Student Visa Assistance for Germany

Student Visa Assistance for Germany


As a Non-EU national, you will require a visa to enter and pursue your undergraduate, MS, Ph.D., or MBA in Germany. The missions of the Federal Republic of Germany are responsible for issuing the visas.


Types of visas:

  • The German National Visa – This visa type for students who have enrolled in full-time courses of more than 3 months. They also provide scope for employment in the future
  • The Schengen Visa – This is for students who are taking up shorter courses that are 3 months or less in duration
  • The German Language Course Visa – For students who want to pursue German language courses in Germany
  • The Student Applicant Visa – This type of visa allows applicants to enter Germany to help them complete the application process. It is for certain courses where the student is required to be physically present at the time of application. The visa is only for the application process and doesn’t allow the student to study in Germany


Applying for the visa:

  • Carefully fill up the visa application form
  • Pay the visa application fees
  • Put together all the required documents to be carried on the interview day including the visa fee payment proof
  • Set up an appointment with the German Embassy or Consulate close to you
  • Prepare well for your visa interview


Visa Fees:

  • For National visas: Euro 75
  • For Schengen visas: Euro 80
  • There are certain exemptions and waivers to this fee amount. Please contact our Study Abroad Consultants to learn if you are eligible for any waivers or exemptions


Visa Processing:

  • Apply for the visa as early as possible because deciding on the application and the visa processing may take a few months, especially during the peak period
  • You can also apply for a ‘Prospective Student Visa’ even before getting an admission in a German University. Once you get admission and are in Germany, you may convert this Prospective Visa to Residence Permit
  • Short stay or Schengen visas may take between 2 to 10 days for processing

German Student Visa Requirements:

Though the documents required for visas may differ based on the type of visa and the type of profile of the applicant, listed below are some of the documental proofs that are generally required.

For the Visa Application:

  • Thoroughly filled-out national visa application form
  • Your valid passport
  • Two photocopies of your passport
  • Your birth certificate
  • If married, then your marriage certificate
  • Your child’s birth certificate (If applicable)
  • 3 recent passport-style photographs
  • Photocopies of previous residence titles in Germany (If applicable)
  • Previous Schengen visa (If applicable)
  • Previous German resident permit (If applicable)


Proof of Admission:

  • Confirmation of admission from a recognised educational institution in Germany mentioning the date of commencement of your studies and the language of teaching.
  • A letter of confirmation of your conditional admission to an intensive language course before you join the programme.
    • Confirmation Letter from “uni-assist”
    • Confirmation of admission as an applicant
    • Communication with the university, regarding conditions for final admission
  • Proof of having paid the fee for at least the first 3 months of the 6-month language course
  • An admission confirmation letter from a university preparatory course
  • Proof of conditional university admission
    • Confirmation Letter from “uni-assist”
    • Confirmation of admission as an applicant
    • Communication with the university, regarding conditions for final admission
    • Proof of being a confirmed participant in the course


Financial Documents (Provide any one of these listed below):

  • A deposit confirmation for an amount of Euro 10,236 in a German Blocked Bank Account
  • Proof of your parent’s income and financial records along with a Letter of Commitment
  • Letter of Commitment from a German resident who is going to sponsor your studies and living expenses during your period of stay in Germany
  • Scholarship Certificate which must clearly mention the amount and the costs that it covers
  • A Bank Guarantee issued by a German bank


Proof of earlier education:

  • Undergraduate Degree – for Master’s and Ph.D. applicants
  • Original school-leaving certificate
  • Documental proof of Student Health Insurance
  • Certificates of qualification for university entrance
  • Certificate of Proficiency in German or English language


How do we help?

The whole process of getting your documents together to preparing for the visa interview may seem like a harrowing experience. Hence, reach out to our Study Abroad Consultants for step-by-step guidance on the types of documents you need to submit and how to go about the entire process. You will be helped with mock interview sessions to prepare you for the visa interview. Thorough feedback will be given based on your performance in the mock sessions to help you improve.

So what are we waiting for? Please call us at 1800 102 4646 and let our experts assist you with your visa applications to Germany.

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