing to support students.

Waseda University Japanese Government Scholarships

  • Scholarship amount- tuition fees and accommodation
  • Eligible degree- masters and PhD

The scholarship offers international students who want to pursue a graduate degree program to utilize the opportunity of the scholarship.

Japan Foundation of UNU

  • Scholarship amount- Tuition fees amount
  • Eligible degree- PhD

If you are looking forward to purse a doctoral degree in sustainability science in Japan then the Japan Foundation of UNU is the best scholarship for you. Your tuition fees will be covered fully under this scholarship. If you’re selected for this grant then you will get an opportunity to receive a monthly allowance of about 145,000 USD. However, this grant will be valid for 36 months of the course duration. The scholarship is given to international students who belong to a developing country.

KUAS Undergrad Scholarship

  • Scholarship amount- Partial or Full tuition free
  • Eligible Degree- Bachelor’s

The candidates who are selected for this grant can be exempted from paying admission fees and tuition fees. They will also receive 110,000USD yearly.

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