Academic Coach

Academic Coaching teaches a student HOW to study effectively and gain EF skills (ability to plan ahead, meet goals, display self-control, focus despite distractions and more) Academic Coaches not only teach students, life-skills & study skills but also coach them & even their parents to come on-board with a new way of doing things. Parents can be rest assured that everything is running smoothly at School and their child has the best support possible to make sure they are performing optimally. Our coaches can help improve the performance of any student, however, the biggest impact is made in students whose gap between performance and intelligence is widest. In other words, if a student is low intelligence and performing at a low level, our coaches can only do so much by giving them good systems to manage performance. However, if the child is intelligent but is suffering in performance as they don’t have either the effective studying skills or the systems, the impact will be distinct. Academic Coach Service work on individual’s below skills:-

Executive Function Skills: Goal setting, time management, organization, and planning.
Academic Skills: Reading techniques for better comprehension, effective note-taking, studying techniques, exam strategies.


Key Features

Gaining Motivation and ConfidenceGaining Motivation and Confidence
Effective Note Taking TechniquesEffective Note Taking Techniques
Maintaining School/ Life BalanceMaintaining School/ Life Balance
Optimising Exam PreparationOptimising Exam Preparation
Managing Test AnxietyManaging Test Anxiety
Managing Time EffectivelyManaging Time Effectively

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