Gmat Test Series

GMAT Test Series

GMAT Test Series

Are you a student planning to join a B-school? If yes, then the GMAT exam would surely be on your top list. GMAT is a kind of exam that can get you into your dream college. Thus, preparing for the GMAT is important as your scores matters a lot at the time of admission. So, you need to work hard to achieve your target score. When it comes to achieving your target score, preparing right is important.

In order to achieve your target score on the GMAT, you need to work hard and prepare well. Manya-The Princeton Review offers GMAT Test Series to help you practice and prepare well. Taking the GMAT is tedious as you need to spend three and a half-hour sitting in front of a computer screen, therefore, you need to find out ways and learn tricks to deal with the actual test.  There are ways in which you can make your mind and body habitual of taking the GMAT exam even before you have actually taken it. You can check the official mock tests available as well as the practice material offered by Manya. The test-taking habit will make your mind and body adaptive to the schedule of actual GMAT. Thus, helping you to prepare well.

Some of you might think that why waste time taking this test even before the actual test? But the fact is you are not wasting your time rather you are investing your time in your preparation. It, also, enables you to find your strengths and weaknesses over the concept and foster a detailed evaluation of your existing skills and your current flaws.

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Most popular and preferred group classes with peer learning advantage to ensure a high scoring performance.

GMAT Excelerator

A customized and focused coaching program for 600 and above scorers targeting a 700 and above score


Individualized tutoring with flexible timings for those students who want focused attention.

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GMAT Blend

Self-learning with Instructor led 8 doubt clearing sessions

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Self-learning with high-end up-to-date material & doubt clarification sessions with experienced instructors.

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Ace the GMAT with the help of a rigorous individualized tutoring with our most experienced (Exclusive) trainers

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Our Top GMAT Achievers

  • 770
  • Sooraj Kapur
  • Bengaluru | WHT181906E0023
  • 760
  • Jyotika Khatri
  • Gurgaon | GD4181901E0030
  • 760
  • Kunal Bhagi
  • Bengaluru | INR171807E00001
  • 730
  • Swapnam S
  • Bengaluru | YLK171810E0018

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