MBA in Spain


Course Overview

MBA stands for The Masters of Business Administration; it is a globally recognized degree program. A student is prepared to meet the jobs of the future. It provides industry knowledge to the student as well as gives them good soft skills that include leadership quality, communication skills, and a lot more. MBA is a 2-year professional program. MBA can be done in a number of fields that include MBA in finance, accounting, marketing, and a lot more.

Doing MBA in Spain will give your career a boost. The growing economy of Spain makes it an equitable and attractive destination to study MBA. Most of the students who want to do MBA in Europe choose Spain to do MBA. Spain has some of the top universities that offer MBA degrees. Spain comes under the list of most preferable destinations to do MBA for international students. There’s a huge scope to do business in Spain after MBA. International Students who want to pursue MBA in Spain can opt for both part time and full time MBA.


Eligibility Criteria For MBA Program in Spain:

You need to hold a relevant bachelor’s degree or an equivalent degree diploma if you want to do MBA from universities in Spain. You must have at least 3 years of work experience to pursue MBA degree in Spain. Most of the Spanish universities take GMAT scores for admissions. For getting admissions in Spanish universities a student would have to show his/her scores in IELTS or TOEFL as proof of their English proficiency.


Intakes and Application Deadlines

There are usually two intakes in the Universities of Spain. That is:

  • Fall Intake
  • Spring Intake

Fall Intake

The fall intake in universities of Spain has two application deadlines. The fall intake resumes in the month of October. There are 2 deadlines in Fall intake

  • Early June
  • Early September

It’s advised to apply in the first intake.

Spring Intake

Spring Intake has only one application deadline. It starts in the month of February. The deadline falls in early December.


Tuition Fees

The tuition fees of studying MBA in Spain will vary on factors like the university you choose, location of the university you choose, the type of MBA program you choose, university’s public-private factor, and many others.

But on an average, the tuition fees can range from 4,000 EUR to 80,000 EUR. Here are some of the average tuition fees of the Top MBA colleges in Spain

  • ESADE Business School – 57,000 EUR
  • IE Business School – 58,200 EUR
  • IESE Business School – 63035 EUR
  • EADA Business School – 19,500 EUR
  • EOI Business School – 18,590EUR


Why Study in Spain

Part-time job for International students

Spain offers flexible terms on student visas that mean students can work while studying. International students have to take a permit to work from the local authorities in order to work. You can work and study together only if your visa has not expired. International students studying in Spain can work for 20 hours a week on a student visa.

Quality of education

You can choose any university in Spain or any degree/course Universities in Spain would definitely provide you with a good opportunity to learn. This is one of the reasons that Spain is the 3rd most famous country for International students. Spain has a perfectly organized educational system. Spain’s educational system focuses on giving real-life experiences to its students.


If you are planning to study abroad in Spain then you should know that Spain is one of the most visited places in the European Country. It’s also one of the most preferred study destinations for international students. Spain has a very interesting and beautiful culture and history. While studying in Spain you can study in the world’s most prominent universities as well as have a good holiday. Universities in Spain enable their students to experience the rich heritage and history of the Spanish kingdom in major or small cities. Both national and international Spanish students are welcoming and easy to mix up with. The great hospitality and welcoming environment make Spain an equitable place to study.


Top Business Schools in Spain

Here is the list of the best business schools in Spain:

ESADE Business School

It was established in the year 1958

Courses offered-

  • MSc in Finance
  • MSc in International Management
  • MSc in Marketing Management
  • Master in International Business Law


IE Business School

It was established in the year 1973

Courses offered-

  • International MBA
  • Master in Finance
  • Master in Advanced Finance
  • Executive MBA
  • Master in Management


EADA Business School

It was established in the year 1957

Courses offered-

  • Master in Marketing
  • International Master in Management
  • International MBA


EU Business School (Spain)

It was established in the year 1973

Courses offered-

  • MBA – International Marketing
  • MBA – Global Banking & Finance
  • MBA – Human Resources Management
  • MBA – International Business


ESCP Europe Business School, Madrid Campus

It was established in the 1965

Courses offered-

  • MSc in Marketing and Digital Media
  • Master in Business Project Management
  • Master in Management


The overall cost of studying in Spain is very affordable as compared to other European countries.


Average Median Salaries for MBA Graduates

  • ESADE Business School – $148,060
  • IE Business School – $1 00,000
  • IESE Business School – $108,000
  • EADA Business School – $42126.78


Top Industries to Choose (Post MBA)

There are a number of top universities that offer MBA in Spain. These universities provide high quality education and skills on the sectors which include the following sectors-

  • Economics
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Strategy
  • Project Management and Leadership


Study Visa Terms and Provisions

If you are a non-EU citizen and want to study in Spain then you would need to apply for a Study Visa. There are various types of student Visas in Spain. These visas are based on the duration of the degree program you want to pursue. Generally for applying for a Spanish student visa you would require the following documents-

  • Valid Passport
  • Documents that can be used as a proof that you can afford the expenses to live and study in Spain for the duration of your course
  • Medical Certificate
  • No criminal record certificate (of both Spain and your own country)


Post Study Stay Back Options

Earlier International students in Spain could work till their student visa was valid; they were not allowed to live legally in Spain after the expiration of their student visas (if they did not get jobs). But now the new law gives 12 months to the international students to live legally in Spain after the expiration of the student visa for finding jobs. Any international student who has completed his/her undergraduate, master’s, or Ph.D. degrees can apply for his or her residency permit.

If you want to apply for this 12 months residency permit you would be required to submit The university degree as proof that you have completed your degree, your health insurance, documents showing that you have no fees dues pending, and proof of economic sufficiency in order to show that you can support yourself financially.

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