PhD in Spain


Why Study in Spain?

Who wouldn’t want to study in Spain, such a beautiful country with high quality education and low tuition fees it offers a complete package. Let’s talk numbers shall we, most of the universities in Spain hold a very high position in the global university rankings.

University THE 2023 QS 2023 ARWU 2022
Pompeu Fabra University 156 233 301
Autonomous University of Barcelona 170 178 201
University of Barcelona 193 184 151
University of Navarra 251 253 501
Autonomous University of Madrid 301 215 301
University of Valencia 401 571 201
CEU Universities 501-600 201-300
Complutense University of Madrid 501 226 201
University of the Balearic Islands 601 701
University of Deusto 601


Reasons to Study in Spain

The first and the most important reason would be the quality of education this country has to offer at such affordable tuition fees. Spain focuses more on doctoral degrees with structured courses and partnering with non-academic partners. When it comes to culture, art, literature, heritage, etc I don’t think any country can come close to Spain as it is so rich in culture and heritage and have such famous figures like Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Antoni Gaudi, Francisco La Goya, Miguel De Cervantes, Salvador De Madariaga, and Santiago Ramon Y Cajal.

While studying in Spain you can even learn Spanish as cool as it sounds. It is very easy to learn. Though there are universities offering courses in English, the choices are few so you might not get your desired course In the English Language so it would be easier to learn Spanish so as to get your desired course in the university you want. Spain is also very well connected to other neighboring countries so when in Spain why not explore other European countries that are just a small flight away so you can easily study there and even relax and what more can a student ask for.


Popular Fields of Ph.D. Study in Spain

Program Universities Rank
Business 38 1
Engineering 36 2
Law & Jurisprudence 35 3
Economics 33 4
Education 31 5
Humanities 29 6
Management 29 7
Medicine 27 8


Program Duration, Fees and Other Details

Universities 84
Nobel Prizes 8
Oldest University University of Salamanca (1218)
International Students 70,912
PhD Length 3 years
Representative Fees €2,300-5,500 or less per year
Academic Year September to August


Eligibility Criteria For PhD Programs

To apply for a PhD program in Spain you would first have to hold a relevant master’s and bachelor’s degree in your research field and you have to have high credits around 300 ECTS too. Along with it, you would have to submit a letter of recommendation, a personal essay about why you want to apply to that particular university and what are your future goals and a detailed resume.


Intake and Application Deadlines

PhD in Spain have varying application deadlines and intakes and it depends on the type of study you want to earn your PhD in and in which university you are applying. Many Spanish universities receive inquiries about the doctoral degree in January and May for the following year and the academic year starts from September and ends in August.

Application Process

The following documents are required when applying to study PhD in Spain

  • Research Proposal
  • CV
  • References
  • Passport
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • College Transcripts
  • And Even Attend an Interview


Visa Terms and Provisions

International students are required to have a valid type-D student visa to enter Spain initially. The visa is valid for three months to stay in Spain at the beginning and it is extended during the first month for a long-term visa at the local diplomatic mission or consular post. The documents required to apply for a visa are as follows:

  • Application Form
  • Passport size photographs
  • University enrolment letter
  • Health Insurance
  • Proof of financial support
  • Proof of address in Spain
  • Application fee submission proof

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