TOEFL Practice Test

TOEFL Test Pattern 2020

What is a good TOEFL practice test?

A good TOEFL practice test asks you questions of the difficulty level which you will be dealing with on your test day. Scoring well on the practice test gives you confidence and allows you to find your strengths and weaknesses on the subjects involved. Each practice test should be taken seriously in order to prepare well to meet your desire score.

Top reasons why you should take these practice test?

Are you still not able to decide whether you should be taking the TOEFL practice tests or not?  As said above, the practice tests make you aware of the test format building up your confidence to take the actual test and enabling you to understand where you make mistakes. Whenever you fail to answer a question or find it challenging to improve on the reading comprehension skills, taking the TOEFL Practice test is the best way to improve.

Once you know why you need to take the practice tests then the next step is to decide when to take them? Well, this totally depends on how long you have until your TOEFL test date. That is you need to know how much time you have in hand for the TOEFL preparation; you have 3 months to prepare or it’s just 3 weeks away. Then you can decide on how many practice test you can take? And when? If you have at least a month in hand then you can consider taking 1 practice test at the beginning of your prep, one or two during your TOEFL prep and one towards the end of your TOEFL preparation.

Practice makes everyone perfect and scoring well on the TOEFL also demands practice. Practicing for the TOEFL does not just mean practicing the questions and rehearsing the answers. One must know the format thoroughly; bring in precision and pace the responses appropriately in order to get the best results. Therefore, it is important to align practice to the actual test format and timing. Practice as much as possible in the same format at the pace required in the real test.

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