Cost of Studying in Switzerland

If you are planning to study abroad in Switzerland then you must have a brief look at the cost of studying in Switzerland. Along with the tuition fees, you must check the expenses of food, accommodation, health coverage, and travel in Switzerland. Following is a brief summary of the cost of studying in Switzerland.


Tuition Fees

If you want to pursue a degree program in Switzerland you must know that the tuition fees will depend on factors like the degree program or the university you choose, the tuition fees cost will also depend on the public/private factor of the university. The cost of studying from a public university will be less than the cost of studying from a private university in Switzerland.


Approximate Annual Tuition Fees

Diploma Program: 18,500 Swiss Francs per annum

Bachelor’s Program: 6,000-24,000 Swiss Francs per annum

Master’s Program: 3,000-13,000 Swiss Francs per annum

MBA program: 30,000-85,000 Swiss Francs per annum

  • Funding Options

Studying at a public university in Switzerland is very affordable. Plenty of scholarship options are offered to international students. Scholarships for international students programs in Switzerland are mostly reserved for postgraduate and research studies programs. Students must check with the Swiss Embassy in their home town for further queries and details on the scholarships. Remember that few universities in Switzerland offer interest free loans to international students that are up to 11,000EURO per year.

  • Work While Studying

After living in Switzerland for at least 6 months an international student can work part time while pursuing a degree program in Switzerland and can also work full time during vacations on a work permit.


There are 3 accommodation options available for international students studying in Switzerland.

  • Renting University Accommodation

Many universities in Switzerland own accommodations for renting to their students that are very affordable. (that is around 500-800 Swiss Francs)

  • Renting Private Accommodation

If you don’t want to stay in the university accommodation, you can also stay in private accommodation or share a flat with a friend or other student studying there. (the cost for renting a private accommodation can range anywhere between 758-900 Swiss Francs)

  • Homestay

A homestay is also an option in Switzerland that will give you exposure to Swiss culture and an opportunity to meet the local people. Homestay in Switzerland is affordable and it gives you a chance to learn and improve the local language.


Living Expenses and Transportation

If you are planning to study abroad in Switzerland then you must plan a budget as the cost of living in Switzerland for Indian students ranges between 1,000EURO and 1,500EURO per month which will include the expenses for food, housing, tuition, transportation, and other leisure activities.

Books and Supplies- 105 Swiss Francs per month

Transportation- 46-58 Swiss Francs per month (if you use a monthly transportation pass)


Health Support and Insurance

It is mandatory for all international students to have health insurance while studying in Switzerland. The cost of health insurance in Switzerland can be up to 600CHF per month. If you already have health insurance make sure that it is valid in Switzerland.

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