Letter of Recommendation (LOR) for Australia


LOR is a document that helps to certify or attest the applications submitted by the candidate from those who have checked the candidate firmly in a professional atmosphere. LOR is one of the most prominent sources used by the admission committee for obtaining knowledge about the capabilities of the candidate. Letter of Recommendation helps the admission committee to know about the basic learning of the candidate.

In almost every university of Australia LOR is generally a mandatory requirement for post graduate programs whether they are master’s programs or research courses. Universities of Australia generally require 1-2 academic letters of recommendation and at least one professional Letter of Recommendation from the candidate. You would be amazed to know that there is one unique aspect of LOR required by universities of Australia that the LOR must be course/program oriented and not university specific.


Guidelines for Writing LOR for Australian Universities

  • LOR must be written on the official letterhead/ stationary depending upon the type of Letter of Recommendation required.
  • Recommendation letters for students must focus on the unique qualities of the candidate from the referee’s point of view and should not be a reinforcement of awards, certification, and achievements of the candidate.
  • The information in the LOR must be genuine and verified as Australian universities tend to cross check the provided information.
  • Recommendation letters for students studying abroad must describe and specify the context in which the recommender knows the candidate and also keep in mind that the recommender must know the candidate for at least 1 year or more. This will ensure the admission committee that the recommender has properly evaluated the candidate in different situations.
  • Before writing LOR, the recommender must remember the sole intention behind writing LOR that is recommending the candidate to get admission in the university; this can be done by highlighting the various qualities of the candidate that makes him an equitable candidate for getting admission in the specific university.

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Sample LOR for Australia

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m glad that I’ve had the opportunity to recommend Xyz for the MS in finance program at your renowned university. I taught Xyz for 1 year as a professor of economics at Efg University while he was pursuing Economic hon.

From the very first day, he was curious about learning new topics and he possessed great grasping skills. He was sincere and efficient in every task and research project he performed inside or outside the university premises.

As an economics student, he diligently took part in research, workshops, and projects. He was capable of displaying his skills as a team player as well as individually. He has excellent communication skills along with helping nature. He was also a member of the youth club in the college and showed his leadership and organization skills there.

During his bachelor’s degree in Economics, he displayed his analytic and reasoning skills. He was very disciplined while doing time consuming and difficult tasks. He has represented our university in so many events.

In his final year, he was the first student to complete his research work and internship brilliantly in the designated time period. He has the ability to learn quant and analytic skills. That’s why I would say that he is surely an equitable candidate to get admission in the Abc university for MS in Finance.

His brilliant academics, personality, literacy, and great professional experience make him a deserving candidate for getting admission in the program. Xyd’s long-term and short term goals are aligned with that of the university. He will surely give a worthy contribution to the university, program, and students studying there.

In conclusion, I would like to say that Xyz has achieved excellence and success in whatever he undertakes. I believe that Xyz is an equitable candidate for getting admission to the ABC University for the MS in Finance program. Please feel free to contact me if there is any issue or queries. Therefore I recommend my sincere recommendation for Xyz in ABC University. I wish Xyz all the luck and success for his future.

(Recommender’s Name)

(University Name)

(Phone number of the recommender)

(Email Id of recommender )

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