Scholarships in Spain

Studying in Spain is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you wouldn’t want to miss and the Spanish government won’t let you by offering scholarships to students who cannot afford education there but are very talented and fit their criteria. Spanish education is of very high quality and is very affordable too but still, a scholarship can provide an extra cushion. To students so they don’t have to worry about finances anymore and can focus on their studies. These scholarships are available to all international students.

Some of the scholarships sponsored by the Spanish government are:

Spain Government Scholarships

The Spanish government with the help of its ministry of education offers many education programs to international students and these are for Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral Degree with an option to choose from various universities and it is a fully funded scholarship.


UIC Barcelona Scholarship

The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya is what the UIC stands for in this scholarship program. The UIC offers International Excellence Scholarships from all over the world. The number of scholarship positions is limited and therefore you must fit the criteria in order to get this scholarship. The programs in this scholarship include these study areas: biomedicine, bioengineering, law, business, communication, psychology, nursing, physiotherapy, and many more.


European University of Atlantic

The European University of Atlantic provides scholarship opportunities for undergraduate degrees for 20 students which cover 100% tuition fees. To earn this scholarship a student has to go through various stages including personal interviews by the scholarship committee of the university. The criteria is as follows – A diploma or an advanced level specialised vocational training diploma must be held by the student.
The student has passed the university entry exams or, alternatively, has a previous university degree and/or other university studies from a different educational system.


University of Granada

University of Granada provides another scholarship opportunity to students who are wishing to pursue masters or doctoral degree in Spain. This university offers a waiver to students on tuition fees if a student is selected for this scholarship program.

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