International Internship Program

The Program allows students to complete their internship in a chosen subject with world-class education experts. This program allows students to expand and apply their knowledge of an academic subject in ways not possible within school courses. Paired with the state-of-the-art interactive communications and program management platform, students are able to collaborate with mentors in an accessible, convenient and organized remote learning environment that replicates in-person communication. With hard work, students not only complete a research project or written work/publication but can also earn a letter of recommendation – an influential asset for future admissions or employment goals!


Strategic Development Program

Become the most competitive, attractive candidate to the chosen universities and be positioned for success, once you get there

Deeper Learning

Learn from mentors to increase your knowledge set and level of expertise within the subject of your interest

Research Project

Work on a new research project decided upon by you or together with your mentor

Unlimited Support

Get 24-hour support from a dedicated program coordinator

Mentor Profiles

Dr. Erik Hoel

Research Assistant Professor, Biology
Tufts University

Erik uses information theory and causal analysis to explore the biological basis of consciousness and understand the nature of emergence. Part of this research is on how complexity and information theory can be used to track or measure the neural difference between consciousness and unconsciousness, using data from cutting-edge neuroscientific methodologies. A second aspect of his research is to understand how causal structure changes across scale, and how information theory metrics can capture and quantify the emergence of macroscale causal structure.

Bianca Serwinski

Researcher & Lecturer, Psychology
University College London

Bianca holds a Ph.D. in Doctorate in Psychology from UCL. She was a lecturer in Health Psychology and Psychosomatics at Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) and at Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE). She also taught MSc Health Psychology course at UCL. Bianca’s Ph.D. is funded by the Medical Research Council. Her research area is Psychoneuroendocrinology. Specifically, she investigates the effects of psychological and psychosocial factors in relation to the hormone cortisol and well-being. Other research interests include psychobiology, cortisol and stress.

Dr. Peter Kempthorne

Professor in Statistics, Financial Mathematics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Presently, Dr. Kempthorne is a lecturer at the Department of Mathematics in MIT. Dr. Kempthorne received his A.B. magna cum laude degree in applied mathematics from Harvard University and was elected to the Alpha Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. He pursued graduate studies in statistics receiving the M.Sc. degree and the Diploma of Imperial College award from the University of London, and a Ph.D. from the University of California Berkeley. Since 1995, Dr. Kempthorne has been an investment manager, exploiting advanced statistical analytics to manage a variety of investment programs.

Our Students Speak

Hello everyone! I’m Samarth Kulkarni. Recently, I had the great privilege of being able to work on a project with Dr. Bruce Campbell of Brown University. Over the course of our mentorship, we worked to create a “BCI”, which is a system that detects and interprets brain waves so that they can be used to procure a response from the computer. By the end of our mentorship, we had managed to extract and interpret data, as well as build a preliminary ML model to perform all these steps automatically. The whole experience was an amazing one, and really helped me with a whole host of skills, from coding to expressing my thoughts clearly.

Samarth Kulkarni

International Internship Program is a very unique and intellectually cultivating program. The opportunity to interact with professors from the top universities in the world and actually work under them comes once in a lifetime and should not be passed. I personally worked under an MIT professor and those 8 weeks have been stupendous. He taught me concepts with ease and gave me simple yet intriguing assignments which would encourage me to dive deeper and explore the concepts. Not only did I get to make a project under him, but also got a major edge over others by illustrating my competence and experience through his letter of recommendation. Manya is doing an excellent job with the mentorship. I was extremely satisfied with every feature of the program and do not hesitate to recommend it to other aspirants.

Aarav Kumar
New Delhi

International Internship Program provided me the opportunity of working with an international professor and performing research without the hassle of physically moving to that location. The program helps you connect to a few of the brilliant minds that are a part of prestigious universities abroad. If you can afford it I would most definitely recommend this internship.

Anusha Sarraf
New Delhi

I am a final year undergrad pursuing Robotics and Automation in PSG College of Technology and I ‘ve got acceptance letter from NEU and UMCP for pursuing MS in US. Luckily, I found about this program when I was applying for MS using Manya services. This Manya international internship program is one of a kind, it connects students directly with the professors from top-notch universities. And based on the interest of the students they provide a few options from which we can choose whatever we find comfortable. This program will be greatly useful for those who intend to add extra value to their resume and to get exposure, students can learn a lot apart from their academics with the help of these professors. And I think an international internship will highly increase the weightage of the extra-curricular section of my resume and consequently, it’ll help me with my higher education.

Furthermore, a LOR from such kind of professors is highly valuable and these are the sort of things that the University admission committee looks for, the things that set our profile apart from others and I was fortunate enough to get one from my mentor. I did my internship under Dr Peter Kempthorne from MIT on the topic Using R studio for statistical analysis. As an engineering student who studied probability for just 4 months, it was a topic on which I am not an expert. I told Dr Kempthorne about my previous experience with programming and probability and I’d say he taught me in the best possible way. The schedules were highly flexible, and the program coordinators made this whole journey fruitful. Overall, I’d say it was a good learning experience and I enjoyed every bit of it. Though it is not cheap, this program is worth every penny spent. I just wish I had done this in my pre-final year.

Ravi Shankar

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What is an International Internship Program?

IIP is a combination of the world’s most experienced and successful experts in education services with interactive online communications platforms, giving students the opportunity to learn from world experts in a remote learning environment that best replicates in-person communication.An opportunity to work 1-on-1 under a top university professor/researcher/scholar or business leader will definitely put your students’ one step ahead of their competition.

What are the benefits of an IIP?

IIP gives the opportunity to:

  • The students to advance their learning and development in ways not possible within regular curriculum.
  • Differentiate the student’s profile from that of the competitive pool.
  • Help in networking with distinguished faculty and the program will be an immense learning opportunity.
  • Reassurance to university admissions officers that the student is capable of excelling in a challenging, elite university learning environment.
  • Student successfully completes an activity that is likely to be highly prioritized on their Common Application Activities List.

Is this internship a full time or a part time?

Full Time (Online Mode and flexibiliy)

What would be the nature of IIP?


  • Work as an assistant or collaborator on one of the mentor's current projects.
  • Work with your mentor on the creation of a written report which could become a publication.
  • Work on a new research project decided upon by you or together with your mentor.
  • Learn from your mentor to increase your knowledge set and expertise within a subject you want to study.

Can I work on the subject of my interest?

Yes, Mentor Mapping with the Interest area is the first step in IIP.

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