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Course Overview

Bachelor’s degree programs provide students with the essential practical skills and theoretical knowledge needed for employment or further education in a certain subject. Bachelor’s degrees in South Korea are typically three to four years long and are offered by hundreds of authorized public and private colleges and academic institutions. Bachelor programs in every major academic area are available in South Korea and are offered in major cities such as Daejeon and Seoul.

The College Scholastic Ability Test, which is divided into five sections: Korean Language, Math, English, elective subjects in Social or Natural Sciences, and Foreign Languages, is a primary focus area leading up to Bachelor study in South Korea. In South Korea, high marks on college entrance exams are essential for admittance to Bachelor’s programs, and the examination necessitates extensive study, prompting some parents to start their children’s preparation as early as kindergarten.


Eligibility Criteria for UG Program in South Korea:

For consideration of admission in South Korea, you will need to prepare the following general documents.

  • The results of standardised college entrance tests like the Digital SAT, ACT, and IB, as well as others with score reporting services, must be sent directly from the testing organisation. Scanned copies of all additional supplemental items will suffice.
  • Language Criteria: Make sure you meet the minimal language competency requirements for the language of instruction for your intended program.

TOEFL iBT 80, IELTS 6.0 or higher, TEPS 551, New TEPS 300 -Korean Proficiency: TOPIK level 3 or higher
– English Proficiency: TOEFL iBT 80, IELTS 6.0 or higher, TEPS 551, New TEPS 300
– Other formal documentation demonstrating English or Korean language proficiency.


Intakes & Application Deadlines in South Korea

March application dates are usually set between September and November, while September entry application deadlines are usually set between May and June. In South Korea, most universities have only two terms with a summer break from July to August and a winter break from December to February.


UG Course Duration in South Korea

Undergraduate studies in South Korea are divided into two categories: associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree.

  • Associate’s Degree – Junior colleges and industrial universities provide a variety of vocationally oriented studies in 2-year programs. The majority of the programs are two years long and require at least 80 credits, while three-year programs require at least 120 credits.
  • Bachelor’s Degree – The Korean bachelor’s degree program is offered by South Korean institutions and colleges. It usually lasts four years, however, a professional degree can last five to six years.

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Tuition Fees

A public university undergraduate course costs roughly $4,350 per semester (with humanities subjects at the lower end and medicine at the top). Fees at a private institution in South Korea are projected to be around $5,800 per semester.

Work while studying:

To work part-time in Korea, overseas students on a student visa must apply to the immigration agency for permission to engage in specified extracurricular activities. It is not possible to apply for it until after 6 months of study in a language course. It is required to obtain official authorisation from your school in order to apply for a work permit.

Important documents required for application: 

Aside from the results of the entrance exam, the following documents must be submitted:

  1. University application form
  2. Financial support documents including bank certificate, a guarantee of finance
  3. Academic support documents
  • Statement of purpose
  • Official high school (highest level of education) diploma (translated and notarized)
  • Official high school (highest level of education) transcript (translated and notarized)
  • Original document for proof of language proficiency (English / Korean)

4. Identification support document: passport copy, household registry certificate

Student Visa:

A student visa (D-2) can be obtained in the applicant’s home country through a Korean embassy or consulate. The Certificate of Admission (CoA), which will be provided by Korea University’s International Education Team, is required for the application for a student visa (D-2).


Why choose South Korea for UG?

1. Affordable Tuition Fee

South Korea is unique in that it does not distinguish between local and international pupils. The fees are the same for both groups. These prices aren’t even that costly when compared to what you’d spend in the United States, Canada, or Australia.

2. Numerous Scholarships Available

International students can apply for scholarships at many South Korean universities. Each scholarship has its own set of conditions, however many of these awards are based on your previous GPA or academic record.

3. Excellent Education System

South Korea is home to some of the world’s greatest universities, both in Asia and globally. Its universities are frequently considered among the best in the world, and South Korean students consistently rank among the top three in the PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) survey results.

4. Leader in the Field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Few countries can equal the outstanding success and contribution of significant South Korean corporations like Samsung, LG, and SK Hynix when it comes to ICT. Thanks to Hyundai and Kia, it is also a major player in the automobile sector.
South Korean culture and history

Few countries can equal the outstanding success and contribution of significant South Korean corporations like Samsung, LG, and SK Hynix when it comes to ICT. Thanks to Hyundai and Kia, it is also a major player in the automobile sector.


Popular Fields to Study in South Korea

BS in Accounting:

Students with an accounting degree are prepared for positions in both the commercial and public sectors. Accounting majors are expected to develop accountants who can both generate and apply financial data to solve company challenges.

Bachelor of Nursing:

The Department of Nursing strives to develop professional nurses who can help individuals maintain optimal health and aid in illness prevention, recovery, and rehabilitation by assisting patients in interacting with their environment.

Bachelor in Philosophy:

The goal is to cultivate logical thinking and subjective awareness through the application of philosophy based on a comprehensive understanding and dedication to the peaceful values that mankind and the globe share.

Archaeology and Art History Major:

The Archaeology and Art History major combines archaeology and art history research and education. The study of ancient human culture and its traces is known as archaeology. It includes inquiry and investigation of human traces in the past via historic remains or relics, and it works in tandem with history.

Bachelor of Computer Science:

Computer science is the study of computer systems, including computer architecture, software development, data processing, computer applications, algorithmic problem solving, and the discipline’s mathematical basis.

Bachelor of Business Administration:

A one-of-a-kind business course that allows students to expand their academic and practical skills through a field-based education method. In this quickly changing market, UIBP cultivates emerging business leaders, with a focus on Asia.

BS in Finance:

The Finance degree (FNAN) prepares students for professional jobs by offering a firm foundation in the fundamentals required to make organizational running decisions as well as financial market analyses.

BA in Global Affairs:

Global Affairs is an interdisciplinary major that teaches students about the globalization processes that have an impact on all societies. Students develop a nuanced grasp of difficult themes like terrorism, refugee crises, global inequalities, and health and environmental issues.

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