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MBA Careers


As an MBA aspirant, you would be excited to know about the lucrative job opportunities for you post an MBA from an international university.


Here’s a sneak peek into the career paths available:


Entrepreneurial Role

  • An MBA from an illustrious B-school abroad provides you the confidence to initiate a venture of your own. There is an increasing trend of MBAs opting to start an entrepreneurial venture as a short-term or long-term post MBA goal.


Sales & Marketing


Product and Brand Management

With an MBA from an international B-school, you can dive straight into the Product Manager or Brand Manager role.

  • A Brand Manager’s responsibilities include coordinating and overseeing a variety of divisions of a corporation to increase the brand awareness and recall of your company. He focuses on product and market development, either on the domestic front or in international markets.
  • It is a preferred field in marketing as it has a more stable and balanced lifestyle compared to profiles in investment banking, venture capital, media, or consulting.
  • This profile might also require you to work overseas for a few years.


If you have the knack for conceptualising and describing product features to benefit your company, you can opt for product management role as well.


Other areas under Sales & Marketing include Sales/Business Development, Account Management, Product Marketing, Market Research, Online/Digital Media, etc.



Investment Management

  • Investment Management is a low-risk, high reward industry as investment managers are paid a percentage sum of the amount involved with the client
  • In addition to Investment Managers, there are Investment Research Associates who are responsible for generating recommendations to Portfolio Managers on companies or products to invest in across a range of markets (stocks, bonds, forex, etc).


Venture Capitalist

  • Venture capital investments generally are high-risk, but offer the potential for very high returns.
  • A highly competitive, challenging, and highly rewarding field, a career as a Venture Capitalist (VC) requires a background in finance and economics.
  • Those who thrive on commitment, competition, risk, and high rewards find this industry to be just right for them.


Other areas under Finance include Corporate Finance, Private Equity, etc.



A highly demanding yet rewarding job, you will be expected to formulate original and realistic solutions to meet business needs.


  • Management Consultants are expected to have strong analytical and interpersonal skills.
  • Problem-solving and the ability to remain focused in a deadline-driven, detail-oriented environment should already be one of your trademarks because there will be intense crunch times during the life span of your projects that will entail you to give your best to exceed your client’s expectations.
  • Markets are prone to constant change, and they require individuals with multi-ethnic skills as well as a proven ability to learn in a deadline-driven environment. Management Consultants are expected to specialize in diverse sectors such as media and entertainment, technology, or change management.
  • Complex research on various technologies and processes to create practical yet innovative solutions for clients, and then convincing them to act on those solutions are an essential part of the job
  • Management Consulting can take many forms such as – Strategy Consulting, Operations Consulting, HR Consulting, Technology Consulting, etc.



The Operations Field is becoming a thriving career option in IT for MBA graduates.



Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics is the most in-thing in terms of a career option.


Project Management

If you have a penchant for technology and are tech-savvy, then you have the capability to don the project management role – to oversee a complete project from start to finish


Thriving Industries

Media & Entertainment

The Media Industry offers a host of jobs to people with little or no experience in the industry but having the passion and skill to work hard and succeed.

This industry continues to flourish in India and abroad even during an economic recession.

It may not be as high-paying as Investment Banking or Consulting, but the opportunity to work with companies such as Sony, Time Warner, and Viacom and the inherent creativity and glamour of the job usually compensates for that.


Fashion Industry

A hands-on experience in sales, consulting or merchandising is essential before joining the industry. Only very few companies like Live Strauss, Nike, Cartier, and Eddie Bauer hire MBA’s for creative positions.

The jobs required here are in finance and supply chain issues. The companies generally look for experience prior to business school, especially in consulting or industry.


Real Estate

Real Estate is a complex industry encompassing buying, selling, leasing, and financing property.

An MBA needs to have specific qualifies like people skills, and a sense of entrepreneurship to pursue jobs in the Corporate Finance, Investment Finance, or Property sectors.

Passion and enthusiasm for the industry and knowledge of the real estate market is a prerequisite for starting a career in this sector.


Energy Industry

There is a strong prevalence for hiring technical people in the Energy industry and there is a stress on appointing people with a sound academic background.

The sector compulsorily looks for technical undergraduate degrees or pre-MBA work in energy or another technical field.

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