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Practice tests are one of the most important tools to use if you are preparing for the GRE, but, unfortunately, most of the GRE practice tests available online aren’t of good quality. When you practice with any GRE practice tests that are available online, you can actually end up scoring which may not reflect your actual capability. A good GRE Practice Test is important for you to keep you focused on the actual topics that can help you score well on the GRE.

Want to score better on the GRE? If yes then, Manya Education GRE Practice Test Series is a perfect combination of testing and recommended learning. Built by our GRE experts, the course provides 5 full length GRE practice tests that are adaptive by section with detailed score report, answers and explanation to help students to analyze their strengths & weaknesses so that student gets the most effective GRE prep. The course is best suited for the students who have self-prepared for the GRE, and are now looking for a test series for the last mile practice.

GRE Test Series Offerings:

• 5 Adaptive full length practice tests
• Detailed score report for self analysis
• Answers and explanation for each question
• 3 months validity

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Why do you need to appear for so many GRE mock tests before the actual GRE?

Anyone who is planning to run a marathon would ensure he has enough practice to build stamina for the run. The same is the case with GRE. During the GRE test preparation, the students should take tests at regular intervals to ensure their preparation is on the right track. These tests should be taken in a timed manner. The more tests you take, you will be better equipped to face the GRE.

What are the benefits of the GRE test series?

Firstly, the GRE Test series will help you understand how the computerized section adaptive test works. The test will help you to identify where you stand and how much work you should put in to reach your score target. The review of these tests will help you understand the areas you are lacking in.

When must you take the mock tests?

You should begin the GRE prep with a mock test to understand how the test works and how close you are to your target score. After identifying your strengths and weaknesses, work on those areas. This should be followed by another mock test to figure out how much you have improved. Before you take the actual GRE Test, you should have taken a good number of mock tests. All these tests should be taken under test-like scenarios in your home.

Who should enroll for the GRE Test Series?

Students who know about the GRE test, the syllabus and the pattern and also have learned concepts and practiced all the topics tested in GRE should enroll for the GRE Test series. The preparation should be combined with regular tests and reviews. The review points should be seriously considered and worked upon before the next test. Do not miss out on the essay section while taking the test.

Where can we take a free GRE practice test online?

Many of the test prep companies offer a free GRE practice test that can be taken by creating an account on their website. Make sure that the test you take is similar to the actual GRE in terms of content and structure. The ETS too has two free full-length tests which you can practice before taking the actual GRE. These mock tests will help you set targets and also help you plan your future course.

Is there a link to get a mock test for the GRE?

Every test prep company usually has a free mock test on its website. You can sign up and take a free GRE Practice Test using this link. 

During the GRE test preparation, you should also take the two ETS Powerprep tests which can be downloaded from this site.


What is the Importance of GRE Mock Tests Online?

Practicing GRE mock tests online will help you understand how the computerized section adaptive test works. The test will help you to identify where you stand and how much work you should put in to reach your score target. The review of these tests will help you understand the areas you are lacking in.

How many GRE mock tests should you take?

Along with the diagnostic test you should take at the beginning of the GRE Test preparation, plan to include another 5 to 8 tests during the course of preparation. A good number of tests and reviews will not only help you strategize the test-taking, but also improve your timings.

What type of GRE mock tests should you take?

The GRE mock tests you take should be full-length ones with experimental sections if possible. These tests should mimic real GRE tests with all the topics and question types covered. Make sure that the series of GRE Tests you choose has around 6 to 8 tests for a good amount of practice. Plan to take only the computerized tests. The paper-based ones can be used as drills.

Does Manya also provide free GRE mock tests?

Yes. You can sign up and take a free Princeton GRE Test using this link https://www.princetonreview.com/grad/free-gre-practice-test#!practice.

How many mock tests will help in getting to the 99th percentile?

Reaching the 99th percentile involves dedicated GRE Test preparation. The student should learn all the concepts and practice them regularly. The tests will help them judge their preparations. Reviewing the tests will ensure that the student can identify the weaknesses and work in those areas. Ideally, a student should take anywhere between 6 to 10 tests to ensure a good score.