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LOR stands for Letter of Recommendation. LOR is used to certify and asset the candidate’s applications by those who reviewed the student under a professional atmosphere. A LOR provides brief information about the student’s skills, academic records, talents, certifications, etc. to the admission department of the university. Usually, Universities demand 2-3 letters of recommendation from the candidate applying for an undergraduate program. It will be better if the candidate chooses a person who has taught you for writing a letter of recommendation for undergraduate admission.


Few Mistakes to Avoid While Writing LOR

Following are the most common mistakes to avoid while writing a letter of recommendation for undergraduate admission:

  • Choosing the Wrong Recommender

This can be your biggest mistake; a candidate must choose the right person for writing his/her LOR. The recommender should know the candidate’s strengths, talent, and achievements so that they could write LOR in the most convincing and perfect way that will surely make the admission team feel that the candidate is an equitable choice for getting admission to the university. A candidate can diminish his/her chances of getting admission to the desired university simply by choosing the wrong recommender.

  • Rushing in the Last Minute

A candidate must request LOR from the recommender at least a month before it has to be submitted. Therefore it is advised to choose your recommender in advance. Giving the recommender quality time to write your LOR will eventually enable him to write a potential LOR which can play a major role in getting your application selected for admission. Forcing your recommender to write your LOR is the last minute can make him angry.

  • Not Including Examples in LOR

If the recommender is just praising and complimenting the candidate without including examples in the LOR then this can decrease the effectiveness of the application. The recommender must state relevant examples for supporting his statements; this will increase the chances for the application to get selected.

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Template of Letter of Recommendation for Undergraduate Admission


  • Contact Information

A letter of recommendation must be included with the contact information of both- the person writing LOR and the recipient contact information at the top of the LOR.

  • Greeting

Include a salutation to start LOR while writing a personal LOR.

  • 1st Paragraph – Introduction

In the first paragraph of LOR a recommender must include his/her purpose of writing the LOR and answer the questions like how you know the candidate and for how long you know the candidate.

  • 2nd/3rd Paragraph – Purpose of Writing

In the second paragraph, the recommender must tell the admission committee about the talent and potential candidate has to offer. It can include details about the candidate’s academic and extracurricular achievements. The recommender must include examples to support his statements.

  • 4th Paragraph – Summary

In the 4th paragraph, the recommender should summarize the reason why he is recommending the candidate.

  • 5th Paragraph – Conclusion

In this paragraph, the recommender should tell the admission department that he is open to sharing more information about the candidate and is open to any queries or doubts.

  • Letter Closing

Letter of Recommendation must be ended with a formal letter closing (name, title, and signature, and contact information)


LOR Samples for Undergraduate

Here is a sample of letter of recommendation for undergraduate admission:

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may be of concern:

As the principal of Summer Fields School, New Delhi, India, I have known Xyz as one of the all-rounder students. I first met Xyz in 2017 when I joined the school. He was appointed as a house captain of our school. I had an opportunity of teaching him the subject of geography when he was in 11th standard. Based on my observation I consider him to be one of the most sincere and diligent as he has always performed to his full potential and capability throughout his tenure in our School.

Xyz possesses confidence and has been consistent in maintaining his strong work ethic and sincerity towards his academics throughout his tenure in school. Along with maintaining a good academic score, Xyz has always taken an interest in participating in class discussions, he believes that sharing ideas will eventually make understanding easier and interesting. Therefore Xyz is one of the students who have always indulged in healthy discussions of the classroom that have helped other students of the class to gain knowledge over the topic too. He also proposed an idea to set up a platform where students can post their academic-related queries, questions, solutions, or ideas. His innovative idea was accepted and it has proven to create a healthy and fun schooling environment.

Apart from his great contribution and achievements in academics he has also contributed to our school’s sports department. Xyz is a very talented football player. He was one of the most well-known football players of Summer Fields School, New Delhi. He was the captain of our school football team and has represented our school in various inter-school competitions. Under his captaincy, our school has won 3 trophies in three different tournaments. Apart from his achievements in football for school he has also achieved a number of titles at the district level.

In conclusion, I would like to say that Xyz has achieved excellence and success in whatever he undertakes. I believe that Xyz is an equitable candidate for getting admission to ABC University for the Xyz undergraduate program. Please feel free to contact me if there is any issue or queries. Therefore I recommend my sincere recommendation for Xyz in ABC University. I wish Xyz all the luck and success for his future.

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