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Why Study in Australia?

Let’s Look at the Numbers!

  • There are 43 universities in Australia for master’s study.
  • As per QS World University Rankings 2018, 5 Australian universities figure in the top 50 list – The Australian National University (Rank 20), The University of Melbourne (Rank 41), The University of New South Wales (Rank 45), The University of Queensland (Rank 47), The University of Sydney (Rank 50) and a total of 7 universities is in the top 100 list


Top Universities

  • The University of Sydney
  • The University of Melbourne
  • The University of New South Wales
  • The University of Queensland
  • University of Technology, Sydney
  • Monash University
  • Australian National University
  • RMIT University
  • Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Powerful Reasons to Study in Australia

Top Quality Education Affordable Education Immigrant Friendly Destination Strong Employment Prospects
Strong in research Affordable Tuition and Living Costs Attractive Post-Study Work Options Extensive Job Opportunities
Go8 universities High Standard of Living Permanent Residency Opportunities Internships, part-time roles, etc.


Popular Fields of Master’s Study

  • Engineering & Technology
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Management
  • Education
  • Computer Science


Program Duration & Cost of Education

Duration Cost of Education per annum (Tuition Plus Living)
Usually between 1-2 years Average tuition costs: AUD 20,000-37,000 per annum Living Costs: AUD 20,000 per annum


Eligibility Criteria for Master’s Programs

Strong Academic Credentials Standardized Test Scores Other Aspects of Profile
An undergraduate degree (3 or 4 years) from a recognized & accredited institution GRE is not mandatory for most programs at most universities IELTS is required Strong Academic Profile, projects, internships, papers


Intake & Application Deadlines

Typically, the academic year for most Australian university programs begins in March; however, this may vary depending on the program. The academic year is generally divided into two semesters, and sometimes into three semesters (trimesters).


Most universities have July and January intakes. Depending on the program, there may also be a September or October intake.


Student Visa Terms and Provisions

  • A student visa is called a Subclass 500 and can be applied for online. You should apply at least 12 weeks before the commencement of your program. The visa is valid for the duration of the program and an additional two to three months.
  • Along with scanned documents of education and work experience, and their certified copies, you also need to submit an Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment for each course application.
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) – This assessment is an integrity measure which confirms the applicant’s intention to stay in Australia only temporarily. For the GTE, a written statement should be submitted addressing factors like:
    • Circumstances in the applicant’s home country and reasons for not studying there
    • Potential benefits of studying in Australia and how it will help the applicant in the future
    • Any academic gaps
    • Employment history
    • Economic circumstances in the applicant’s home country
  • Depending on the situation, you may be called for an interview, a medical exam, and verification of criminal records.
  • The processing time after the interview is 26 to 45 days


Work Permits

Part-Time Work Permit

  • As an international student, you can apply for a work permit at the Australian Tax Office by submitting your Student Visa
  • The permit is valid for the same duration as a student visa; the part-time work permit allows students to work 20 hours per week; one cannot work more than 40 hours in two weeks; you can work as much as you want during vacations


Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485)

  • This is applicable for students if they wish to work in Australia after graduating with a master’s degree
  • Graduates of coursework master’s programs receive a two-year visa and research master’s graduates receive a three-year visa.
  • This visa permits a maximum of 37 hours per week of work.


If you are interested in pursuing Study Abroad or master’s degree in Australia and have further questions, please reach out to our representatives for personalized guidance tailored to your academic and professional profile.

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Which Exams Are Required For MS In Australia?

Most Australian universities require international students to take an English Proficiency test, such as the IELTS or TOEFL. Certain English language courses are offered by various universities for students who do not meet the minimum English requirements. 

Do Australian Universities Recognise Indian Degrees?

Through Australian route programs, India recognises and credits Australian degrees. This acknowledgment is required before an equivalence certificate may be provided to Indian students, which is required for government job or further education in India.

Does Australian Universities Ask For GRE?

Most Australian colleges require international students to take an English Proficiency test, such as the IELTS or TOEFL. Although most Australian colleges do not require a GRE score, having one in your suitcase will give you an advantage during the admissions process.

Is Australia Good For Masters?

Australia has long been regarded as one of the greatest nations for pursuing a master’s degree abroad, attracting thousands of bright students from all over the world. According to a recent research, Australia is home to seven of the world’s top 100 universities, owing to the high quality of education and wide range of degrees available.

Which Is The Best State To Get A PR In Australia?

People who want to move to Australia may be able to do so in Tasmania, which offers arguably the most simple road to permanent residency – and citizenship.

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