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You have a very good GMAT score and an excellent profile. But what if your MBA application is tepid? Your chances of making it to your dream business school will get marred as a result of your weak MBA application.


An MBA application is a bouquet of various documents that need to be carefully selected, tended and polished to reflect the fragrance of your individual personality and profile, motivation for b-management education. B-School Admissions Officers gauge your suitability based on the entire application packet you send them.


A good application with bad essays will lead to a reject, and an application with a low GMAT score or poor college marks can still get an admission offer if they are compensated with very well-written essays.


So let’s figure out the documents that make a part of your MBA application:


B-School Resume

  • A B-school Resume is the first document from an application packet that an Admissions Officer looks at? So you better make it prim & proper!
  • It is usually limited to only one page and provides a complete snapshot of your career and background in one look!
  • You must make it a point to highlight your significant responsibilities and achievements; quantifying your achievements will add more spark to your resume


B-School Essays

  • A B-School Admissions Officer does not get to meet you face to face during the application process. So how do you ensure that he understands your personality, profile & background in and out? The answer is via B-school essays
  • Almost all B-schools have their own specific essay questions – some of the routine essay questions ask for – short term & long term career goals, why an MBA and why now?, three best professional achievements, why a particular business school, etc.
  • Your essays need to make the cut in terms of the following:
    • Content – What you answer has to connect to the essay question
    • Structure – the flow should be smooth and logical – a beginning, the body, a conclusion
    • Tone – You should adopt a formal tone
    • Grammar – The essays should be absolutely devoid of grammatical errors
  • Give specific examples to each point mentioned e.g. if you write that you have strong leadership qualities, then prove that statement with one or two examples where these have displayed your leadership skills in a quantifiable way at your workplace or university.


Letters of Recommendation

  • So, the resume & essays that you submit are written by your own. However, the Admissions Officers also look for third party evaluation of your capabilities and aptitude for further study. They are able to evaluate the same via Letters of Recommendations (LORs)
  • Although it is assumed that an LOR will speak positively; the idea is to get an independent observer to validate what you have mentioned in your essay.
  • Most business schools require 2 to 3 LOR’s. Choose your recommenders carefully. It is advisable to get work-related recommendations for MBA
  • The most important point in selecting a recommender is that he or she should know you intimately and should have worked with you closely.


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Our expert Admissions Editors will assist you in writing essays, LoRs, and resumes that are sure to exhibit your skills and talents to the maximum. While we do not ghost-write your essays for you, we will edit, critique, re-structure, and re-work them until they are of a standard that can adequately and honestly represent your diversity, skill, and competence to the admissions committees at some of the world’s best business schools including MIT – Sloan, Wharton, Kellogg, LBS, ESADE, INSEAD, and more.

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