IELTS Syllabus 2020

One of the most popular English language tests, the IELTS needs considerable preparation. So while there are several books available in the market, we have used some elbow grease to compile a list of the best reference material making the preparation for the test taker easier. This is just a compilation of the names of the books and not categorically ranked on their effectiveness.

The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

  • Published by Cambridge, focuses completely on how to crack the IELTS
  • It covers all the four sections of the IELTS and gives guided instructions and pointers about each task, set of instructions and pointers about the tasks
  • The content also helps in building the skills that are tested in the IELTS and gives an idea about the test-taking strategy to maximize your band score
  • It includes 10 Practice Tests for the Academic and General Training modules

Cambridge IELTS Series 10 –12

  • The Cambridge IELTS 10-11-12 is published by the ‘Cambridge University Press’ and is authored by the IELTS test writers
  • So it almost gives a hands-on test-taking experience with the ‘Actual Examination Techniques’ section
  • It covers all the four sections in both formats, the Academic and General Training
  • It includes four ‘Complete Test Material’ for the IELTS in both the Academic and the General Training formats
  • An all-encompassing Q & A section and sample responses for the writing tasks are also included
  • The Cambridge IELTS 12 is the latest edition published in May 2017 and gives importance to the  Practice Tests

English Collocations in Use

  • This book improves your skills in writing and speaking with focus on pronunciation and accent
  • It helps you shed any mother tongue influence while speaking and helps improve sentence formation in English
  • It consists of 60 lessons, each lesson followed by practice exercises with about 1500 collocations (Collocation: a group of words which are habitually used together)

English Vocabulary in Use

  • For those looking to improve their lexical resource (read vocabulary), this is a great book to practice from
  • It is also found to be useful to the native speakers of English
  • Word meanings and usage are explained and are followed by practice exercises
  • It includes 100 comprehensive units, with more than 3000 new words
  • The enriched lexical resource may be utilized in the writing tasks and also in speaking, thus enabling a higher band score

New Insight into IELTS

  • Another book that helps in building the skills and strategy to take the IELTS
  • The book includes a thorough description of the test in both the Academic and General Training formats

Official IELTS Practice Materials Volume 1 & 2

  • It is compiled by highly experienced examiners and material writers of ‘Cambridge ESOL’
  • It is targeted at helping the candidates prepare themselves for the test and includes a large number of sample questions for all four sections
  • The sample responses also have the examiners’ comments.
  • It familiarizes the candidates on how the IELTS is assessed and scored

Improve your IELTS Skills Series

  • The material comes in three preparation courses
  • The ‘Improve Your IELTS Skills – Reading’:
    • It is aimed at helping the candidates improve their academic reading skills and test-taking techniques
    • For candidates who struggle with reading comprehension, this book is a must have
  • The ‘Improve Your IELTS Skills – Writing’: 
    • The book helps the aspiring test-takers improve their sentence formation and structuring
    • It also aims to help candidates improve their vocabulary and usage of words
    • Suitable for candidates at all levels
  • The ‘Improve Your IELTS Skills – Listening & Speaking’:
    • The book consists of practice exercises targeted to improve the listening and speaking skills

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