What is the word limit of writing SOP?

The word limit for writing an SOP is usually provided by the respective university. However, if the university has not mentioned the word count you should always contact the admission department of the university for finding details regarding word limits. If for any reason you are not able to acquire information regarding the word limit you should try writing your SOP within 800-1000 words.

What are the things to keep in mind while writing an introduction for SOP?

Candidates while writing the introduction for SOP must remember that they are not writing self-introduction, they should write about their academic field of interest and try writing answers for questions like how and why the academic field interests them.

Should we be honest while writing our statement of purpose?

Yes, a candidate while writing his/her statement of purpose should be honest as if you may have to show proof of anything you are writing. Being honest can be a key to you getting selected in your dream university.

How long a Statement of Purpose is supposed to be?

It should be between 500-1000 words long.

Does a Statement of purpose have a title?

No, a Statement of purpose does not have a title.

What is the structure of a Statement of Purpose for Internship?

  • Introduction
  • Research Experience
  • Relevance of the internship
  • Career Goals
  • Conclusion

Is 1300 a good SAT score?

Yes, a score of 1300 is excellent. This score shows that you performed admirably on the test in the fields of Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing.

Which are the colleges that have set high SAT scores?

Below are the colleges With the Highest SAT Scores:

1. California Institute of Technology (Caltech) – 1555
2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – 1531
3. University of Chicago – 1530
4. Harvey Mudd College – 1530

Is 1200 a good SAT score?

Yes, a score of 1200 on the SAT test is unquestionably impressive. This result places you in the top 76th percentile of the 1.7 million prospective students nationwide.

Do You Need to Take IELTS General Training to Stay In-Country After Your Degree?

As a medical professional, are you applying for a skilled migrant visa? If that’s the case, you’ll be asked to take the Academic version of the IELTS rather than the General Training version.
The IELTS Academic exam is used to issue visas to a variety of healthcare professionals. The academic form of the immigration test is given to doctors and nurses. Nursing assistants, pharmacists, speech-language pathologists, and other professionals are among them. Medical lab technicians in several countries are required to take the IELTS Academic exam.

Do you need to take IELTS General Training to stay in-country after your degree?

Don’t worry, you most likely don’t. As an extension of their first student visa, all of the main English-speaking countries allow international students to work after graduation. The policies in place to accomplish this vary by country. However, working in-country after graduation usually does not necessitate any more English exams.

Is IELTS academic valid for 3 years?

The validity of the IELTS test has not been extended to three years. As soon as you receive your IELTS results, your score is valid for two years. The validity period begins after your examination is completed.

What is the percentage of Indian students going for each Course?

As there is no data available, it would be difficult to convey the exact percentage of Indian students who go to Canada for each subject. The above-mentioned five courses, on the other hand, cover 90-95 percent of all students coming to Canada, while the remaining courses account for the remaining 5-10 percent.

Does PGDM offer jobs in Canada?

A degree or qualification does not guarantee employment. You must have prior work experience. Companies in Canada place a high value on the Canadian experience. Internships are therefore dependent on the college from which you received your PGDM.

Can I do a Ph.D. with a postgraduate diploma?

Certificates and diplomas from postgraduate institutions may not be sufficient as a condition for doctorate research. If a Ph.D. requires a Master’s degree, see if a PGCert or PGDip is also accepted. After completing a PG Diploma, you can pursue a Ph.D. program. However, in order to enrol in Ph.D. courses, you must first pass an entrance exam.

Can I do a diploma after graduation in Canada?

In Canada, you can pursue a diploma after earning a bachelor’s degree. You can pursue a postgraduate qualification in Canada after completing your undergraduate degree program. If you want to secure a decent career or pursue PR in Canada, a PG diploma will add value to your CV.

What is the fee for PG Diploma Courses in Canada?

The annual price ranges from CAD$ 15,000 to CAD$ 17,000.

Can I do master after PG diploma in Canada?

Most colleges advertise it as a required course for students pursuing a Master’s degree. Yes, it will be an excellent program for you to study if you want to pursue a Master’s degree later.

Is PGDM equivalent to MBA in Canada?

A PGDM and an MBA are very different in Canada. The former is merely a diploma program, whereas the latter is a complete degree. The PGDM will focus on a single area of management (for example, Chain Management), but the MBA, being a more complete degree, will cover the entire spectrum.

As a result, in general (exceptions may exist), a PGDM will result in slower career advancement in Canada than an MBA. Job opportunities may also be limited. If you’re searching for a rapid, cost-effective study, a PGDM is a good option.

Is PG diploma worth in Canada?

Canada has long been regarded as one of the best study abroad destinations. Quality education, career and research prospects, skilled faculty, and convenient lodging may all be checked off your list in Canada. As a result, enrolling in a PG level course in the country will broaden your expertise in your chosen subject. In addition, the country’s simple PR and work permit laws make it a desirable destination.

What is the scope of PG Diploma in Canada?

Canada is a land full with possibilities. Employers are continuously looking for skilled workers with reputable educational qualifications such as a PG Diploma. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to attend multiple job fairs during your course, increasing your chances of landing a decent job, making the option to pursue a two-year PG diploma in Canada a solid one!

Can I get PR after PG diploma in Canada?

Yes. It is quite likely that you will be granted permanent residency in Canada if you complete a two-year PG Diploma program there. Because of your Canadian education, you will receive some extra CRS points when applying for a PR after completing your PGD course.

What is International Baccalaureate requirements?

Students in the IB curriculum must have a strong work ethic, excellent time management, and excellent study abilities. The IB programme offers a variety of courses at various levels (Higher Level and Standard Level). Furthermore, language training is available at all levels, from beginner to native speaker.

Do universities recognize IB?

Colleges and universities all across the world acknowledge the IB credential as superior preparation for students to excel in post-secondary institutions.

What qualities should a tutor have?

The 5 most important qualities of an effective tutor:

  • Patience.
  • Flexibility, dynamism, and adaptability to change.
  • Emotional IQ.
  • Effective communication skills and the ability to help students visualise.
  • Self-discipline.

Are scholarships available to international students in Canada?

International students may be eligible for scholarships from private, government, or public institutions in Canada. Students may be eligible for scholarships from their chosen study institution.

Do I need to show proof of funds when applying for a study permit?

Applicants for a study permit in Canada must demonstrate that they have sufficient means to cover tuition and living expenses for the first year of study.

What is the procedure to study in Canada?

The first step is to apply for admission to a government-approved Canadian Designated Learning Institution (DLI). After receiving a letter of acceptance from a DLI, an individual may be eligible to apply for a study permit. You can apply either online or via mail.
At a Canadian port of entry, all new study permits are issued. An applicant who has filed an application to a Canadian Visa Office in a foreign country will receive a letter of approval directing him or her to a Canadian port of entry to obtain a study visa. In most cases, a study permit is provided for the term of the student’s studies.

When will I receive my GMAT course material?

You can collect the materials in person from one of our nearby centers or talk to your relationship manager or counselor to get them sent to you (within India). Generally, it takes 5 to 7 days to deliver the material through courier services.

What are the Benefits of Manya – The Princeton Review GRE Test Series?

Here are some benefits of Manya – The Princeton Review GRE test series:

  • Targeted Practice
  • Consolidated and Exhaustive Score Reports
  • Flexible learning – Learn at your own pace
  • Interactive Online Resources
  • Simulated Test Experience

What Is Manya – The Princeton Review GRE Test Series?

Manya Education’s GRE Practice Test Series is an ideal combination of testing and recommended study materials.

GRE Test Series offers:

  • 5 Adaptive full length practice tests
  • Detailed score report for self-analysis
  • Answers and explanations for each question
  • 3 months validity

Why do you need to appear for Manya – The Princeton Review GRE Test Series before actual GRE?

Manya Education’s GRE Practice Test Series is an ideal blend of testing and recommended study materials. The course is built by GRE professionals and includes 5 full-length GRE practise exams that are adaptive by section, as well as a complete score report, answers, and explanation to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses and get the most out of their GRE preparation before the actual GRE exam.

How can the GRE test series help you?

Students should take customised GRE practice exams with thorough score reports, answers, and explanations to help them understand their strengths and weaknesses and get the most out of their GRE preparation.

Who should enroll for GRE Test Series?

GRE Practice Test Series by Manya Education is a fantastic combination of testing and recommended learning if you want to prepare for the GRE exam or improve your GRE score. The course is built by GRE experts and includes 5 full-length GRE practice exams that are adaptive by section, as well as a complete score report, answers, and explanation to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses and get the most out of their GRE preparation.

Are there any MBA competitive exams?

In general, India has 9 popular National Level MBA entrance exams for MBA admission. CAT, CMAT, MAT, XAT, NMAT, SNAP, ATMA, and GMAT are the exams. Then there are state-level exams like MAH CET, TANCET, PGCET, and KMAT, which can help you get into MBA programs in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and other states.

Can I do PhD after MBA in USA?

Yes, after an MBA, one can pursue a PhD in USA. Several business schools around the world offer PhD programmes that can be pursued after completing an MBA. Many schools require some years of work experience for the MBA program.

What is part time PhD in USA?

A PhD, or Doctor of Philosophy, is a university-awarded postgraduate degree. It is the highest level of academic degree available in a field. A Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) is a post-graduate degree awarded by a university’s business school or business faculty. Completing a Part Time PhD or a Part Time DBA can improve your career prospects significantly. A Part Time PhD or Part Time DBA degree can provide an advantage or be a required qualification for students or professionals interested in leadership, academia, consulting research, and entrepreneurship. Part-time PhDs and Part-time DBA programs are available at many universities around the world. The number of Part Time PhD and Part Time DBA programs available can be overwhelming.

Below are some of the part time PhD in USA which you can opt for your further studies:

  • Ed.D. in Organization and Leadership
  • PhD in Information and Technology
  • PhD in Strategic Leadership
  • PhD in Public Health
  • PhD in Neuroscience
  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering

Is it possible to pursue PhD in USA without GRE?

  • When applying for a PhD in the USA you will discover several universities that do not require GRE scores but prefer applications that include them. Here are the main possibilities for applying for a PhD in USA without GRE:
  • You can apply to universities in the USA that offer PhD programs.
  • You can choose from online or part-time PhD programs in the USA, as well as less selective universities that do not require the GRE.

Why SAT exam is required?

The objective of the SAT exam is to measure students’ ability to communicate in English and solve mathematical equations.

What is the SAT exam eligibility for Indian students?

The SAT exam has no specific SAT eligibility for Indian students, therefore anyone can take it. In most cases, students in the 10th or 11th grades take the SAT exam in order to use their scores in their undergraduate program’s study abroad application.

What is the next exam date for the SAT Exam 2022?

The next exam date for the SAT exam 2022 is May 7, 2022.

What is the result date to register for SAT Exam 2022?

The result date for the SAT exam 2022 is 25 March 2022.

When is the Last Date to Register for SAT Exam 2022?

The last date to register for the SAT exam 2022 is 11 Feb 2022.

Without the opportunity to take the SAT Subject Tests, how can I show my skills in specific subject areas?

Collegeboard has continued to improve and increase AP course availability, allowing students to show their skills through challenging coursework. AP course participation and exam scores are already used by many universities as indicators of a student’s skill and interest in a subject area. Students’ SAT scores, high school transcripts, course selection, and other indicators provide universities with information about their performance in important academic areas. Alternative ways to strengthen your applications should be contact from the colleges to which you intend to apply.

What is GMAT exam syllabus 2022?

GMAT syllabus 2022:
Analytical Writing Assessment
Integrated Reasoning

Is CAT and GMAT syllabus same?

The CAT and GMAT have nearly similar syllabus. The Quant component of the GMAT, on the other hand, is significantly easier than the CAT exam.

When is the GMAT exam 2022 registration date?

GMAT entrance exam date 2022 is from 11th to 15th January 2022.

What is GMAT age eligibility?

GMAT exam criteria for age:
The candidate must be 18 years old. There is no upper age limit for the candidate applying to take the test.
If you are a student between the age group of 13 to 17 years, you should have permission in writing from your parents or from your legal guardian.
So this was the GMAT age criteria

What is GMAT exam eligibility criteria 2022?

Eligibility to write GMAT exam:
The governing body for the GMAT have not stated any specific Eligibility for GMAT 2022 . However, before applying to any college or university it is suggested to check what all your college or university demands.

Can we study MBA in India without CAT?

Yes, we can study MBA in India without entrance exam like CAT.
Following is the list of best MBA colleges in India without entrance exam like CAT:
• XLRI, Jamshedpur
• Symbiosis International University
• MICA, Ahmedabad
• IRMA, Anand
• Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)

What is IELTS paper pattern 2022?

IELTS pattern is mentioned below:
Listening (Same for Academic and General Training)
Reading (Different for Academic and General Training)
Writing (Different for Academic and General Training)
Speaking (Same for Academic and General Training)
So, this was the IELTS pattern 2022.

Does Manya provides IELTS coaching? If yes what is the IELTS coaching fees?

Yes, Manya provides IELTS coaching. IELTS exam coaching fees would vary depending on the course and the centre you choose.

What is the IELTS revaluation fees in India?

IELTS revaluation fees in India is RS 8,475.

Are there any changes in IELTS exam fee in 2022?

No, IELTS cost is same since April 2021.

What is the IELTS exam fee for general category?

IELTS test fee for general category is RS 14,700.

What is the IELTS rescheduling fees in India?

IELTS rescheduling fees in India is Rs 8,475/-

Does Manya provide IELTS coaching? If yes what is the IELTS coaching fees?

Yes, Manya provides IELTS coaching. IELTS exam coaching fees would vary depending on the course and the centre you choose.

What is IELTS exam fee India?

IELTS fees in India is Rs 13,250.

What are the things that one should know about IELTS syllabus and pattern?

Knowing the IELTS exam syllabus thoroughly is the first step in IELTS preparation. Candidates must understand the two types of IELTS exam. IELTS is divided into two categories:

  • IELTS Academic
  • IELTS General

What is IELTS speaking test syllabus?

The IELTS Speaking examination is recorded for evaluation purposes and it is divided into three parts that resemble a face-to-face oral interview with an examiner, according to the IELTS 2022 syllabus. The Speaking section examines the candidates’ ability to communicate in English language.

What is IELTS exam fee in India?

IELTS exam fee in India is 14,700

What is IELTS general syllabus?

IELTS general syllabus:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening

What is the IELTS grammar syllabus?

Tenses rules and examples
Article rules
Simile and metaphors
Degree of comparison rules

Is there any maximum age limit for IELTS exam?

No, there is no maximum age limit for IELTS exam.

What is IELTS exam maximum age limit?

The British Council and IDP, the organizations that administers the exam, have set no IELTS exam age limit or eligibility criteria, though it is preferable that the candidate be at least 16 years of age.  Therefore there is no maximum age limit for IELTS exam.

What is IELTS eligibility score for Canada?

Scores required by top universities in Canada:
University of Toronto: 6.5-7
University of British Columbia: 6.5
McGill University: 6.5
McMaster University: 6.5
University of Alberta: 6.5

what is IELTS exam?

IELTS is designed to assess the language ability of candidates who need to study or work where English is the language of communication and instruction. It covers four basic language skills – IELTS listening, IELTS reading, IELTS writing and IELTS speaking.

What is GRE question paper pattern?

Verbal Reasoning Quantitative Reasoning Analytical Writing Research Unscored

What is the sat exam pattern?

SAT exam pattern includes the following: Evidence-based Reading and Writing Mathematics.

What is SAT exam fees?

Total SAT exam fee is $104.

What are the SAT registration dates for the year 2022?

SAT Test: February 2022
SAT Test SAT Subject Test: April 2022
SAT Test, SAT Subject Test: May 2022

Does SAT mock test online helps in SAT preparation?

Giving mock test will definitely help a candidate in his/her exam preparation. Mock test will make a candidate familiar with real test environment.

What are the available SAT test dates?

The months of March, May, August, October, and December all have SAT exams available.

Does GMAT Syllabus for Verbal Section only measure my understanding of grammar?

The Verbal portion, rather than being a test of grammar, is a test of comprehension and logic offered in the question.

What abilities does GMAT Syllabus in the Quant section measures?

The Quant part of the GMAT assesses your ability to examine facts and come to a conclusion or solve a problem using reasoning skills.

Can I choose the order in which I want to take the GMAT Exam?

Yes, before you begin the exam, you can choose the order in which you want to take the GMAT sections.

What is the difference between GRE and GMAT Syllabus?

The exclusion of an integrated reasoning portion in the GRE test is one of the most significant differences between the GRE and GMAT syllabuses.

What is the difference between CAT and GMAT Syllabus?

The main difference between the CAT and GMAT syllabuses is that the GMAT exam contains the Analytical Writing Assessment  portion, which is not included in the CAT exam.

What is the GMAT Exam pattern?

  • AWA: You have 30 minutes to answer one question. 
  • IR: You’ll have 30 minutes to complete 12 multiple-choice questions. 
  • Quantitative: you’ll have 62 minutes to answer 31 multiple-choice questions. 
  • Verbal: you’ll have 65 minutes to answer 36 multiple-choice questions. 

Is it possible to skip any GMAT section?

You can’t skip any of the GMAT sections. Only if you answer all of the questions or if you run out of time for that part does it become complete.

How many sections are there on the GMAT?

Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and Analytical Writing Assessment are the four sections of the GMAT.

What is GMAT Math Syllabus?

Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving are two sections of the GMAT Quantitative Aptitude Section. This portion is intended to assess the candidates’ ability to solve issues using a mathematical method.

What is the GMAT section structure and how long does the test last?

There is an 8-minute rest that you can take if you want to: 

  • Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Break, Quantitative, Break, Verbal
  • Verbal, Break, Quantitative, Break, Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment
  • Quantitative, Break, Verbal, Break, Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment
  • The total duration of the test is 3 hours, 7 minutes. 

How much does a PhD abroad cost?

The cost of pursuing a PhD abroad would depend on various factors like the country you choose, the university you choose and the public/private factor of the university.

How many years is PhD abroad?

Usually PhD abroad have a duration of 3 to 10 years.

Which country is easy to get PhD?


How can I get admission in abroad for PhD?

It is important to note that for a Ph.D. from abroad with the scholarship you should excel in the general GRE exam and the subject GRE.
You must tell the universities the specific area you wish to specialize in after you are sure when to apply for Ph.D. This should be an area that interests you a lot. If you have some idea of the topic as well, go ahead and inform the admissions committee. They will know that you have done your homework and you are serious about obtaining a Ph.D. degree.

Who is Eligible to Take the GRE?

You can apply for GRE if you have a bachelor’s degree in any field from a recognised institute or university, whether it is Arts, Science, Business, Law, or Engineering. ETS has not imposed any restrictions on eligibility to take the GRE.

What Verbal content will I be tested on?

  • Completion of Text 

These are the questions that have blanks that you must fill up. To get the point, you must fill in the correct answer everywhere for questions with more than one blank. 

  • Reading Comprehension

These questions are accompanied by passages that range in length from less than 20 lines to more than 40 lines. They inquire on your comprehension of the text. 

  • Critical Reasoning 

CR questions, which are technically a subset of Reading Comprehension questions, encourage you to find logical connections between facts in a brief paragraph. 

  • Sentence Equivalence 

In SE questions, you must choose words that complete a sentence and have the same meaning. These questions will go swiftly if your vocabulary is strong.

Is GRE Harder than the GRE Practice Test?

The actual test is segmented adaptive in terms of material. In other words, as you progress through the test, the difficulty level of the questions increases. Try not to interpret the difficulty level of the question as a reflection of your present score; a single question may be easy for you, rather easy in general, so it may not reflect your score band in the way you believe it does. Overall, keep in mind that depending on your training or background, various people find certain questions simple, medium, or difficult. A practice test may appear easy to you but be objectively challenging to others—or vice versa.

How do I Evaluate AWA in GRE Practice Test?

It’s not easy to assess your own Analytical Writing part. After all, if you knew exactly what you needed to do to improve your GRE AWA, you would have done it by now. The best approach to assess your GRE essay is to ask the help of a friend, study partner, tutor, or teacher.

What Type of GRE Mock Tests You Should Take?

Begin by taking the non-adaptive free GRE mock test online. Switch to the adaptive GRE practice test once you’ve completed most of your preparations. This will allow you to better identify your areas of strength and weakness early on in your preparations, as well as give you a taste of actual test conditions later on.

How Many GRE Mock Tests Should You Take?

Remember that GRE practice tests are an important element of your GRE preparation, but they should not be your exclusive source of information. You can take as many practice tests as you need to get a feel for the exam. If you only have a month to three months to prepare, it’s best to take four GRE mock exams – not including the diagnostic test you’ll take to establish a baseline.

Which language proficiency test should I consider for pursuing PhD in Canada?

Below is the list of the most renowned language proficiency test that you can consider for pursuing PhD in Canada:


How much percentage is required to get a scholarship in Canada?

To be considered for a scholarship, a candidate must have scored at least 80% in their class 12 examination. In addition, the candidate’s parent’s annual income should not exceed Rs. 4.5 lacs.

Do Indian students get scholarships in Canada

The Government of Canada and many post-secondary schools provide students with various sorts of scholarship awards, grants, or bursaries to help them pay for their studies. This attracts a big number of Indian students who wish to pursue higher education and a better quality of life in Canada.

Is college cheaper than university in Canada?

College is usually less expensive than university. This is due to the fact that college programs are typically shorter than university ones, and universities are generally held in higher regard. Your decision between college and university is largely influenced by the type of career you wish to follow. The tuition fee in Universities per year generally ranges between CAD 25-40K for Bachelor’s degree programs. Whereas the tuition fee at colleges generally ranges between CAD 12K and 25K.

Can I work in Canada after my PhD?

Yes. You’ll be a strong candidate for a variety of jobs in, research and other fields as a PhD graduate. Furthermore, Canada will be eager to keep you, and the country’s post-study immigration system is geared to make that option as appealing as possible. The post-graduation work permit (PGWP) allows international graduates of Canadian universities to reside and work in the country for up to three years after receiving their doctorate degree.

When To Book GRE Test Dates?

Finding out what GRE exam dates are available to you is a good place to start. This is dependent on whether you want to take the GRE on a computer or on paper.

What are the required documents for studying in Canada?

• Transcripts of 10th and 12th and degree courses
• CV/ Resume
• Photocopy of Passport
• Extra-curricular certificates
• 2 passport size photographs