Pearson Test of English (PTE) Preparation

The Pearson Test of English (PTE), is an international standardized test dedicated to assessing and evaluating the English language usage of a Non-Native speaker of English who wishes to study, work or migrate to a country where English is the medium of communication. The PTE score plays an important role in securing admission, a visa, or a job in a leading English-speaking country. Manya – The Princeton Review’s PTE prep is an extensive program designed to help you achieve your dream of studying or settling in an English-speaking country.

No program is better placed to help students realize their dream PTE score than the Manya PTE program. With an experience of almost two decades and a repertoire of highly trained and certified PTE trainers, the program conditions the aspirant to approach the exam with high levels of confidence and preparation.

The Manya PTE Program is an extensive technology integrated program, covering all aspects of the PTE test. The detailed strategy input and the extensive test preparation along with instructor-led classes ensure a focused, extensive yet personalized experience. It is a structured, focused program and is considered the most popular and all-rounded program. This program extensively covers all four skills of the PTE exam i.e. Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening as well as the integrated skills practice. Test skills are honed and polished by the vast trainer and technological resources available to the student.

PTE Prep Offerings:

Tutoring Study Material
1 Hour of PTE Orientation  Portal access for interactive classes and structured self-practice
3 hours of Diagnostic Tests to check levels and progress 80 sectional tests of Reading, writing, listening, and speaking
Tests on Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening Strategy Videos for Better Learning
Full-length Mock tests 10 full-length mock tests
42 hours of learning and Practice Interactive English challenge zone
Structured Activities for better language understanding Free PTE registration assistance


PTE Exam Preparation

PTE preparation online: Candidates must prove their English language proficiency by taking an English test, regardless of their desired university or course. PTE Academic is a worldwide English language test that is accepted by hundreds of schools. There is a lot going on in the online world these days. For the benefit of our test takers, we will discuss the PTE preparation material that is available online.

Candidates are advised to visit the Pearson PLC Group’s PTE-A official website. For the convenience of PTE exam participants, the official website offers a variety of free PT preparation materials. Candidates can also purchase PTE preparation materials or rent PTE preparation materials online. Candidates are strongly recommended to use the official website because it will include the most up-to-date PTE syllabus.


Preparation Material for PTE Test

Each subject can be mastered in a few days if you pay full attention and concentration, as the test checks your regular communication skills in the English language. For better preparation, you can always use the online videos and tutorials available on the internet, as well as mock papers. Each part has its own significance in terms of language proficiency. As a result, each section must be prepared separately. Check out the following tips and strategies for putting each category into practice:

Tips for Writing Section


Tips for Listening Section


Tips for Speaking Section


Tips for Reading Section

Length and duration of the test (Section Wise)
Reading Section: 29-30 minutes
Listening Section: 30-43 Minutes
Speaking and Writing Section: 54-67 minutes


PTE Preparation Strategies

PTE Exam Preparation Tips: The Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic, like other standardized English language examinations, comprises components that evaluate your reading, listening, speaking, and writing abilities. Candidates taking the PTE exam should be aware that there is a variety of PTE study material available on the internet. As a result, applicants should only rely on reliable sources of information and consult the official PTE website for the most up-to-date PTE material.
Students frequently begin their preparation by enrolling in a coaching center or registering for free practice examinations. What a student overlooks is that, like any other exam, language competency exams require a technique. Remember that no amount of tips, tactics, or tools will be able to overcome the practice’s dedication and efficiency.

How Long Does it Take to Prepare for the PTE Academic Test?

The answer to this question would depend on the candidate’s preparation and determination. However it would take less time if the candidate is giving his/her second attempt.


PTE Exam Preparation Plan for 4 Weeks

As the PTE Academic exam is one month or four weeks away, it is essential that you plan your preparation correctly. For students who want to study in a systematic manner, creating a strong timetable is essential. While some students choose to tackle the difficult subjects first, others may prefer to keep the complicated subjects closer to the exam date.


Best Books for PTE

Following are some of the best books that you can consider for preparation of PTE Test:

The Official Guide to PTE Academic by Pearson PTE Academic

Book Highlights:

Aspire C1 Practice Tests with Key

Book Highlights:

PTE Practice Tests Plus with Key, Vol 1 and 2

Book Highlights:


How Manya – The Princeton Review Can Help You in PTE Exam Preparation


“PTE General” Section Details in Table Format:

PTE General Exam is divided into two sections:


The writing section of the PTE general exam is used to examine the listening, writing, and reading skills of the student.


The speaking section of the PTE general exam is used to examine the English proficiency of the student.


Part of Test Item Type Skills Assessed Type of Scoring
Part 1:
Speaking and
Personal introduction Not assessed Unscored
Read aloud Reading and speaking Partial credit
Repeat sentence Listening and speaking Partial credit
Describe image Speaking Partial credit
Re-tell lecture Listening and speaking Partial credit
Answer short question Listening and speaking Correct/incorrect
Summarize written text Reading and writing Partial credit
Write essay Writing Partial credit
Part 2:
Multiple-choice, choose single answer Reading Correct/incorrect
Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers Reading Partial credit
Re-order paragraphs Reading Partial credit
Reading: Fill in the blanks Reading Partial credit
Reading & writing: Fill in the blanks Reading and writing Partial credit
Part 3:
Summarize spoken text Listening and writing Partial credit
Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers Listening Partial credit
Fill in the blanks Listening and writing Partial credit
Highlight correct summary Listening and reading Correct/incorrect
Multiple-choice, choose single answer Listening Correct/incorrect
Select missing word Listening Correct/incorrect
Highlight incorrect words Listening and reading Partial credit
Write from dictation Listening and writing Partial credit


Steps to Register for PTE Exam