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Entry Requirements for Australian Universities

Almost graduating? Planning to take up undergraduate, master’s, or doctorate studies in Australia? Then, you should first know if you have what it takes to get admission to an Australian university.

Australia and its universities are perfectly positioned among the top choices for students who are contemplating higher education overseas. This is not a surprise given its top-class education system and globally acknowledged degrees. So, when the standard of education is high, getting an admission in one of those universities would be no cakewalk. Let us run you through some of the basic entry requirements to the universities in the island continent.

On the whole, the universities stipulate academic requirements and English language requirements. Needless to say, the English language requirements are laid down especially for non-native speakers because, not only are all courses taught in English in Australian universities, but all sundry communication also happens in English. Furthermore, there are other requirements such as the health insurance cover and visa requirements.

University-specific requirements, both academic and English language proficiency, vary from one university to another. However, below are the general qualifications that are generally required by most universities in Australia.



To gain entry to Australian universities, you will need the following basic academic qualifications:

  • Undergraduate courses: an equivalent of the ‘Year 12’ or the Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education
  • Postgraduate courses: an undergraduate-level degree
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET): The requirements are entirely course-specific and there is nothing general about them
  • English Language courses: The requirements include but are not limited to English language skills, and are also course-specific.

Listed above are the very basic and general requirements for courses. Therefore, you need to make a thorough study of the requirements before applying to the university. It is also advisable to take up a foundation course called the ‘bridging study’ which are year-long courses offered by most universities that will help you take up your qualifications a notch to meet the entry requirements.

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It is no secret that all courses in Australia are taught in English. So, you will need to qualify with the minimum proficiency levels in English. In most cases, you will have to submit your English Language test scores such as IELTS or TOEFL. The minimum scores required to get your application through the initial screening differs from one university to another.

Now, you need to be clear that the English language skill required for university admission may be different from the English language skill required for your visa application.

Here is a general collation of basic qualifying scores with respect to English Languages test scores for the top five universities in Australia. However, before you take a look at the table below, please note that these are just a general guideline and the score requirements for individual programmes may vary.

For UG programmes

University IELTS Overall score TOEFL Overall score
University of Melbourne 6.5 79
University of Sydney 6.5 85
RMIT University 6.5 79
Monash University 6.5 79
University of Queensland 6.5 87


For MS programmes in Australia

University IELTS Overall score TOEFL Overall score
University of Melbourne 6.5 79
University of Sydney 6.5 85
RMIT University 6.5 79
Monash University 6.5 79
University of Queensland 6.5 87


For MBAs in Australia

University IELTS Overall score TOEFL Overall score
University of Melbourne 7 79
Kaplan Business School 6 79
RMIT University 6.5 79
Monash University 6.5 79
University of Queensland 6.5 87

So if you see, most universities are along similar lines when it comes to English proficiency requirements. And though the individual programmes will have their own specific qualifiers, we hope you get an idea.


Your admission to your desired programmes in Australian universities also calls for meeting other requirements such as the overseas health cover and a visa.

The Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is a unique feature of the Australian system. You would have to purchase an OSHC for yourself and your family members travelling with you before arriving in Australia. This cover will help you pay for your medical expenses, if any, when you are in Australia.

Visa: The type of visa you need depends on the programme that you are applying for. In most cases, it is the Subclass 500 which also has many sub-types depending on the age of the applicant or the purpose of the visit. To apply for a visa, you need to meet the requirements for the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE), prove that you have ample funds for your tuition and living expenses, have the qualifying score in an English Language test, and the Overseas Health Cover.

Reiterating, the qualifying requirements will vary from one university to another and from one programme to another.

So if you want a clear idea about the entry requirements for the programme of your desire at your dream university, please contact our Study Abroad Consultants.


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