GMAT Practice Test

What will be your GMAT score? Find out by taking a full-length practice test under realistic testing conditions. Try your hand at the types of questions you’ll see on the real test and get a personalized score report highlighting your strengths and areas of improvement. By doing more and more GMAT computer-adaptive practice tests you can understand the format clearly and reviewing one section at a time will help you to achieve the best GMAT score.

Benefits of Taking Practice Test

  • Opportunity to take full-length tests similar to the actual GMAT. Thus, making you familiar with the types of questions and number of questions you will see on each section on the real GMAT.
  • Experience of taking the GMAT under time pressure. Thus, helping you know where you stand and how much work is required to reach your target score.
  • Option to choose the section order on your practice exams – just like on test day. This will help you to know which section order results in your best performance.
  • Ability to monitor your pacing. Use the timer to check your pace and work on it accordingly.
  • Opportunity to use the various online tools and become comfortable with the test.
  • Chance to learn from your mistakes and evaluate your weak areas.
  • Way to understand the scoring pattern.

Why GMAT Practice Test

GMAT Exam-Style Questions

  • It is important to practice standardized questions. Our test questions are very close to the real ones. Thus, preparing you for the GMAT in the most realistic way possible.
  • The tests include all the topics and question types tested on the actual GMAT.
  • The right difficulty level of the questions accurately measures your score and lets you know your preparedness for the actual test.

Simulates the Real GMAT

  • 10 full-length, computer-adaptive-by-question practice test that mimics the actual GMAT. You’ll come away with a realistic understanding of the test and how you might score.
  • The Look-and-feel of the test is exactly like the real GMAT giving you the right practice and experience. Thus, bolstering your confidence on the actual test day.
  • Gives you the most accurate scores.

Comprehensive Score Report

  • Get a detailed, interactive score report that provides in-depth guidance about how you’re using your time and where you have opportunities for improvement.
  • Review your answers to practice exams and check the solutions to know the shortest and the smartest way of doing each question.
  • Let the ALGO analyze your results by topic area, format, strategy, and time analysis.
  • See and learn how the level of questions change as you get the questions right or wrong.
  • Learn about your areas of strengths and weaknesses in detail with the suggested drills for improving your weak areas at the end of the test report.


Is the GMAT practice test free or paid?

We provide 10 adaptive full-length practice tests. You will get free access to one of these tests on registering on our website. Other 9 tests are paid tests.

What are the advantages of taking these GMAT practice tests?

The practice test will help you know how you will perform on the actual test. Try your hand at the types of questions you’ll see on the real test and get a personalized score report highlighting your strengths and areas of improvement. The time analysis provided in the report will help you improve your pacing.

Can my practice test be reset?

No, the tests cannot be reset but can be retaken.

How long do I have access to an online practice test for GMAT?

You get 120 days to access the free online practice test and if you buy a course, the student portal validity depends on the kind, of course, you have enrolled for.

Can I pause the practice test and resume later?

Yes, you can pause and resume the test; however, it is not advisable. We recommend you to take the practice test in one go to get real test experience and accurate scores.

When will I get my score report for the practice test?

You will get a detailed score report with answers and explanations immediately when you end the test.

Can I retake the practice test?

No, you cannot take the test again. However, you can do a detailed analysis with the score report and can view answers with explanations for every question on the test.

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