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Every GRE test-taker dreams of a great score and that is quite attainable by means of thorough and consistent preparation. In the case of most computer-based tests, the test-taker is advised to practice on simulated mock tests which will not only have the relevant questions but also give an actual feel of the test. However, there is a slight difference when it comes to a GRE test taker.

The GRE test taker can warm up on the question types by using the printed test-prep materials, reference books and guides. It is important to get a hang of the question types as there are different types of questions at different levels of difficulty, which are quite unfamiliar to several test takers. When you know the questions types as well as answering strategies, you can confidently take on the simulative practice tests on the computer.

We, at Manya-The Princeton Review understand the test-prep requirement for a GRE test taker and hence provide all-inclusive support. With our unmatched support, you will gain access to relevant preparation material, both printed and online (web-based). The reference material includes:


Printed GRE Study Material by Manya-The Princeton Review

1. The Princeton Review Manual for the GRE version 8.0

Published by The Princeton Review

  • A complete book on GRE topics that introduces you to the systematic approach and increasing difficulty levels
  • Comprises eight lessons each for Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning topics at gradually increasing difficulty levels
  • At the end of the course, you can also test your level of preparation with the workshop sections, one each for the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning


2. Supplement to the GRE Manual version 6.0

Published by The Princeton Review

  • An additional practice book consisting of 750+ questions that perfectly supplement the concepts learned manually by focusing on the question types.
  • Contains individual exercise drills for a single question type as well as mixed drills comprising all question types in both Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections.


Online/Web-Based Material by Manya-The Princeton Review

1. Manya GRE WordsApp

  • Manya’s GRE WordsApp is a simple and efficient app to learn the GRE vocabulary. It helps you memorize the GRE words easily. Improve your GRE vocabulary in bite sized pieces using this app. It has 1300+ highly tested GRE words in three categories and each category is further broken down to levels for easy learning. Each word has crystal-clear meaning in simple language, pictorial representation of words, synonyms, antonyms and much more. In addition, quizzes & rewards make mastering even the toughest GRE vocabulary, simple.A command vocabulary is indispensable if a student wants to do well in the GRE Verbal section. If you are preparing for the GRE but not confident about the GRE vocabulary then Manya GRE WordsApp is the ideal and best suited app for you.

Key Highlights of GRE WordsApp

    • 1300+ words frequently tested on the GRE
    • 1800+ questions to master words
    • 7 types of review questions
    • Words categorised as Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
    • Learn in bite sized pieces with multiple levels
    • Visual representation of the word
    • Meanings in simple language
    • Multiple attributes for each word serves as mnemonics
    • Revision assessments for retention
    • Bookmark words for revision
    • Analytics on your dashboard
    • Attractive and Interactive App that motivates your learning


2. The Princeton Review GRE Dashboard

  • The dashboard is the online prep material provided by Manya-The Princeton Review, which includes tests that simulate the actual test environment and questions. It encompasses the following:
    • 180+ hours of online resources
    • 24 hours of strategy videos covering all content and test-taking strategies
    • 8 full-length section adaptive practice tests which simulate the actual test
    • 470+ drills across three difficulty levels, the objective being to begin with simplest and progress to higher difficulty level questions
    • 3500+ practice questions
    • Interactive score reports for focused test review to identify strong areas and weak areas which will help you design and chart out your study plan for an assiduous preparation. It also comes with answers and explanations for each question.
  • Uses DrillSmart technology which enables calibration of the student drills as the difficulty levels of the questions changes as per the performance

Additional Resources

Besides the prep materials provided by us, you may also use the materials offered by ETS, such as:

  • They are free online


3. GRE Power prep online tests

tests and will help you:

    • understand what is being tested
    • become familiar with the question types
    • learn to use the testing tools like the on-screen calculator
    • obtain a hang of taking the test under timed and untimed conditions
    • develop a thorough understanding of the scoring process


4. Power Plus Online Tests:

  • This comprises
    • Two official paid practice tests
    • Boasts of maiden appearance of real test questions in practice tests
    • Simulates actual test experience with timing
    • At the end of the test you will get the scores with correct answers and their explanations
    • You also get a final score report containing a performance summary


5. Power Test Preview Tool

  • A mini GRE Test that gets you familiar with the GRE features like the question types, the use and usage of the ‘Mark’ and ‘Review’ buttons, and the online calculator
  • Consists of one Quant and one Verbal sections with fewer than 20 questions


6. Practice Book GRE PB Revised General Test.pdf

  • A free practice booklet for the paper-based test which gives you the complete guide of the test structure

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Manya GRE Preparation Programs

GRE Classroom Training

It is batch program that will solve the preparation problems of students from both the Engineering background, non-engineering background.It begins with foundation to fortify the basics and progressively moves towards strategies & practice to help you get the highest GRE scores

GRE Quant Private Tutoring

Personalized 1 on 1 program that contains every critical element to improve your areas of focus and boost your strengths. Customized study plans, personalized reviews, and undivided trainer attention in the most personalized form for Guaranteed Score improvement.

GRE Verbal Private Tutoring

Personalized 1 on 1 program that contains every critical element to improve your areas of focus and boost your strengths. Customized study plans, personalized reviews, and undivided trainer attention in the most personalized form for Guaranteed Score improvement.

GRE Blend – Self Paced with Teacher Access

A self-prep program for the self-starters that gives dual advantage of the highly advanced Princeton Review Student Portal with intensive practice resources and videos to master the unique high scoring test taking strategies, and the exclusive 8 hours of 1 on 1 doubt clearing sessions with the GRE Experts.

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How do I prepare for the GRE?

You can start the preparation for the GRE with a diagnostic test. This will give you a focus on where you currently stand and what the test is about. Set a target score based on your requirements. Join a prep course- either online or offline or use standardized books to prepare for the test. Learn the concepts and techniques to handle the questions on the GRE. Learn new words everyday to improve your vocabulary. Take regular tests and review them for mistakes.

How long should I study for the GRE?

How long should one prepare for the GRE depends on many factors- where do you currently stand and what is your score expectations. Practically one may need two or three months of intensive preparation should work. You need to take regular tests to gauge your preparation. A study plan should help you manage time effectively.

What are the best GRE books to prepare?

To score good marks on the GRE you must rely on standardized materials. This includes the ETS materials such as the Official Guide to the GRE General Test and the Princeton Review materials such as The Princeton Review’s GRE Premium Prep, 2021, The Princeton Review’s 1,027 GRE Practice Questions, 5th Edition, and Cracking the GRE. If you enroll for a GRE class with Manya- TPR, you will receive a manual and other practice materials.

Where can we find the best GRE books?

A good GRE book should have the following: in-depth content, quality questions, and clear explanations. The preparation should include the Official Guide for the GRE General Test. This should be supplemented by standardized prep materials from a renowned test prep company such as the Princeton Review. These books could be purchased either from shops or online. Kindle versions of some of the books are available too.

When will I receive my course materials?

Once you enrol to our GRE course, you can get the materials in person from the centre or our team will send the materials through courier and generally you will get the materials in 5 to 7 days. In a demanding situation, students get access to our eBooks to ensure seamless delivery of classes.

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