Academic LOR

LOR stands for Letter of Recommendation. An academic LOR is documentation that helps in certifying or attesting the applications by those who checked the student firmly in a professional atmosphere. LOR is one of the most prominent sources used by the selection committee for obtaining knowledge about the capabilities of the candidate. Letter of Recommendation helps the selection committee to know about the basic learning of the candidate.

Generally, academic LOR is written by candidate’s:

  • Teacher
  • Club organizer
  • Professor
  • Counselor
  • Faculty or coach of the previous university

Some of the universities around the globe that hold top ranks in the QS ranking ask for two or maybe three LOR during their admission. Academic LOR is not only needed at the time of admissions but they are sometimes demanded from candidates while applying for jobs. It gives the admission officer a clear picture of your abilities, knowledge, accomplishments. An academic LOR is only prepared on the letterhead of the candidate’s college/university. A letter of recommendation for a master’s degree is very important and crucial.

Generally, Letter of Recommendation is 1-2 pages. It works as a supplement to SOP’s, achievement certifications and transcripts, and all the other documents submitted by the candidate at the time of admissions.

Following are some points that must be included while writing LOR:

  • Remember that LOR is only written on the official letterhead of the university/college.
  • The reference number should be included while writing a letter of recommendation with the respective dates for verification purposes.
  • Letter of recommendation must include correct and authentic information which means Only true strengths and weaknesses of the candidate should be included.
  • Letter of recommendation must be written in the official language of the country in which the candidate is applying. (Most of the university prefers the English language for LOR)
  • The official email address, phone number, and signature of the person who’s writing must be included in the LOR.
  • The name of the university and the name of the course you’re applying to must be mentioned in LOR.
  • LOR must be written by the university’s faculty members who were in authority while you were pursuing academics there.


Types of Academic LOR

College Recommendation Letter

College recommendation letters are created to assist students with their college applications. They showcase the student’s accomplishments, academic capabilities, character, and contributions while in high school or, in the case of transfers, at a previous college.

Graduate School Recommendation Letter

The applicant’s academic achievements, project successes, and strengths are discussed in the letter to persuade the graduate institution to provide the student an opportunity to continue their studies.

Job Application Recommendation Letter

A recommendation letter for a job application is written to an organisation or interviewer where a recommended has applied for a job in order to improve their chances of being accepted. The strengths of the student applicant are detailed in this type of recommendation letter.

Letter For Financial Aid

Financial help is only available to students who have strong academic records or who participate in extracurricular activities such as athletics or community service; as a result, a written reference from their instructors, coaches, or administration is required to prove their financial aid eligibility which is covered in this type of letter.


From Whom Should the LOR Should Come?

Someone who knows you better has seen the quality of your work, and is delighted with your efforts and accomplishments should provide the LOR like your teachers, guidance counsellors, administrators, supervisors.

The LOR should be printed on the institution’s or company’s official letterhead. When providing a professional LOR, make sure the recommender is still employed by the same company.


Every LOR include the points mentioned below but you should remember some more things to include while writing academic LOR for the following courses:

Academic LOR for Management Courses

Things to include while writing LOR for management courses are:

  • Problem solving Skills
  • Time management skills
  • Negotiations skills
  • Being able to work under pressure
  • Leadership skills

Academic LOR for Science and Engineering Program

You must keep the following points in mind while writing academic LOR for the science and engineering program:

  • Analytic skills
  • Ability to do quality work along with concise work
  • Creative and logical mindset
  • Quick and good equation solving skills


Academic LOR for Arts and Educational Programs

You must keep the following points in your mind while writing LOR for arts programs:

  • Ability to take criticism
  • History knowledge
  • Communication and intra personal skills
  • Life skills



A letter of recommendation is a document that is written by your previous university’s faculty member on the official letterhead of the university so as to support the documents you have submitted in your dream university for getting admissions. Make sure everything written in your LOR must be authentic and no false statement should be included as it can diminish your chances of getting admission to your preferred college or university.


Academic Letter Of Recommendation Format

The first line of the letter of recommendation should read, “To Whom It May Concern.”

The First Paragraph

The first paragraph should include information on the recommender’s qualifications, such as their name, title, firm name, relationship with the candidate, and length of time they’ve known each other, among other things.

The Second Paragraph

This paragraph should provide a description of the candidate’s skills and abilities, as well as one of the student’s most important characteristics, such as research aptitude, academic competency, leadership, teamwork, and organisational skills. Outside-the-box thinking, initiative, a strong work ethic, and maturity are all desired attributes.

The Third Paragraph

This section tells the admissions committee about the candidate’s other qualities. These traits should not be the same as those mentioned in the preceding paragraph. It helps the admissions committee obtain a general knowledge of the applicant, which makes the decision-making process much easier.

The Fourth Paragraph

In this paragraph, the recommender should mention the candidate’s extracurricular activities and accomplishments. It helps to emphasise important characteristics like teamwork, passion, and excitement, among others.

The Fifth Paragraph

This is the final section of the letter, and it should summarise the most significant points.


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