LOR Samples for MBA

LOR Samples for MBA


A letter of recommendation for MBA evaluates an applicant’s academic and non-academic performance. MBA students must submit both professional and academic letters of recommendation.

Most universities around the world require two to three letters of recommendation for MBA programmes, with at least one LOR written by an employer or supervisor. It is critical to remember that recommenders should have had direct professional involvement with applicants for 2 to 3 years.


Tips for Indian Students to Write a Letter of Recommendation

The most powerful letters of recommendation for MBA are those in which the referee has given his or her honest assessment rather than writing what he or she believes the business school wants to read. Applicants can use the following advice to obtain a convincing LOR from their supervisor or manager:

  • One of your MBA LORs must come from your current supervisor. Some universities have strict policies in place.
  • If you are unable to obtain a letter of recommendation from your current supervisor for any reason, use the optional essay to explain why.
  • Approach your manager or supervisor openly to discuss your visions and goals ahead of time.
  • Be open and honest with your referee, and provide him or her with all application details.
  • Communicate the content of the Statement of Purpose for MBA with a supervisor so that the LOR agrees.
  • Request a recommendation letter at least three to four weeks before the application deadline to give recommenders enough time to write it.
  • Create a brief summary of the projects you worked on in the company that the supervisor can refer to when writing a LOR for an MBA.

It is not recommended that you feed information to your recommender. Discuss your performance with him/her and find out what his/her thoughts are on you. Make your opinions known but do not impose them. Universities only value MBA recommendation letters that they believe are genuine and well-written.


How to Write an MBA Letter of Recommendation

Someone who is capable of narrating the applicant’s qualities with appropriate examples and anecdotes should write the MBA Letter of Recommendation. Because professional LORs are required, the following guidelines for writing a professional LOR for MBA are provided:

  • Relationship with Applicant: This should be stated in the first paragraph of your MBA course LOR. The recommender’s title, organization, and relationship with the applicant should all be discussed.
  • Roles and Responsibilities: Proceed to the specifics of applicants’ job responsibilities in the organization. His/her performance evaluation, any outstanding accomplishments, and relationship with other team members should all be discussed.
  • Vision: An MBA recommendation letter should clearly state the applicant’s long-term career goals and how an MBA programme will assist them in achieving them. It is not necessary to provide a comprehensive plan. The admissions committee is only interested in getting a general sense of the applicants’ vision and goals.
  • Scope of Improvement: This section emphasizes the significance of an MBA in the applicant’s professional life. However, recommenders should avoid being overly critical. Subtly describe the applicant’s weaknesses and how this degree will help him/her improve further.


A Few Qualities that can be Highlighted in LOR for MBA

  • Outstanding Written and Verbal Communication Abilities
  • Capability to Communicate Effectively in Public
  • Thinking Analytically and Conducting Research
  • Thinking Outside the Box
  • Negotiation Abilities
  • Capability to deal with stressful situations
  • Languages for Data Mining and Coding
  • The Ability to easily adapt to new situations
  • Forecasting the future using available data
  • Technical writing abilities
  • Working knowledge of technology and machinery
  • Analytics and Data Management



Given below is the MBA Recommendation Letter Sample for your Consideration:

Considering a Letter of Recommendation Format for MBA provides you an idea on how to make your letter of recommendation for MBA from an employer unique and more relevant than other students.



I am writing on behalf of [Name of Applicant], who is applying for admission to your institution’s MBA program. I’ve known him for over ten years, when he joined [name of the company]. I was his supervisor in the department of [name of department] where he was first assigned.

He worked hard and was promoted to the rank of [name of position] six months after his return. The basic criterion for this position is usually two years, but due to his diligence, teamwork spirit, dedication, and leadership capability, management had to make an exception and promote him.

[Name of applicant] accomplished yet another feat in the new role, achieving over 50% ROI in less than two years. I have no reservations in assuring you that he will excel in his studies because he has been instilled with the spirit of hard work.

Yours Faithfully,

Name of Referee
Referee Designation
(Contact Details)

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