Scholarships in Netherlands

If Studying in Netherlands is your goal but the fear of financial burden is stopping you then you should not worry as you have come to the place. On this page, you will get every detail you need to know for applying for scholarships to study in Netherlands.

Following is the list of the skills a candidate must possess for applying for scholarships:

  • Extremely strong academic background along with excellent test scores
  • Relevant Leadership skills
  • Soft skills like good communication skills, teamwork, time management skillset.
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Strong writing skills through which you could communicate your strengths.
  • Participation in volunteering work and community work
  • Strong and excellent Letters of recommendations

A candidate who wants scholarships must know that your personal statements will play a major role in getting you the grant. Your personal statement must portray your strong personality, goals, and strengths to the admission committee.

Following are the Scholarships types available in Netherlands for international students:

Most Prestigious Scholarships for International Students in Netherlands

Holland government scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount – 5,000 EURO
  • Eligible Degree – UG and graduate degree

The Dutch ministry of education, culture, and science funds the Holland government scholarship. The non-EU citizens/students can apply for this scholarship. Holland government scholarship is a one time scholarship granted to international students for motivating them to study in Netherlands.

University Teente Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount – 3,000EURO- 22,000 EURO for entire academic year
  • Eligible Degree – Graduate program

This scholarship is granted to students who hold outstanding academic records. Open for the non-EU and EU citizens this scholarship has an aim to acknowledge the students who have exceptional academic records. The application process for applying to this scholarship is separate from the admission process. You must have scored the required score in the English language test and you must meet the scholarship requirements for applying to this scholarship. The University Teente scholarship’s application process is online.

Amsterdam Merit Scholarship

Scholarship Amount- 6,000 EURO per year

Eligible Degree- UG program

University of Amsterdam offers this merit scholarship to excellent international students. University of Amsterdam is a renowned public university in Switzerland. This scholarship is offered to the students who are willing to pursue business, economic, social, and behavioral science and psychology programs.

Maastricht University Holland High Potential Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount – tuition fees ( depending on the degree program you opt for), annual expenses of about 11,400EURO for a year, Visa application fees
  • Eligible Degree – graduate programs

One of the best scholarships offered to the international students in Netherid Maastricht University Holland high potential scholarship. The scholarship is funded by Maastricht University and the holland scholarship is financed by the Dutch ministry of culture, education, and science. The scholarship is granted to the students who have achieved excellence in their graduate programs. The grant of this scholarship is decided by the international service desk. A candidate would be informed if his/her application is selected l, rejected or shortlisted. A candidate would have to attend the university’s 3-week free academic training if he/she is selected.

Netherlands Government Scholarship

It is a fully funded government scholarship granted to international students in Netherlands. Students who want to pursue a master’s or short courses in Switzerland can apply for this scholarship. The scholarship covers the cost of living, tuition fees, visa charges, health insurance charges.

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