SAT Exam Dates 2024

The SAT exam is a standardized exam used as an entry-level test for students aspiring to get admitted into undergraduate courses abroad, especially in the US. It is also accepted by universities across the globe in the UK, Canada, Singapore, India, and so on. The SAT analyzes the verbal and mathematical reasoning skills of the candidates.


Why Should You Take the SAT Exam?

If you’re not convinced by the decision to give the SAT test, below listed are several reasons which explain the importance of undertaking a SAT examination, especially for those considering study abroad:

  • It helps enhance your Reading and Writing Skills.
  • It strengthens your mathematical foundations.
  • Good SAT scores can help you get amazing scholarships/endowments
  • It helps you apply to some of the programs in Indian Universities.
  • It is well-organized and easier to improve and get results, unlike the Indian entrance examinations.
  • A good SAT score helps you get a competitive edge over other applicants.
  • Giving the SAT will improve your ability to apply your knowledge and learning in real-world problem-solving and helps you test your college readiness.


SAT Exam International Test Dates for 2024

Unlike its predecessor, the traditional pencil and paper, which was conducted only five times a year in India, the new SAT is now available seven times a year in India.

So, which SAT test dates will work best for you and your schedule? What essential factors should you consider before creating a SAT study schedule?

Selecting the SAT test date can help you plan your prep and get your college applications in gear. Upcoming SAT exam dates in 2024 for international students, along with the registration deadlines for each test date are listed below.


SAT Exam Schedule For 2024

SAT Test Date Deadline for Registration

Changes, and Regular Cancellation

Mar 9, 2024 Feb 24, 2024
May 4, 2024 Apr 19, 2024
June 1, 2024 May 16, 2024

For up-to-date status on the test dates and available testing centers, please visit the official College Board website.

The dates listed above are for the international student registration deadline, which applies to candidates taking the test in countries other than the United States and U.S. territories.

On the indicated dates, the deadlines for the various tasks are 11:59 p.m.
It is not possible to register for the SATs beyond the deadline. As a result, candidates must successfully complete the registration process before the deadline.

Candidates who apply through an international representative must complete the paper registration and pay the registration fee by the registration deadline.


Important Factors to Consider While Choosing the SAT Date

College Deadlines

In the United States, several deadlines fall on January 1 for ordinary decisions and November 1 or 15 for early decisions.

Just one day before the online score release or three to five weeks following the exam, the College Board submits SAT scores to schools for your four free score reports.


Retaking the SAT

  • In the fall of your junior year, you can take the SAT.
  • In the spring of your junior year, you can take the SAT for a second time.
  • Finally, in the late summer/early fall of your senior year, take the SAT one last time.

Remember, especially in the fall of your senior year, do not register for back-to-back SAT dates. Taking too many SATs leaves you with little time to study, and it won’t help you improve your score on the following test.


Time to Dedicate to the SAT Exam

Set aside a considerable amount of time to study. The number of hours you spend studying is determined by how many points you want to increase your SAT score. I’ve listed the expected number of study hours needed to enhance your SAT score by the following total points:

  • 10 hours for a 0-30 point improvement
  • Improvement of 30 to 70 points in 20 hours
  • Improvement of 70-130 points in 40 hours
  • Improvement of 130-200 points: 80 hours
  • Improvement of 200-330 points: 150 hours SAT

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Tips For Getting the Most Out of SAT Practice Tests

Take SAT Mock Tests

The best way to prepare for the SAT is to go through multiple tests as it helps you to learn how to deal with the pressure of tough questions beforehand so that you don’t feel the pressure in the exam.


Time Yourself

On the practice tests, it is critical to practice time management. So, stick to the time limit. Learn to use the testing timer effectively instead of getting intimidated by the clock ticking away!


Show Discipline

It’s like running a marathon for two hours and fifteen minutes straight on a Sunday morning. Many candidates are unable to maintain constant concentration. Practicing in one sitting may help you concentrate for extended periods of time.


Score Yourself

If you don’t make use of your practice, it’s just that: practice. Find out what’s causing the mistakes and where they’re coming from. And make the necessary corrections after completing your SAT Sample paper.


Quick Tips for Selecting the Best SAT Exam Date

Keep in mind the dates for your college applications and scholarship applications.

  • How many times do you want to take the SAT?
  • How many hours a week are you willing to devote to studying?

If you are time-bound or have any engagements or duties that may prevent you from taking the SAT on a given date, let us know.


How to Book Slots for the SAT Exam?

To seamlessly register for the SAT exam, the following pointers should be noted by candidates:

  • Registration for the class of 2024 will be done online through the College Board’s official website. It’s also possible to do it by email.
  • Keep checking the SAT registration deadlines and complete the registration process as soon as possible.
  • For identification purposes, you must provide accurate personal information and photographs.


How Can You Register for the SAT?

The SAT registration window for 2024 is open in February and March. Indian students might benefit from the SAT exam date 2024 mentioned above. Below listed are the steps to sign up for the SAT exam in 2024:

  • Visit the College Board’s official website
  • Create an account
  • Fill in all the necessary information
  • Upload your latest photograph
  • Make a choice whether or not you wish to sign up for the college Board student search service
  • Once you have entered all the necessary information, you will be prompted to pay the exam registration fee of $104 [INR 7,700*]. The Regional Fee is included.
  • Take a printout of the admission card that will be needed on exam day after the application fee has been successfully processed.


Register Online

  1. Visit the College Board website
  2. Create an account
  3. Fill in the required information
  4. Choose the exam you want to take and the testing center that is most convenient for you
  5. Upload a good-quality photo
  6. Pay the application fee to complete your registration


Register via Mail

  1. The first prerequisite is the Student Registration Guide for the SAT and
  2. SAT Subject Tests, which are available at schools
  3. The handbook comes with a registration form and a return envelope
  4. The form must be submitted with a demand draft

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SAT Exam Fee

  • The SAT exam fee is $60 plus a non-US charge.
  • The regional exam fees (for non-US residents) are $43 and must be paid separately. An Indian student must therefore pay a total of $113 to take the SAT.


Important Information

If you register late, reschedule your test center, or cancel your test date then you may have to pay additional fees. Find out how to make changes to your registration. If you aren’t taking the SAT for one of its main objectives, your enrollment options will be limited.

  • To change the test center, you need to pay $25.
  • To cancel your registration, you need to pay $25. (The benefits of any test fee waiver will be returned to you.)
  • To change the test date, you must cancel and register for a new test.
  • For registering after the regular deadline but before the late registration deadline, you need to pay $30. (Free with Test Fee Waivers)
  • In the United States, the SAT registration deadline is at 11:59 p.m. ET.
  • If you’re registering through an international representative, you’ll need to pay as soon as possible after submitting your application form.


How to Prepare for the SAT Exam?

Some of the most effective approaches to preparing for the SAT are listed below. You can look at this:

  • Learn about the SAT’s format
  • Master mental math
  • Try out mixed practice tests after reading the notification
  • Quickly review during your breaks
  • Reading through sections of a SAT study guide
  • Practicing your exam vocabulary
  • Consult with friends and family who have passed the SAT for advice
  • Improve your weak areas
  • Avoid Mugs!
  • Check your grammar
  • Set a score objective


SAT Scholarships

The ‘College Board India Scholars Program’ is an SAT scholarship program for Indian students. Test takers with an SAT score of above 1300 and a family income below a certain level are eligible for a full SAT exam scholarship to study at some of India’s most prestigious colleges. To be eligible for the SAT exam scholarship, Indian students must meet the following criteria:

  • He or she must be enrolled in Class 11 or 12.
  • The candidate’s annual household income must be less than INR 8 lakhs.
  • Candidates must achieve an SAT score of 1300 or higher out of 1600.

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SAT Student Testimonials

About SAT Test

Our Top SAT Achievers

  • 1600
  • Rahoul Banerjee
  • Kolkata | SLK192006E0010
  • 1580
  • Pujita Sunder
  • Chennai | PRR0033
  • 1570
  • Pooja Desur
  • Bengaluru | WHT171811E0061
  • 1560
  • Bhavya Singh
  • Lucknow | LCK171810E0012

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What are SAT exam test dates?

SAT is administered multiple times a year. Here are the sat test dates for 2022 and expected test administrations for the 2022-23 academic year. 2022:

  • March 11, 2023
  • May 6, 2023
  • June 3, 2023

When to book SAT Test Dates?

It is generally suggested to choose the exam date 3 to 4 months prior to the application deadline to avoid any last minute dilemmas. Select a test date, and get the registration done as soon as you can as late registration results in an additional fee.

Can I Get an Alternate SAT Test Date?

It is possible to alter your SAT test date. Alternate SAT tests take place during the following week of any Saturday SAT Official Test. If you wish to alter your test date, it has to be informed atleast 10 days prior to the official SAT test date and the student cannot alter the test date. Collegeboard has strict regulations in place for altering the test date. The student has to inform his/her school and an email will be sent by the school to the Collegeboard for the alternative test date request. Most students prefer going for the next official SAT test date than looking for an alternate date for testing.

How do I cancel or postpone my SAT exam date?

To Postpone or cancel the SAT test you need to sign in to your Collegeboard account. To postpone or cancel the test the fee is $30 ,Currently the the rescheduling or cancellaton fee has been waived off. Cancellation/Postponement should be done no later than 5 days prior to exam

Can I change the date or location of my SAT test?

You can always change the date and location of your test , but there are fees associated with certain changes. To change the date or location of the SAT test , you should pay $30.

When is the Last Date to Register for Digital SAT Exam 2023?

The last date to register for the Digital SAT exam 2023 is Feb 24, 2023.

What is the result date to register for Digital SAT Exam 2023?

The result date for the  Digital SAT exam 2023 is 25 March 2023 (Anticipated).

What is the next exam date for the Digital SAT Exam 2023?

The next exam date for the SAT exam 2023 is Mar 11, 2023.

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