Upcoming Intakes to Study in Australia

In Australia, there are two main intakes for international students:

  • February Intake
  • July Intake

These two are significant intakes in Australia. As the name suggests, the primary (main) intake begins in February, and the secondary intake commences in July. The primary intake, as is the case in most study destinations, will have the greatest number of courses offered by almost every university. There will be a limited number of universities offering a restricted number of courses for the July intake.


February/Semester 1 February/March February/Early MarchLate May/Early June Primary/Main intake
July/Semester 2 July Late July/Early August–November Secondary intake
November/Semester 3 November Minor/Least preferred intake
January and May For vocational courses

Also, some Australian universities accept applications throughout the year. However, such choices are limited. Universities Australia provides a comprehensive checklist of the academic dates of major Australian universities and institutions.


Other Australian University Intakes

In addition to the above two intakes in Australia, there are other intakes too, such as September and November, with even fewer courses. Depending on the course/university, vocational courses have intakes in January, May, or July.

If you were unable to gain admission to one of the two main intakes in Australia, you can target the September intake at Australian universities. Bond University, Australian National University, and the University of New South Wales (UNSW) all offer the September intake.

There are very few universities in Australia that offer the November intake. However, if you have no other choice, you can enrol in courses available for the November intake. Universities in Australia, such as the University of Southern Queensland, University of Queensland (USQ) and the Australian National University offer the November intake.


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How to Choose the Right Intake in Australia

It can be difficult for you to select an appropriate intake. Consider the following factors:

  • Your preferred program’s availability
  • Academic records
  • Entrance exam scores
  • Rates of acceptance
  • Job openings available
  • Your willingness to attend university

The majority of international students choose the July intake, but the February intake is also suitable for some programs. If you are properly prepared with all of the requirements, it is better to stop rushing and apply with all of the necessary documents for the next Australia intake.


Application Deadlines in Australian Universities:

Here is the list of top Universities in Australia, the Intakes, courses available for them, and their application deadlines.

Universities Application Deadlines for Intakes of Australia
February Intake July Intake
Australian National University 15 Dec 15 Dec 31 May 31 May
University of Melbourne Sep 31 Aug NA 31 Oct
University of Sydney 30 Jan 31 Oct 30 Jun 1 Mar
University of New South Wales 31 Mar 31 Mar
University of Queensland 31 Oct 31 Oct 31 Mar 31 Mar
Monash University Rolling Late Nov
University of Western Australia 1 Dec 1 Dec 1 Dec 1 Jul
University of Technology, Sydney 30 Nov 15 Jan 30 Apr 30 Jun
Macquarie University 15 Dec 15 Feb 15 Feb 19 Jul
University of Canberra 1 Dec 1 Jun 1 Dec 1 Jun
Charles Sturt University 31 Oct 1 May
University of New England Nov NA
University of Newcastle Oct NA Mar NA
Charles Darwin University 28 Sep 22 Aug 3 Jun 22 Aug
CQ University 1 Jul 1 Jul
Queensland University of Technology 28 Jan 28 Jan 24 Jun 24 Jun
University of Southern Queensland 6 Mar 6 Mar 17 Jul 17 Jul
Carnegie Mellon University 15 Apr 15 Apr
University of Adelaide 1 Dec 1 Dec 1 May 1 May
RMIT University Oct Oct Apr Apr
University of Wollongong 26 Oct 26 Oct 30 Jun 30 Jun
Bond University January, May and September Intake (All Year Admission)

Please note that these are general deadlines and are only for your convenience. For many universities, the deadline will vary depending on the course. When deciding on a course and a university, it is best to check the deadlines for the specific courses.


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Step-by-Step Guide for 2023 Intakes in Australia


Step 1: Begin Right Now!

Most universities in Australia admit international students on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, you should begin as soon as possible for the February intake in Australia. Do keep in mind that deadlines vary by university, as there is no set deadline for every college/university in Australia.

  • Make a list of the universities to which you wish to apply
  • Search for February intake colleges in Australia 2023; create a shortlist, and choose a college/university before the deadline
  • Choose courses that are best suited to your career, academic background, the field of study goals
  • Please check the university’s website for the application forms and requirements

Step 2: Attempt Standardised Exams

  • Examine the English Language Requirements at Australian Universities. The admission requirements and tests that you must take can be found on the University’s website
  • Exams, such as the GMAT/GRE require much earlier registration than English Language Proficiency tests such as IELTS and TOEFL.
  • In any case, it is critical to appear for such exams three months in advance, as you may be required to retake the test

Step 3: Begin applying to Colleges/Universities

  • Start planning your final application. The application should highlight your unique qualities, credentials and achievements as a candidate and present you in a favourable light
  • For reference letters, contact your immediate supervisors and professors. Begin developing your SOP (Statement of Purpose).
  • The documentation process should begin no later than a month before the application deadline
  • Submit the application by the university deadline

Step 4: Interviews and Acceptance Letters

  • Colleges/universities will contact you regarding the status of your application after some time. You should respond to that email as soon as possible
  • Some colleges/universities in Australia may request a video interview; be prepared for that
  • Once you have received confirmation from the University, please make a quick decision. As soon as you have made your decision, send an email to the college/university. As previously stated, it may come down to a first come, first served basis, so do not wait until the deadlines to respond
  • You will be asked to pay the non-refundable confirmation fees once you have enrolled

Step 5: Apply for an Education Loan in Australia

  • Some processes will take time, which should always be factored in before planning. Apply for a study loan for your international studies as soon as you receive confirmation from the university
  • It will also take time to process a student visa in Australia. All paperwork should be documented. Once you have all of the necessary documents, the visa process is not as difficult as it appears
  • Check to see if you are eligible for any study abroad scholarships in Australia. You should apply for them as soon as you receive your acceptance letter

Step 6: Purchase Tickets and Departure

  • You have put in all the effort, and now it is time to fly. Most courses begin in early February, so it is best to arrive in Australia a month in advance and look for on-campus/off-campus housing
  • Before you fly, create a pre-departure checklist and check every box on it – gather all of your necessary documents and photocopies; also, you must obtain an international credit/debit card

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Do Australian Universities accept students with 15 years of education?

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In Australia, it takes an average of three to four years to obtain a bachelor’s degree, depending on your university and the degree you are pursuing.

Is 5.5 bands acceptable in Australia?

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I don’t have my IELTS/PTE/ TOEFL score; can I still apply for the University in Australia and update my scores later?

Yes, you can apply for a conditional admit. Once your score is available you can send it to the University for Unconditional Offer. English language score is mandatory for Visa especially for PG majorly for 6.5 (No band less than 6.0) and Undergraduate courses 6.0 (No band less than 6.0). These may vary for different courses that require public communication.

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