Letter of Recommendation (LOR) for USA

What is LOR?

The LOR, or Letter of Recommendation, is an important aspect of your application that might influence the admission committee’s decision because it allows them to assess your capabilities and candidacy for the course you’ve applied for from the perspective of the recommender. Typically, at least three letters of recommendation are required for courses applied to study abroad for a Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, or MBA program.

Every LOR should specify the recommender’s nature of association with the student. For example, if the recommender is a professor, the subject taught, the years of association, and then all of the possibilities the professor had to evaluate the student’s ability should be mentioned. If every favorable attribute described is backed up by some proof or situation where the recommender was able to judge or deduce the student’s potential or capability, it produces a greater impression on the admissions officers. It’s critical to choose the correct recommender because it determines what kind of recommendations can be produced.


How to Select a Recommender for a LOR?

A letter of recommendation should give admissions officers information about the applicant’s abilities, academic strengths, extracurricular activities, and overall persona. As a result, selecting a recommender who has had the time to examine the student’s ability within the scope of their association becomes critical. It is not always necessary to assume that a letter from someone in a position of high authority or designation, such as the Chairman or Principal, will be more valuable; rather, a good recommendation letter should come from someone who has observed/worked/mentored you for a significant period of time and can comment on your abilities based on close or direct association, such as the Chairman or Principal.

  • A student applying for a bachelor’s degree program can get letters of recommendation from teachers and professors from high school and college. It could also come from the Head of Department or Principal if they have had enough direct contact with you to assess your abilities and provide feedback.
  • A Master’s student can get two references from instructors who have worked with the student and can vouch for his or her skill and suitability for the course being applied to. One recommendation from the project guide, who can assess your practical/problem-solving skills and make a recommendation, would be ideal.
  • An MBA student must include two recommendations that speak to their job capabilities, which could be from a manager, team lead, or a colleague who can assess your interpersonal, communication, and leadership abilities.
  • Having two or more recommenders from professors or HODs who can provide insight into the student’s research aptitude and talents, as well as shed light on their abilities demonstrated throughout research activity, will be extremely persuasive for a PhD seeker.

Sample LOR For USA

(Name of Recipient)

(Mailing address of Recipient)

(Position of Recipient)

(Today’s date)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to recommend (applicant’s name) for the MBA/MS program at (university name). She/He worked as an Associate Manager at (company’s name) for the past five years. I was her/him direct supervisor from the first year of her/him joining. I closely observed her/him capabilities and way of working.

When (applicant’s name) joined this company, She/He had just completed her BBA. Since then, She/He has evolved into a dedicated and hardworking professional. I can vouch that She/He has done exemplary performance for our company. Initially, She/He worked as a colleague with a team of 15 marketers. She/He demonstrated the qualities of a leader and team player by motivating and inspiring others.
Due to her/him impressive performance, She/He was promoted to the Associate Brand Manager role after one year of her joining. She/He worked on many projects in the last 5 years and delivered satisfactory results. She/He has strong business acumen and zeal to work hard in spite of challenging circumstances.

I consider her/him an ideal candidate for an MBA program at your esteemed university without any doubt. This program will provide her/him an opportunity to polish her extraordinary marketing skills.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further concerns about (applicant’s name).


(Recommender’s Name)

(Institution Name)

(Tel.: +XXXX)

(E-mail: XXXXX@mail.com)

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