Manya Education’s tutoring is a personalized and one-on-one coaching service based on the Socratic Method of teaching where the tutor takes into consideration all the learning needs of a student and helps them reach their end goal by giving them the individual attention they are unable to get at school or in group learning classes.

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Online education has been around for a long time and massive open online courses are making it respectable. Some are even COOL!!! Despite being massively over hyped, do these self prep courses have an impact on the students? They do show up eye-popping registration numbers, upwards of 2, 00,000 in some cases. However, the real problem is that, 90% of these would-be learners who enrol don’t finish the course. And a lot of those who don’t finish don’t take another one. That means the number of people actually learning anything substantial is much massive less in the self preparation courses.

Do our 20thcentury instructional methods work for our busy distracted 21st century learners? Are we able to fit in the life and work balance for non-traditional students? Most of the self prep online courses basically consist of reading assignments, lecture videos, homework problems and quizzes. While they may be broken into smaller units, they still follow the 14-20 week long structure. To be fair, there are big chances for drop outs when learning is voluntary.

For education to be effective, we first need to grab and hold the learner’s attention which is possible only through a instructor led interactive sessions.

Tired or too much of online learning!!! Looking for someone to handhold and guide you step by step!!! If you have answered ‘YES’ to any of the above, then MANYA’s tutoring service is the answer you need

Wondering Why???

Manya’s 1 on 1 tutoring -

  • helps strengthen subject comprehension, boost confidence and build important learning skills
  • Provides individualized attention which helps kids who struggle to keep up as well as those who are not challenged enough.
  • helps improve attitude towards learning
  • encourages self-paced & self-directed learning
  • provides a positive work space to improve work & study habits
  • Encourages independence & responsibility
  • Helps overcome learning obstacles
  • Increases ability to manage one’s learning

Boards Covered

Each of our session begins by setting a goal & agenda after a brief discussion with the student on his current learning need as well as reviewing the road map to ensure that expectations are set clearly


  • Our tutors go through a rigorous selection process for subject matter expertise and are put through an intensive 2 month training program on driving student outcomes.
  • Ensure to bring a high level of enthusiasm through positive reinforcement and strong student engagement.
  • Possess the necessary subject knowledge to successfully guide the student through the lesson.
  • Pay close attention to the student's cognitive progress and are attentive to emotional cues and verbal/written feedback alike to ensure the student is meeting their learning goals through the lesson.
  • Use the Socratic Method, encouraging cooperative argumentative dialogue, based on Q&A to stimulate students' critical thinking, draw out ideas and underlying presuppositions.

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  • The largest global partner with The Princeton Review (TPR), USA
  • A leading service provider offering education related services encompassing test preparation, admissions consulting services and language & communication training
  • Institutional partners include Cambridge University Press (CUP), British Council, IDP, Credila, Avanse, to name a few.

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