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How to apply for Master's Abroad

MS Abroad Admission Consulting

The competition to get admission into a good master’s program abroad is fierce. Indian students compete with aspirants from all over the world to bag a coveted seat in a reputed university abroad. Hence, it becomes vital that applicants submit applications that portray their profile in the best possible light, highlight their achievements and future goals, and distinguish themselves from other aspirants. It also necessitates applying to programs that best suit the needs of the applicants as well as selecting areas of specializations and research based on their interest and future plans.

Making informed choices and selecting the right program and the university maximizes an applicant’s chances of admission as well as leads to optimization of time and effort. To help applicants make correct decisions, submit the best application, and sift through the complexities of visa and financial procedures, seeking services of proven and well-established admission consulting experts is absolutely crucial. This is where an expert admission consulting provider such as Manya-The Princeton Review can essay an indispensable role. Mentioned below is a series of counseling and assistance provided by the Admission Counseling Services at Manya:

Identification of the right type of universities (Pre-enrolment stage)
  • Manya-The Princeton Review offers three types of packages and the most appropriate package is suggested for the student:
  • Premium – includes best choice universities based on profile endorsed by Manya’s admission team
  • Mixed – includes a suitable assortment of universities from Premium and Partner packages
  • Partner -includes universities from the bucket of our partner institutions
  • A thorough profile assessment is conducted in terms of career goals, test score, desired program and specialization, financial limit, research background, past projects, achievements and experiences, and location preference
  • Based on the profile assessment done, feedback is shared about steps to be taken to polish the profile as well as career goals
  • Appropriate destinations to target are also finalized
  • Based on the student’s profile and long-term plans, a detailed shortlist of 10-12 universities is shared with the student
  • The universities are divided into three categories – Dream, Reach and Safe:
  • Dream universities are those which are most competitive for the student based on his profile
  • Reach universities are those in which  the requirements match the student’s profile and scores
  • Safe universities are those in which the  student’s profile and scores exceed the universities’ requirements
  • Finalize the final set of universities
  • Detailed brainstorming session for identifying goals, examples, themes, qualities, and achievements to be showcased in the written documents (essays/SOP, LORs, resume, etc.)
  • Critiquing of documents written and provide feedback for improvement
  • Editing of documents in terms of content, structure, tone and grammar
Application Assistance
  • A thorough review of online application forms prior to submission, to avoid any errors
  • Support in terms of providing information about documents to submit and the medium (online copy/hard copy) to be used to submit them; providing samples of financial document forms required by the shortlisted universities
Financial Counseling
  • Financial assistance counseling helps identify the viable financing opportunities available for graduate students. These include:
  • Assistantships: graduate assistantships, research assistantships, teaching assistantships or tuition waivers
  • Fellowships/scholarships: options of scholarships from universities, external agencies like trusts or Indian and international organizations
  • Loans: bank loans to suit both students’ financial situation and educational needs, the eligibility criteria of the bank, the margin of loan granted, rate of interest, and the supporting documents required
Visa Counseling
  • Information and instructions for booking visa dates
  • Guidance on paying visa and SEVIS fees and filling the visa application forms for different countries
  • Information about necessary visa documents, and mock visa interview sessions


Profile Building

Profile Building will be applicable for students who enrol at least 6 months prior to the regular ACS process. It will include:

  • Strengthening profile by suggesting research work/papers/projects/internships/industrial trainings/extracurricular activities/extra courses that would work best for a program
  • Portraying students’ research ability in the best possible manner by showing interest in the field, relevant experience and the potential to handle research projects in the future
  • Guiding candidates in formulating their career goals by providing them the correct thought process and sharing relevant sources of information about the field

Building applicant profiles that catch the attention of the admissions committee and submitting a flawless application takes expert insider knowledge and minute eye for details. These are precisely the benefits of working closely with our Admission Counseling Services that enables our students to study in their dream universities.
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